Explore & Tour Nearby

While there is much to do on our expansive property, we love to explore all that Vermont has to offer, and our nearby Canadian neighbors in Quebec too. As an adult, you have the option to join in on many excursions and tours in our surrounding region, by bike, foot, or on the water.

Hiking & Biking

You’ll notice soon upon arrival at the Tyler Place that the main mode of transportation is biking- for our youngest guests up to the oldest. Every guest receives a one-speed bike for use for the week, including you! Use your bike to explore our many biking paths and trails. You can even try your hand at biking across the (very close) Canadian border! If hiking is more your speed, blaze your own trail roaming our 165 acres, or join a guided trip (hiking or biking) with our entertainment staff. Your journey may lead to a daring jump into a swimming hole or an idyllic picnic spot. Three levels of guided bike trips, and an off-property summit hike and picnic (swimming hole dip optional!) round out the scheduled offerings, and the possibilities for exploration on your own are nearly endless.

Tour by Water

Another favorite morning activity for our adult guests begins at the waterfront, with our various off-property kayak and canoe trips. Led by our knowledgeable staff, explore Vermont’s local waterways at a leisurely pace and take in the beautiful surroundings. Practice your teamwork skills as you share a large canoe with new and old friends alike, and also learn about the nature and health of our rivers and lakes. As you kayak down the river, you’ll have the chance to stop at a local winery for delicious tastings and an informational session.

Local Wine & Brew Tours

In additional to stopping by local wineries on your kayak trip down the river, there are often other opportunities to sip on Vermont’s renowned wines, brews, and spirits. Home to dozens of award-winning craft breweries, an afternoon brew tour may be in order for you and your friends! Or, stop by Smugglers Notch Distillery on your way back from a biking or hiking trip and try out some of their newest batches. There are also opportunities to tour breweries and vineyard in our norther neighbor, Quebec! For even more local food and drink tour options, check out our September Taste of Vermont celebration.

Our bike shop offerings,
just for adults

• Single-speed bikes for your entire stay
• Trail-a-Bikes and Tandem Bikes
• Helmets for all ages
• 40 Adult Mountain Bikes for Touring
• Vermont & Lake Champlain Islands Touring
• Quebec & Eastern Townships Road Biking
• Trailer for Off-Premise Trips

• Bike everywhere at the Tyler Place!

Opportunities for hiking

• Explore the nearby Long Trail
• Guided Nature Walks
• Fields and Meadows
• Hidden Hammocks & Chairs
• Amazing Sunsets & Stargazing
• Nature Paths and Trails
• Bike & Walking Loops
• Tyler Place Walking Tour
• Guided Mountain Hike
• 165 acres of woods, meadows and shoreline
• 700 acres of nearby nature reserve

“Who knew we could still interact with other adults?!? THANK YOU for keeping our kids safe and active, for your amazing customer service and for taking the stressful elements of vacation planning off the table so we could relax, enjoy the company, be outdoors and breathe…”

M & K, Chadds Ford, PA - 2023

We had an amazing time overall! The fact that there is something to do (or not) for everyone in the family is wonderful! Friendly staff, great outdoor events, wonderful atmosphere! Definitely coming back next year and hopefully every year after.

N & E, Las Vega, NV - 2023