Infants to 12 Months

The Tyler Place Family Resort is one of the only family vacation resorts in the U.S. that truly welcomes and engages infants as young as newborns. Our experienced, caring staff of caregivers and Parents’ Helpers makes sure even the youngest children enjoy a wide variety of morning indoor and outdoor experiences.

Morning and Evening Parents’ Helper and Morning Infant Playroom Activities

We arrange for you to have your own Parents’ Helper who’ll provide your child with one-on-one affectionate care and companionship for your week. Together your child and Parents’ Helper can attend a variety of infant-friendly activities held in the Infant Playroom at the Playhouse and Playground. Evenings, your Parents’ Helper will have dinner and play with your child at the Playhouse or take your child back to your accommodation for an early bedtime while the two of you have a relaxed, candlelight dinner at the Inn.

For full details about rates, please see here.

What to Expect

  • Infant Play Facility
  • Playground
  • Tumbling and Crawling Mats
  • Water Babies
  • Water Play
  • Fleet of Double and Single Strollers
  • Painting and Crafts
  • Puppets
  • Cribs and High Chairs
  • Parents’ Helpers & Sitters
  • Nursery Play Gym
  • Songs and Stories
  • Music and Movement
  • Nature Outings
  • Bubble Play
  • Outdoor and Indoor Play
  • Textures and Paper Play
  • Your Own Bike with Baby Seat
“This is our 7th year at The Tyler Place. Our 1st year I was pregnant with #5 and our 2nd year we had 5 kids under 5 years old. Those first few years were magical for us as parents. We had the best Parent Helpers and counselors. They allowed us to make friends and have fun. We are still in touch with many of the staff and consider some so dear to us as a family.”
M & K, Marblehead, MA - 2023

“Our Mother’s Helper was the best. My wife and I were able to enjoy several evenings out for the first time in months! We appreciated all the thoughtful and well-created family activities in the afternoon. We look forward to many more summers at Tyler Place.”

G & M, Baltimore, MD - 2023