5th & 6th Graders

For Pre-Teens, Tyler Place vacations
are just about perfect.

Our all inclusive Pre-Teen programs are designed to give preteens entering 5th and 6th grades a summer vacation they’ve only read about in books: long-lasting friendships, great college counselors, familiar and cutting-edge sports, and the independence that comes with a bike all one’s own. The college counselors are skilled at making kids feel at home, and one of the best features of Tyler Place family vacations is that everyone arrives and leaves at the same time so making friends is effortless.

What to Expect

“I love that there is no pressure here. The Tyler Place offers a true escape from my everyday life. Watching our daughters grow up here has been awesome. Our oldest is so independent here, at the young age of 11, that she is able to have some freedom. I love the photos that capture their smiles every day.”

J & J, Mason, OH

“Great, relaxing time as usual! Our Pre-teen enjoyed her little bit of independence. Still love that this is a place I can let my kids wander, explore and play without worry.”

T & J, Dallas, TX