4-5 Year Olds

The fun and adventure of a “big kids” camp
with great counselors and activities.

The all inclusive children’s programs for 4 and 5-year-olds are designed for “big-kids” vacation fun, activities, sports, and outdoor play in a warm, secure environment with plenty of friends their own age. The Children’s Program Director, great college counselors, child-friendly facilities, and our family resort’s natural playground of meadows, woods, and lakeshore encourage kids to stretch their legs and minds. Chris Hedges once wrote in the New York Times of his then young son, “If our son were writing this article, he would suggest you move there.” Children echo this opinion every year.

What to Expect

“My 4-year old says he wants to live here and that he likes it better here than Vermont (Vermont being home, Tyler Place being NOT home). Where else can I drive only 40 minutes and feel like I’m away on vacation? It’s our 4th year and we’re looking forward to our 5th! Awesome yoga w/Lucie. The best instructor I’ve ever had! Awesome massages – one of the best EVER. Great to see friends from last year and make new ones.”

J & L, South Burlington, VT

“We absolutely loved The Tyler Place the last three years we’ve been here. My 5-year old loved all the new and fun experiences she got this year. No year is exactly like the last and just keeps getting better!”

J & J, Castle Rock, CO