If you take a short walk or bike ride down Old Dock Road, you’ll arrive at the Waterfront, where the lake opens up right before your eyes. Here is where some of our guests’ favorite activities take place and where the friendly and welcoming Boat Dock staff will help you try new sports.

All day you can get out on a paddle-board, kayak or sailboat. There are also elliptical paddle-boards that work like a machine and so you can explore the lake at your own pace. But while the lake can be perfect for these relaxing activities, it also gives you all the fun of being a kid again.

The lake trampolines and slide are every inner child’s dream. The more intense and thrilling activities like tubing and waterskiing are available for adults too. Different tubes give different experiences, and let’s face it–some of them may make you a bit sore the next day. The Banana Boat, for example, needs a little leg power for you to stay upright. The Sombrero though, which is the one that young children go on, provides a less bumpy ride. Paparazzi and Bumper tubes are somewhere in the middle of the two–easy to ride but also taking a bit of resilience to stay on without falling into the lake. But, some would argue falling into the lake is the most fun part of tubing!

Waterskiing, wake surfing, and wakeboarding are all where the patient Boat Dock Staff comes in handy because most of us are not pros when it comes to these water sports. The staff will help give you the confidence and some entertainment to get up and at least attempt these sports. And, if you can’t get up on the board or skis, you’ll at least get a boat ride and a lot of good times and laughs while out on the lake.