COVID-19 Reservations Update (January 2021)

While the Covid-19 situation is still evolving, our outlook for the summer season is optimistic and driven by these three cornerstones: the significant advances and availability in testing and the increasing availability of vaccines across the country; the assistance and safety record of Vermont’s state government…and, perhaps most of all, our constantly reviewed and updated safety procedures and projects.

The Tyler Place has always been known for its detailed planning owed in great part to being a summer resort with an entire 8-month period to devote to improvements, projects and planning. This year that advantage, bolstered by so much open and previously unused outdoor space, has been on overdrive as we plan our safety procedures for 2021.

In addition to testing protocols for guests and staff and all the normal safety practices of hotels and resorts, here are just some of the additions and modifications we are pursuing: smaller children’s group sizes; additional sheltered and screened outdoor dining for adults, teens and kids; well-spaced, staff-served food stations replacing the self-serve buffet and more outdoor cooking and grilling options for the kids; much expanded outdoor activities and recreation for children and teens; more extensive and creative family activities to meet needs of all ages; updated WIFI and technology to assist with guest communications and replace in-person sign-ups, check-ins, check-outs, firm arrival and departure times on Saturday to allow for thorough cleaning, etc.

Of course, the highest priority of our family and staff—as it is with all guests—is to keep everyone safe and healthy and keep COVID out of The Tyler Place. In spite of recent vaccination developments, it is likely that testing will remain a critical part of our safety strategy and we are working with the State of Vermont to secure frequent, rapid testing for the summer. We’ll be requiring that all families are tested before departure from their home state and again at The Tyler Place. The same will be required of our staff, who will also be tested regularly throughout the summer. 

While our overall approach to planning for next season is focused on our safety protocols, we are fully committed to retaining the essence of what makes the Tyler Place a unique, enjoyable and special family vacation experience for each member of your family. It is our hope that a good portion of the procedures and protocols we are working on will prove unnecessary come summer, and as we learn more of where things stand in regard to the COVID situation, we will be following up with more information to keep you up-to-date. 

Thank you for your interest in our resort, and warm regards from all of us.

The Tylers

2021 Information

A week at the Tyler Place is unlike any other family vacation you’ll ever experience. Part all-inclusive resort, part summer camp, our independent family-owned property has been creating summer vacation memories for over 85 years.

The Tyler Place provides a true vacation for every member of the family. We are renowned for our award-winning children’s program, with 10 age-staggered morning and evening groups spanning from babies and toddlers to teens. While kids are with their peers, their parents can partake in a wide array of adult activities—and then everyone reconnects in the afternoons for fun together as a family.

Included in Your All-Inclusive Package Rate

Your own cottage or family studio or suite – Each private accommodation has a separate parents’ bedroom, children’s bedroom(s) or sleeping alcove, and one or more private baths. Most have kitchenette, living room with fireplace and porch.

Breakfast, lunch, and dinner (plus snacks for kids in group), picnic lunch baskets and candlelight dinners for adults, lots of Vermont local foods and produce from neighboring farms.
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165 acres of lawns, meadows, and woods with over a mile of private, unspoiled lakeshore to explore. Extensively equipped waterfront. Splash pad, heated indoor & outdoor swimming and wading pools, hot tubs., Indoor field house, gym and fitness center with volleyball, basketball, bounce house, and arts & crafts studio. Driving range, mini golf, climbing wall, floating and land trampolines, 5 playgrounds scattered throughout the property.
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Morning & evening programs for 7 separate age groups, each with age-appropriate sports, activities, and recreational facilities, including bike trips, fishing, kayaking, rowboating, tubing, paddle boarding, banana boating, climbing wall, campfires, hayrides, arts & crafts, puppets, nature hikes, farm tours (to name just a few) – all with an unbelievable ratio of counselors to kids.
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Afternoons are devoted entirely to family time. In addition to al the sports & facilities, we have family fishing trips, arts & crafts, pony rides, pontoon boat cruises, field days and games, farm tours, nature exploration, triathlon, Hobie regattas, ice cream socials, Field House sports & activities. One-speed bikes for each family member during your stay, including kids’ bikes, striders, helmets, baby seats, and tag-alongs.
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6 tennis courts, a fleet of Hobies, kayaks, canoes, stand-up paddle boards and pedal boats. Guided mountain bike and kayak/canoe trips. Yoga, water aerobics, fitness classes, ropes courses, climbing wall, arts & crafts classes. Quebec wine and pottery tours, hikes and mountain swimming holes, off-road biking, basketball, volleyball, softball, archery, skeet shooting, horseshoes etc.
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3 separate age groups featuring indoor & outdoor pay with 1:2 and 1:3 ratios of excellent caregivers to children. Play Centers equipped with state-of-the-art toys and equipment. (One-on-one Parents’ Helpers are at extra charge). Cribs, high chairs, and child seats for bikes are at not charge. Please request the special information sheets that will explain everything in detail.
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Come on back to the Lounge and Bar for evening jazz, DJ dances, game night, lakeshore bonfires, etc. (The Tyler Place has many wonderful sitters – at an extra charge).
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Summer 2021 All-Inclusive Rate Schedule

Tyler Place 2021 Rates Early Season Main Season Late Season
May 28 – June 19 June 19 – Sept 04 Sept 04 – Sept 11
Each (for the first 2 persons) Daily $146 – $370 $271 – $499 $202 – $330
Weekly $1,022 – 2,590 $1,897 – $3,493 $1,414 – $2,310
Children (2.5 yrs to10th grade) Daily $111 – $156 $169 $133
Weekly $777 – $1,092 $1,183 $931
Additional Adults Daily $132 – $228 $256 $188
Weekly $924 – $1,596 $1,792 $1,316
Each (for the first 2 persons) Daily $146 – $370
Weekly $1,022 – 2,590
Children (2.5 yrs to10th grade) Daily $111 – $156
Weekly $777 – $1,092
Additional Adults Daily $132 – $228
Weekly $924 – $1,596
Each (each for the first 2 persons) Daily $271 – $499
Weekly $1,897 – $3,493
Children (2.5 yrs to10th grade) Daily $169
Weekly $1,183
Additional Adults Daily $256
Weekly $1,792
Each (each for the first 2 persons) Daily $202 – $330
Weekly $1,414 – $2,310
Children (2.5 yrs to10th grade) Daily $133
Weekly $931
Additional Adults Daily $188
Weekly $1,316

Additional Charges: Spa treatments, bar drinks, some fossil-fueled waterfront activities, one-on-one Parents’ Helpers (if applicable), private lessons, and Vermont taxes. Golf (3 courses nearby), and fishing licenses for those over 14-years of age are additional. We also have a 10% service charge, but absolutely no tipping to spoil the spontaneity and fun for which we’ve been famous for four generations as an all-inclusive family resort. Rates above are projected, and may be subject to slight change.

Helpful Information

Duration of Stay

In order to create the sense of community and friendships among guests throughout each week, we only take bookings on a Saturday-to-Saturday basis, with the exception of our very first and last weeks (which include Memorial Day Weekend and Labor Day Weekend, respectively), when 3-day, 4-day and 5-day stays are also available.

Cottages and Family Suites

Each of our 73 accommodations is unique, and, along with the dates of your stay, location of your accommodation is the primary factor that affects your rate. Cottages closer to our main Inn and those that enjoy lake views, for example, may have a higher rate, but bear in mind that no matter where you stay in a given week, every family receives the same all-inclusive experience.

Far from your standard “hotel room,” almost all our cottages and suites feature separate bedrooms, living rooms, screened porches, and kitchenette or in-room microwaves and a fridge.


One of the distinguishing (and most beloved) features of a Tyler Place vacation is that kids dine with their friends and counselors during camp time, while their parents are able to relax and enjoy conversation over cocktails and meals. Kids enjoy healthy, varied food options in their own separate dining areas, and all food comes from the same kitchen and excellent chefs. While we do maintain a strictly child-free Bar and adult dining area, our Family Breakfast Room is available for families wanting to start the morning together, and you can get a lunch picnic basket at no extra charge.

Activities and Programming

Relive your summer camp days while your kids are living theirs. Our kids’ camps and teen programs are held mornings and evenings with afternoons devoted to family time. This gives you a relaxed chunk of morning time to choose a strenuous sport, laid-back activity, group adventure or activity, or simply read a book cover-to-cover. In the evening, we invite you to enjoy dinner, cocktails and informal entertainment at the bar each night (sitters available at an additional charge).

Infants & Toddlers

In addition to our full-fledged kids’ camp, we also provide a safe, fun, active and engaging program for our very youngest guests. For those of you with young children (under 2.5 years on arrival), we will match you up with one of our dedicated Parents’ Helpers who will be a consistent caregiver for your child(ren) throughout your stay. More information can be found via the applicable link(s). 0-12 Months | 12-18 Months | 18-30 Months


Since we are an independent, family-owned resort and our all our guests are families, we do not offer online bookings. All reservations are personalized and handled through email and telephone so families have the best possible understanding of what to expect regarding accommodations, children’s programs, and dining during their stay with us.

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