Parents’ Nights Out

Any – or every – night you choose

The Tyler Place offers informal, all-inclusive adult evening entertainment options each evening of the week starting around 9:00 or 9:30 p.m. The dance floor is open, and some of Vermont’s best jazz musicians find their way here. Dance to a DJ. Sing around a blazing bonfire. Connect with each other and friends at the Bar. Dive in for a late night swim. You’d be amazed how much fun can be had with each other and friends re-living your college or camp days, knowing your children are safely in your cottage or suite with one of our dozens of experienced evening sitters.

Evening Entertainment

  • Jazz and Live Music
  • Lakeside Bonfire with complimentary beer and wine
  • Game Nights with Charades, Celebrities, Pictionary, etc.
  • Great Sitters and Parents Helpers
  • Adult Bar and Fireplace Lounge
  • DJ Dance
  • Popular, Classical and Jazz Piano
  • Champagne Cruises
  • Adult Cocktail Porch and Deck

“The group karaoke was so fun! Would have loved a Trivia Night, too. The T.P. staff are really what makes this such a magical place. Everyone has multiple talents and is so knowledgeable. Their positive attitudes are infectious.”

V & M, West Hartford, CT - 2023

“The adult morning activities are a blast. Family time activities are outrageously fun, and the adult nightly activities are hands down some of the best nights of our lives. We can’t wait to come back.”

G & C, Naples, FL - 2023