165 acres of woods & meadows
A mile of private, undeveloped lakeshore

Get off the beaten path and take the road less traveled, you will be glad you did! The Tyler Place offers many quiet ways to unwind and have some relaxed time as a family, couple or solo. One path may lead to a secluded Adirondack chair overlooking the lake, where you can rekindle your passion for reading. Another may give you a shortcut between the Pool and the Inn. One trail may take your children along the shoreline to look for ducks and minnows. Other trails may lead you alongside our beautiful gardens, both large and small, located around the property.

Our rural setting may have you forgetting where you parked your car at the beginning of the week, as you become accustomed to being without it. The Tyler Place has walking, hiking, and biking paths, trails and loops all over the 165-acre property, and nearby 700 acre spread. You won’t want to skip visiting Claudia’s garden complex, which includes a vineyard, shaker garden, greenhouses, Ted’s Potato Field, tactile experiences, and much more. There are also guided walks, hikes and bike trips for all levels included in your vacation package… and picnic baskets can be ordered to go any day you wish.

Be sure to explore:

  • Explore The Long Trail
  • Guided Family Nature Walks
  • Fields and Meadows
  • Hidden Hammocks & Chairs
  • Amazing Sunsets & Stargazing
  • Nature Paths and Trails
  • Bike & Walking Loops
  • Tyler Place Walking Tour
  • Guided Bike Trips
  • Guided Mountain Hike
  • Gardening with Claudia on Facebook!
“Beautiful property with newly renovated gardens, lovely nature trails, access to great lake activities, lots of fresh food and outstanding kids’ programs.”
S & K, Houston, TX - 2019
“The gardens are glorious!”
J & R, Montreal, Quebec, Canada - 2019