Dining Room

Dining Room Server

Guests are served meals “buffet style” in our dining rooms, which means that guests get their own food off the buffet tables and the Dining Room Servers are not responsible for taking food orders and serving food.  However, Dining Room Servers are responsible for a variety of other tasks and expected to provide efficient and professional service.  Responsibilities include taking cocktail, beer and wine orders; serving coffee, tea, water and other non-alcoholic beverages; setting and clearing tables; bussing dirty dishes, utensils and glassware (bringing them to the dishwashers in the kitchen); and executing side duties such as folding napkins, filling salt & pepper shakers, cleaning service areas, etc.  Some service takes place in our outdoor dining areas. Servers must have very good communication skills and applicants should be quick, personable and have previous restaurant experience and a good sense of humor and team spirit!

Buffet Attendant

Buffet attendants are responsible for set-up, service, and breakdown of the buffet daily. They are also responsible for maintaining the beverage cooler and dispenser, as well as plates and all service utensils.