Just for the Adults

Relive your summer camp days. Take some couple or solo time to unwind.

Guests tell us Tyler Place family vacations offer the best and most all inclusive adult activities and sports of any family resort in the U.S. So, relive your summer camp days while your kids are living theirs. Our kids’ programs are held mornings and evenings with afternoons devoted to family time. This gives you a relaxed chunk of morning time to choose a strenuous sport, laid-back activity, or simply read a book cover-to-cover.





Evening cocktails on The Deck or Porch. Adult candlelight dinners.
Pure magic for parents and grandparents.

At 5:30 p.m. just when most family resorts hand you back a tired and cranky child, our children’s and teen programs re-ignite.  Children have an early dinner and are off and running with friends and counselors just as you’re settling down with a cocktail or microbrew and thinking about candlelight dinner…while the happy, high-decibel shouts of children are outside…not at the next dining room table!

The Tyler Place offered everything we didn’t realize was possible in a vacation with little ones: relaxation, adventure and quiet mealtimes. Being at the T.P. is like taking a step back in time – everyone bikes everywhere. Kids run around with unparalleled freedom and technology is far from mind. We can’t wait to return!

S & A, Catonsville MD - 2022

“We loved our stay at The Tyler Place. We will for sure be back for many years to come. It is a perfect setup for couple’s time, solo time, family time and adult social time. You can fit all of it in on one day and know that each family member is having a fulfilling and memorable experience. My kids (ages 4 & 7) took to their groups right away and had best friends right off the bat. It will be gratifying to see them grow together over the years. On face, several families are ensuring returning on the same weeks so the kids can see each other again.”

J & M, Jefferson City, MO - 2022