The Housekeepers are responsible for housekeeping service in the accommodations. Duties include making beds, cleaning and stocking bathrooms, removing and replacing dirty towels or other linen, taking out the garbage, washing dishes, dusting, vacuuming, sweeping cobwebs, washing windows and woodwork. On Saturdays, housekeepers are responsible for thorough all-over cleaning including changing sheets, defrosting freezers, cleaning refrigerators, restocking kitchen supplies, etc. for incoming guests. Previous experience is preferred but we’re happy to train. Applicants must be honest, trustworthy, and hardworking and have a good eye for small details. All housekeepers will be responsible for his/her own supplies and for the care and maintenance of equipment. Housekeepers take direction from the Route Leader while on their assigned route.


The laundry staff are responsible for washing, drying, folding and putting away linens and towels as well as cleaning the laundry building. They are also responsible for assisting the Route Leaders with any packing needs for the accommodations (daily, if necessary), and have back-up bedding bagged up and ready for any guest needs once the laundry building is closed for the day. Laundry staff need to be flexible when it comes to scheduling based on the workload and hours of operation. Takes direction from the Laundry Leader.

Route Leader

The Laundry Leader is responsible for the overall cleanliness of the laundry building and washing, drying and nearly folding and putting away clean linens and towels in their proper place. The Laundry Leader is also responsible for assuring the daily checklist and chemical checklist is being done by all laundry staff. In addition, the Laundry Leader trains all laundry staff on how to fold properly and where the linens and towels are stored in the laundry building. The position requires flexibility when it comes to scheduling based on the workload and hours of operation. Takes direction from the Assistant Housekeeping Director.