We liked the wide variety of amenities and activities. It was difficult to choose one activity over another because they all looked so interesting. The staff was very friendly.

— E & G, Salem, MA, 8/31 to 9/7/10

We discovered The Tyler Place in 1988 when our son was 3. 2019 is our 26th year – our “summer place” without any of the chores. The best staff. Child guests get acquainted quickly, the counselors are so good with even the shyest kids. Three wonderful meals a day! Beautiful grounds! There is something for everyone and plenty of activities/sports, etc. and you can do absolutely nothing but walk the grounds and find a quiet place to read or meditate. Really enjoyed a week without television and a chance to unplug and let the stress melt away. I just counted and learned that this is our 26th year at The Tyler Place – with our youngest in 1988 from ages 3-16, and our grandson. We were so happy when we learned that we could enjoy “The Taste of Vermont” Labor Day week even if we had no children to bring. We’ve been here every year since 2015. Thank you, Tylers!

— J & L, Troy, NY, 8/31 to 9/7/10

The Tyler Place strikes a perfect balance between high end food and service and a warm and friendly social atmosphere. The staff come across as extremely warm and genuine, which sets the overall tone for the resort.

— C & S, Sommerville, MA, 8/31 to 9/7/10

We seriously LOVED our stay here. We had high expectations coming in and the T.P. exceeded those expectations. Especially adult social times. We enjoyed making new adult friends the most!

— D & M, Louisville, KY, 8/31 to 9/7/10

We can’t say enough about how much we love the T.P. Overall, we love that we and our kids have an amazing vacation, together. We love the staff at T.P. and how much they seem to genuinely enjoy us, our kids and each other. Truly we love this place and wish we never had to leave!

— M & A, Pleasant Hill, CA, 8/31 to 9/7/10

Stunning views, clean air, fun staff and total relaxation.

— B & K, Ft. Worth, TX, 8/31 to 9/7/10

We really enjoyed Vermont week with its focus on Vermont food and wine and interesting educational farm visits. Always a favorite vacation with wonderful staff and the Tyler family.

— L & B, Aurora, CO, 8/31 to 9/7/10

Already posted on TripAdvisor after our first year. We love this place so much we came twice this summer! This is the only trip that we go on that truly feels like a vacation for the kids and adults.  

— N & S, Fayetteville, NY, 8/31 to 9/7/10

We had a super time and it felt great to be here after a 6-year break.

— E & C, Ponte Vedra Beach, FL, 8/31 to 9/7/10

We really enjoyed our stay! Chad’s enthusiasm is felt everywhere. The food is fantastic. It was nice to move around by bikes again and to enjoy our child-free time, knowing that he’s happy and in good hands. Z is great – never let him go! – so great to see in pictures how our son’s day was.

— A & S, Harvard, MA, 8/31 to 9/7/10

The Tyler Place is the only place I know of where I can get an adult vacation.

— P & K, Johnson City, TN, 8/31 to 9/7/10

The Tyler Place is exactly what we needed as a family. Even though we were on vacation, it felt like home. It’s a place to try new things and also do the stuff that makes you happy.

— G & R, Old Greenwich, CT, 8/31 to 9/7/10

Our favorite week of the year! We love The Tyler Place!

— S & E, Ft. Collins, CO, 8/31 to 9/7/10

A great value and a welcome retreat for parents and families. Staff are uniformly friendly. There’s no shortage of fun activities for adults and children and the food was excellent and abundant. We enjoyed our adult time even more knowing that our son was well cared for and having as much fun as we were.

— J & E, Chapel Hill, NC, 8/31 to 9/7/10

Thank you, Tyler Place for saving our vacation! We somehow were able to take advantage of the last week flexibility of a 4-night stay after a hurricane washed out a planned trip to the south. As 8-time previous guests, we knew that this would be a great vacation. T.P. continued to exceed expectations.

— D & J, Fairhaven, NJ, 8/31 to 9/7/10

The activities were plentiful for guests of all ages and the food was delicious! Staff was friendly and helpful.

— J & J, Dorchester, MA, 8/31 to 9/7/10

The Tylers have the secret formula for a wonderful family vacation. This is truly where memories are made.

— J & S, Walpole, MA, 8/31 to 9/7/10

We worried about the separation between adults and children at first but the children have LOVED their groups and that’s made it nice to see that the kids are having a nice vacation with their peers, too. We are able to enjoy times together (breakfast and afternoon) and apart.

— J & T, Wellesley, MA, 8/31 to 9/7/10

We enjoyed the Taste of Vermont week. The weather was wonderful. We were on the water every day.

— D & L, Cheshire CT, 8/31 to 9/7/10

For us as complete newcomers from Scotland, we were quite nervous about not knowing anyone. The strategy of having welcome drinks and proactively introducing guests to one another was fantastic. It quickly broke the ice. People have been so friendly and welcoming all week and this combined with the fantastic food, amazing staff and excellent activities offered made this a thoroughly enjoyable vacation. We hope to be back next year!

— Old Kilpatrick, Glasgow, Scotland, 8/31 to 9/7/10

This was our 2nd year and we have already made incredible friends and are excited for many seasons in our family’s future. The T.P. is truly the perfect balance of family and adult time!

— S & K, Mechanicsville, PA, 8/31 to 9/7/10

Friendly staff, lots of activities and great accommodations. We especially love the lake and sailing the Day Sailor and Hobie Cats.

— M & J, Philadelphia, PA, 8/31 to 9/7/10

Happiness. Joy. Living life to its fullest. It’s so easy as a parent of small children to forget to live. One week at The Tyler Place and you’ll re-engage all of those things that you’ve put aside. You’ll feel better. You’ll connect to your family better and your kids will grow and play at the same time. What a wonderful place. Oh, and adult conversation at meals. Just wow…

— D & L, Reston, VA, 8/31 to 9/7/10

The Tyler Place is the happiest place on earth. We never get tired of it. Our 11th visit was fabulous.

— G & C, Newton Heights, MA, 8/31 to 9/7/10

The Tyler Place makes vacationing with small children a real vacation for the entire family.

— G & K, Houston, TX, 8/31 to 9/7/10

Our whole family finds the T.P. special! Each as individuals and together as a team!

— J & O, DeWitt, MI, 8/31 to 9/7/10

Everyone said The Tyler Place is amazing, but it far exceeded our expectations. Everything was wonderful, from the staff to activities to food, we enjoyed all of it. We can’t wait to come back!

— A & A, So. Lake, TX, 8/31 to 9/7/10

Great food, great staff, great value. First time since we had our children that we felt like we were on vacation.

— A & A, Columbia, MD, 8/31 to 9/7/10

This place is absolutely beautiful. Crisp air, lots of green, beautiful accommodations. So well thought out. The camp is a huge key to a great vacation. The counselors are wonderful and very attentive to the children. We were blown away, loved that the cottage was clean but we didn’t smell much chemicals. The food is amazing. Great vacation. Thank you.

— R & J, Washington, DC, 8/31 to 9/7/10

Friendly staff. Great accommodations. Terrific food. So much to do. And NO TV! Wonderful place to get away from busy life!

— L, Port Orange, FL, 8/31 to 9/7/10

Awesome books in bedroom. They’ve thought of everything and take care of you before you can even ask!

— W & K, Mt. Airy, MD, 8/31 to 9/7/10

The staff cares about everyone enjoying themselves across the board. They try to accommodate all guests. The Tyler family sets the tone by always being welcoming and genuine.

— W & M, Annapolis, MD, 8/31 to 9/7/10

Refreshing and enjoyable experience. The Tyler Place is the only place to have a true, relaxing and fun vacation. There are activities for everyone. Our parents enjoyed themselves with adult activities. We got to relax while our kids had a blast in their activities.

— K & A, Smiths, FL, 8/31 to 9/7/10

Great hospitality and quick to help you with any requests. Customer service was a top priority. The Tyler family and other guests were very amicable making you feel right at home. Property is gorgeous with so much to explore. Adventure is out there!

— J & S, Columbia, SC, 8/31 to 9/7/10

This was our first true family vacation where each member of our family had time to have fun, relax and recharge. The Tyler Place caters to families with young children like no other place out there. Thank you!

— D & K, Calgary, Alberta, CN, 8/31 to 9/7/10

This was by far the best family vacation we have ever been on. Every detail was takeninto consideration to ensure that every member of our family had an amazing time. Our children had tons of fun participating in many activities that would be considered a “treat” at home. The counselors genuinely seemed to be having fun and we never worried about the wellbeing of our kids. My husband and I had the opportunity to reconnect and just talk, which is quite rare and a luxury with two young kids. The options for fun, exercise, learning and relaxation were endless. I can’t say enough about the quality of the food – simply amazing. We will be back year after year.

— C & E, Cambridge, MA, 8/31 to 9/7/10

The kids had the time of their life and my husband and I had a chance to reconnect.

— D & D, Seattle, WA, 8/17 to 8/24/19

As first time guests with two kids under 4, we were blown away by our experience. Hard to imagine a more rejuvenating vacation with small children.

— E & K, Oakland, CA, 8/17 to 8/24/19

The Tyler Place didn’t disappoint. Our whole family was given the chance to relax, enjoy delicious food and reconnect. A truly wonderful family resort. 

— U & F, Twyford, Winchester, England, 8/17 to 8/24/19

We loved that it was a vacation for the kids and the adults, which is unusual. Our kids loved hanging out with new friends, trying new activities and practicing old favorites like Gaga Ball!  While they did activities, we relaxed, worked out, swam, kayaked and ate the most delicious meals!  And we loved the afternoon break for family adventures. It was the best vacation we have ever taken!

— S & E, Clifton Park, NY, 8/17 to 8/24/19

The food is outstanding. The energy organizing adult time to form friendships. The care given to create a wonderful, safe environment for the children with so many fun activities. The massage with Andrea was so fun. So on demand. So talented.

— E & J, New York, NY, 8/17 to 8/24/19

An amazing mix of kid, adult and family fun! Always something to do and great opportunities to relax.

— J & E, Bethesda, MD, 8/17 to 8/24/19

We love it here. Our week at The Tyler Place is the best week of our year.

— J & J, Raleigh, NC, 8/17 to 8/24/19

Thank you for a great week!  We love coming here each summer; it’s the only place where all family members can relax and enjoy fun, outdoor activities.

— J & M, New York, NY, 8/17 to 8/24/19

We live T.P. It’s our second year here and we fly most of the way across the country to get here because it’s just that special.  We dive into beautiful New England summer. We reconnect as a family and as a couple and finish the week recharged and ready to meet the fall ahead.

— R & S, Salt Lake City, UT, 8/17 to 8/24/19

The Tyler Place is a unique and unmatched experience. The kids are ready to move here and we will all be sad to go!

— S & L, Solana Beach, CA, 8/17 to 8/24/19

The excellent food and adult activities are special. Being able to have true adult time on vacation is the best!

— S & H, Harvard, MA, 8/17 to 8/24/19

This is our favorite week of the year!  The kids love “camp”, my husband and I love the time to reconnect and act like kids ourselves and we all love the fabulous scenery. There’s good reason families come back year after year!

— C & D, Charlotte, NC, 8/17 to 8/24/19

We very much appreciated the level of thoughtfulness put into every element of our stay. From the food to the counselor personalities. After a few years of searching, we’ve found our family’s “place”.

— D & C, Pittsburgh, PA, 8/17 to 8/24/19

A great balance of family time and self-care opportunities in a lovely setting.  

— E & A, Natick, MA, 8/17 to 8/24/19

Great vacation. Time to ourselves. Time with kids. Great activities. GREAT friends made after all these years. Friendly, welcoming environment. Independence as kids get older and enjoy freedom.

— D & S, Newton, MA, 8/17 to 8/24/19

As newcomers, we were so impressed with the welcome of returning guests. We immediately felt like part of the T.P. community and look forward to returning.  

— M & A, S. Hamilton, MA, 8/17 to 8/24/19

Our small family of three had a magical week. We will be returning to the T.P. for sure. The staff here are truly remarkable.

— G & K, Haymarket, VA, 8/17 to 8/24/19

The staff and all the Tylers were great! We enjoyed our “towel creatures” awaiting us on our bed each day

— . J & E, Wheaton, IL , 8/17 to 8/24/19

Love it. Already looking forward to next year!

— D & K, Winchester, MA, 8/17 to 8/24/19

Everything here is well run and in tip-top shape. Our grandkids didn’t want to leave after such a varied and active week.

— M & M, Ardsley, NY, 8/17 to 8/24/19

Wonderful week!  Thanks to all at The Tyler Place.

— R & C, Clifton, NJ, 8/17 to 8/24/19

A truly magical place.  Hard to say who loved it more – us or the kids. The only downside is that any other vacation somewhere else will be disappointing.

— R & S, Bloomfield, NJ, 8/17 to 8/24/19

Special place – feels like we went back in time to when things were simpler. Enjoyed company of others, our children and being in nature.

— B & E, Avon, CT, 8/17 to 8/24/19

We like the friendly culture here and general laid-back environment. This is our 5th year and it feels like coming home.

— E, Westwood, MA, 8/17 to 8/24/19

The Tyler Place is the summer family place!

— S & G, Saratoga Springs, NY, 8/17 to 8/24/19

We loved not having to come up with entertainment for our children every minute of every day of our vacation.

— T & M, Fairfax, VA, 8/17 to 8/24/19

If you have kids it doesn’t get better than this. Amazing counselors and kids’ activities that are incredible. You know it is good when your daughter says, “Best day of my life ever!”  Great activities for adults as well with fantastic food and bar (a must for parents).

— M & C, Brooklyn, NY, 8/17 to 8/24/19

Overall another great summer we all enjoyed!

— D & M, Brooklyn, NY, 8/17 to 8/24/19

The Tyler Place is awesome! So much fun for school-age kids – and their parents. Tons of activities to choose from (or just relax), very clean facilities, amazing food. Came in knowing nothing and our stay blew away our expectations.

— R, Bethesda, MD , 8/17 to 8/24/19

Staff really make the experience! Food exceeded our expectations.

— E & M, Lake Oswego, OR, 8/17 to 8/24/19

Food was awesome.

— B & C, New York, NY, 8/17 to 8/24/19

The Tyler Place has all the makings of a family vacation down.  Hooks galore in cottage, laundry line, stools for kids to reach sink…those are somewhat “invisible” but when you have the small details down to that degree, everything else follows. Out of this world childcare and adult programing.  Delicious meals, adult evening time with sitting to enjoy lasting friendships we’ve made in prior years at T.P. The T.P. nurtures couples, families and friendship relationships so amazingly well. As a CPN/CFO I would love a “behind the scenes” tour of the logistics and operation of T.P. because frankly, your core team has got to be made up of talented, dedicated “A” players who believe in your mission. Thank you.

— M & S, Flemington, NJ, 8/17 to 8/24/19

Another amazing week!  The kids really, really loved it this year.

— J& R, Falls Church, VA, 8/17 to 8/24/19

We love coming to the T.P. This is our 4th year and we have made lifelong friends. We always look forward to this vacation all year!  This year I tried wake surfing, which I had never dreamed of doing and it was super fun!

— M & M, Needham, MA, 8/17 to 8/24/19

Favorite vacation spot ever!

— M & J, Eugene, OR, 8/10 to 8/17/19

You are the best of all-inclusive family resorts we ever visited!

— B & M, Katy, TX, 8/10 to 8/17/19

21 meals without children! Great vegetarian options this year. Love the Champagne Cruise.  Magician great! Great snacks at Happy Hour this year.  Love Tylers of Vermont Day.  Love pony rides and ice cream.  Love all the lake stuff for family time. So many wonderful things.  No room to list them all. Can’t wait for next year!

— A & C, Philadelphia, PA, 8/10 to 8/17/19

Shocked at how fabulous and smoothly the formula of adult fun/socials and kids’ fun/ activities worked the entire week!  Though you don’t get to try everything, makes you want to return even more.

— E & D, Bernardsville, NJ , 8/10 to 8/17/19

We enjoyed the beautiful setting, welcoming atmosphere (staff and guests), fun events and relaxing spots all around.  A great experience surely worthy of repeating every year!

— P & T, McLean, VA, 8/10 to 8/17/19

As adults, it’s so easy for us to forget the importance of play in our lives. The T.P. reminds us how energizing the pure joy of play can be. It’s a place we (re)- learn to disconnect from devices and reconnect with one another.

— B & J, Washington, DC, 8/10 to 8/17/19

Welcoming, active, relaxing and safe. The T.P. encourages you and your kids to have an adventure – a make-your-own adventure.

— C, Washington, DC, 8/10 to 8/17/19

The Tyler Place is a wonderful and excellent vacation for the entire family. You engender trust and we are grateful to have found Tyler Place. The grounds are maintained so beautifully that it’s easy to overlook how much time and energy goes into the weekly and daily upkeep. Food is wonderful. The housekeeping great. The Front Desk amazing.

— E & T, North Andover, MA , 8/10 to 8/17/19

It can be hard for adults to make new friends, but at Tyler Place it’s one of the easiest things to do. Our son loves coming here and seems to enjoy it more and more each year – his only lament is how fast the week seems to go.

— A & E, Vienna, VA, 8/10 to 8/17/19

The staff, the food, the care put into adult downtime!  We love the variety of activities and the size of groups and facilities is fantastic.

— M & A, Chevy Chase, MD, 8/10 to 8/17/19

Our family just finished our second stay at The Tyler Place and are already looking forward to next summer. Our almost 3-year old enjoyed the playground, trampolines, hay ride, gardening and more. Our almost 8-year old loves it all. He raves about the food, his friends, the counselors and activities like water trampoline, fishing, frogs with Nature Dave, making salsa with ingredients picked from the garden and the Marionette Show. My husband and I enjoyed peaceful meals and a mix of relaxing on Adirondack chairs overlooking the lake and activities like archery, skeet and gardening. Most of all we had family time daily and time to breathe as adults. We will be back.

— A & L, Lexington, MA, 8/10 to 8/17/19

A special place with something for all members of the family. Even after 4 years there are still activities we want to try and can’t fit in!

— D & D, Washington, DC, 8/10 to 8/17/19

It is a perfect place to slow down and enjoy simple pleasures of life, say “hello” to people who are genuinely happy to see you and be in your company. It is a place to tell and hear stories, have a conversation and enjoy just being.

— P & E, Great Neck, NY, 8/10 to 8/17/19

Everything is great!! Our 8th year and it just gets better.

— R & M, Doylestown, PA, 8/10 to 8/17/19

After a week at the T.P., both children and parents are delights. Most of our vacations we leave with either the children or the parents crying to go home or to work. This place is dialed in to the needs of parents and children!  

— J & M, Arlington, VA, 8/10 to 8/17/19

It’s been six wonderful years full of amazing memories.  As this is the year our daughter ages out, I’m feeling very sentimental. She doesn’t think she would like to come back as a Young Adult. (I’ll ask again tonight). So, this is probably our last year. I’m so thankful my sister talked us into coming with them. Our daughter plans to bring her kids so maybe we’ll come back as grandparents!

—  D & K, New York, NY, 8/10 to 8/17/19

Another great vacation at our home away from home!  You know it’s a special place when your kids are counting down as well as yourself to make a return trip. From kid activities to fun adult activities, everyone is having a great time and enjoying summer.

— R & L, White Plains, NY, 8/10 to 8/17/19

The Tyler Place is such a treasure for active young families with tired parents. As parents you really get to recharge with sleep, socialization and time with your partner.

— J & C, Washington, DC, 8/10 to 8/17/19

It’s the first time since we had our oldest son 12 years ago that we actually felt like we had a vacation!

— J & A, Chicago, IL, 8/10 to 8/17/19

An amazing week through and through!  We will be back!

— J & S, Alexandria, VA, 8/10 to 8/17/19

An ideal place to relax and enjoy time with family and friends (new and old).

— B & C, Bethesda, MD, 8/10 to 8/17/19

There are so many enticing and excellent events that you just have to keep coming back for more.  We met the most interesting, talented and fun people.

— J & P, Bethesda, MD, 8/10 to 8/17/19

All in all, the T.P. has pretty much perfected the family vacation.

— J & L, Ducktown, TN, 8/10 to 8/17/19

The Tyler Place is such a unique family resort where parents can really relax, knowing the kids are happy and being entertained in a non-electronic, wholesome outdoor activity-filled day.

— G & K, Bethesda, MD, 8/10 to 8/17/19

The Tyler Place is life not as it is, but as it should be. Guests and staff alike who are kind to each other make human connections more rare in this digital age. There is nothing about its philosophy that we would change.  We look forward to coming back next year!

— E & B, Riverside, CT, 8/10 to 8/17/19

The Tyler Place is a welcoming, supportive place for all families. We can’t wait for next year!

— A & J, Irvington, NY, 8/10 to 8/17/19

The Tyler Place is the absolute best way to spend a summer week.  It is the time we most disconnect from the rest of the world and connect with each other. All families should have this experience.

— O & K, Wilton, CT, 8/10 to 8/17/19

This is the best vacation I have had with kids, hands down. We LOVE it. Our kids talk about it all year long.

— B & A, Denville, NJ, 8/10 to 8/17/19

Great first time experience!  They think of everything to make for an enjoyable vacation with our kids.

— T & K, Arlington, VA, 8/10 to 8/17/19

Best family vacation ever!  We look forward to coming each year.  It’s a vacation for everyone.

— S & K, Rochester, MA, 8/10 to 8/17/19

As always, the T.P. combined our kids’ favorite camp with awesome activities, friends and fun for us!  We look forward to this trip all year. Thank you!  

— M & T, Chapel Hill, NC, 8/10 to 8/17/19

The staff is terrific.  The guests are wonderful.  Waterfront is amazing.

— D & C, Philadelphia, PA, 8/10 to 8/17/19

This is the most perfect place on earth that has something for everyone. The kids are happy. The adults are in pure bliss and we look forward to this week 51 weeks a year!

— K & R, Philadelphia, PA, 8/10 to 8/17/19

Every part of Tyler Place – the facilities, activities, food, schedule – is terrific, yet the whole is even better than the sum of its parts. It feels like the very best of summer camp has been distilled, modified for adults/families, and concentrated into one amazing week.

— A & B, Hastings on Hudson, NY, 8/10 to 8/17/19

We had such an incredible experience.

— T & A, Burlington, VT, 8/10 to 8/17/19

Our kids never want to leave and neither do we!  Our FAVORITE place.

— N & D, Montclair, NJ, 8/10 to 8/17/19

The range of activities for both children and adults allow for day and night enjoyment. Our 7-year old really enjoyed his bike trip to and from the Clubhouse. He insisted on doing this alone.  Just can’t say enough about the staff and hosts. They bring heart and energy to every encounter, activity and overall to their jobs. Our son felt so comfortable throughout the week and thoroughly enjoyed himself. Additionally, it was a special treat to see some of the counselors at night in the lounge relaxing and enjoying themselves.  It was fun talking with some of them and getting to know them.

— R & A, Westport, CT, 8/10 to 8/17/19

The Tyler Place is the only resort where you take a trip with kids and the parents actually have a vacation.

— M & J, Darien, CT, 8/10 to 8/17/19

We had a fantastic week as first-timers to Tyler Place! My 9-year old rated his vacation a 10 out of 10 and my 12-year old said he “can’t wait to bring his kids here someday”. 

— D & H, McLean, VA 8/3 to 8/10/19

We loved how safe the place felt and that our 8- year old could walk back to the cabin alone safely. He was so pleased he could do that. We loved our stay and hope to return one day. 

— M & H, Mawdesley, Lancashire, England 8/3 to 8/10/19

The Tyler Place is more than great food, wonderful activities, terrific childcare and fantastic new friends – it is a quintessentially New England experience. 

— J & S, The Woodlands, TX 8/3 to 8/10/19

If you have kids of different ages and struggle to find a vacation that makes the whole family happy – The Tyler Place is the answer!

— M & L, Glenn Mills, PA 8/3 to 8/10/19

We had a great week! It was fun to bring a new family with us this year and experience Tyler Place through their eyes.

— W & E, Arlington, VA 8/3 to 8/10/19

Parental Nirvana. Family bliss – Thank you for the gift of this experience each year!

— J & G, Agawam, MA 8/3 to 8/10/19

The Tyler Place is magical. There is something for everyone. I love the opportunities for us and the kids to be in nature while enjoying tennis, working out, learning about herbs etc. And meeting and making friends from all over! 

— P & C, Wilmette, IL  8/3 to 8/10/19

We LOVE this place and only give feedback so it can be the best it can be. The staff and the Tyler family are amazing. So helpful, lovely, kind and knowledgeable. We are so thankful to everyone for making our time so special. 

— B & R, Bethesda, MD 8/3 to 8/10/19

Best vacation we have had. Can’t wait until 2020.

— L & K, Sarasota, FL 8/3 to 8/10/19 

A true vacation for all of us with a great mix of activities and R & R opportunities. We look forward to this week every year! 

— G & E, Hingham, MA 8/3 to 8/10/19

We wouldn’t be coming back for our 9th year if we didn’t LOVE this place. There is magic in the air here. For us, as for many of our friends, this is our happy place. Also: in my 8th year overall and my 2nd year coming as a single parent, I can say that the magic does not disappear when you are here on your own with your kids. Great friendships were made and continue and the fun goes on! 

— A, Washington, DC 8/3 to 8/10/19

The Waterfront staff is wonderful with our kids!  

— A & J, Ashville, NC 8/3 to 8/10/19  

The food was amazing! A great combination of large group activities and quiet moments to read and relax.

—  R & L, Newton, MA 8/3 to 8/10/19  

The Tyler Place remains the week we most look forward to each year.

— G & S, Fanwood, NJ 8/3 to 8/10/19 

The Tyler Place staff, service and guests themselves make this a unique, fun and “comfortable” vacation. We loved the lakefront activities, especially but the people (T.P. and guests) make it special. 

— T & K, Rockville, MD 8/3 to 8/10/19

Loved my stay. Really liked meeting other guests.

— M, Canton, MA 8/3 to 8/10/19

My husband and I really needed this trip. We have said that we don’t think we’ve “had fun” since we’ve had our first kid 8 years ago. We LOVED archery, tennis, Hobie Cat, which were all new to us. 

— D & H, Mobile, AL 8/3 to 8/10/19

We just spent our 9th year in a row at the T.P. It is an amazing way to spend time with your spouse and family. Our son has aged out so we now attend with our older son, daughter-in-law and our grandchildren! 

— J & C, Charleston, SC 8/3 to 8/10/19

Always the best vacation of the year for each person in our family! 

— T & K, Weston, MA 8/3 to 8/10/19 

As first-time guests with a tiny baby, we were impressed thoroughly by the staff, activities and overall experience.  Five stars!

—  T & J, North Charleston, SC 8/3 to 8/10/19

Imagine an ideal family setting for a stress-free, active-as-you-wish, scenic week of delight and deliciousness. Double it and you are getting close to just how marvelous the T.P. is, every time. 

— B & H, Gaithersburg, MD 8/3 to 8/10/19

Wow! Whoever said Disney World is the best place on earth has not been HERE! We did not know what to expect but without question it far surpassed our expectations. This is the first family trip that has been a vacation for all of us!

— C & M, Chattanooga, TN, 7/27 to 8/3/19

We’ve had such a wonderful experience – thank you to the Tylers and to all the staff, as well as the guests we’ve had the pleasure of meeting. We have met so many nice people over the past two years and The Tyler Place has been such a wonderful place for our whole family. It’s become like home away from home for our week in the summer. Our son (age 6) said, “I want to keep coming to The Tyler Place until I’m a grandpa”.

— P & J, Gilford, CT, 7/27 to 8/3/19

Another fantastic week at The Tyler Place, our favorite vacation of every year. Love all the wonderful lake activities, tennis and beautiful environs. The kids’ programs are unbeatable and enable my spouse and me to relax and do as we please or do nothing at all.

— W & C, Virginia Beach, VA, 7/27 to 8/3/19

A spectacularly enjoyable week for all ages. It’s one of our very favorite weeks of the year. Everything at The Tyler Place is thoughtfully and thoroughly executed. There can be no better experience for a timeless family summer holiday.

— S & A, Toronto, Ontario, CN, 7/27 to 8/3/19

Every year we show up on Saturday and it’s like the 51 weeks since leaving never happened. We feel so very at home here.

— S & P, Brooklyn, NY, 7/27 to 8/3/19

As always, we feel at home the second we drive past the Tyler Place sign.

— B & R, Newark, DE, 7/27 to 8/3/19

Just a great time! Exceeded all expectations! Thank you!

— K & V, Washington, DC, 7/27 to 8/3/19

I love how there is no need for phones for one week! Good, old-fashioned fun, yet safe and people really bend over backwards at the T.P. to make things great for families and kids!

— M & M, Greenwich, CT, 7/27 to 8/3/19

We had a wonderful week. We really enjoyed the waterfront activities, especially the big Sombrero (our daughter’s favorite). It was active and relaxing. Food was excellent this year. Our daughter wants to stay forever. The T.P. knows how to make kids happy!

— N & W, Charlotte, NC, 7/27 to 8/3/19

We had a great first year. Certainly not our last at Tyler Place. It’s generally true that when you travel with kids, it’s fantastic and worth it, but it’s a trip versus a vacation. The Tyler Place makes it possible for a great family trip to feel like a vacation.

— S & D, Hastings on Hudson, NY, 7/27 to 8/3/19

The Tyler Place is our favorite week of the year as a family. We all have the best time and love returning to our friends each summer!

— M & L, Westport, CT, 7/27 to 8/3/19

The kids enjoy the groups and the activities. It is wonderful to see friends from other years and to meet new ones.

— J & A, Sinking Springs, PA, 7/27 to 8/3/19

Another great vacation at the T.P.! And by vacation, we really mean a vacation – not a trip. Our kid gets to enjoy being a kid and we get to enjoy adult activities. Thank you for having so many activities to help everyone in our family have a great time! I also appreciate how we can put down our phones and have conversations with people. Just someone asking “What did you do today?” is refreshing. Thank you.

— K & M, Providence, RI, 7/27 to 8/3/19

Best family vacation you can imagine! Perfect balance of camp time for the kids, grown-up time for the adults and family time for everyone to be together. I recommend The Tyler Place to everyone, we know, married or single, who has kids. It’s truly a unique and wonderful experience. Now that we’ve found it, I can’t imagine another summer without The Tyler Place!

— M & J, New Rochelle, NY, 7/27 to 8/3/19

As always, Zoran tops the list as one of our favorite things about our week!

— E & M, Wellesley, MA, 7/27 to 8/3/19

The Tyler Place is a unique combination of a true vacation for both parents and children. A beautiful setting, amazing food, fabulous activities for a truly relaxing and invigorating family vacation.

— J, Garrett Park, MD, 7/27 to 8/3/19

The Tyler Place Family Resort is like no other place around. So special, so unique. Our boys make lifelong friends…and so do we! Can’t imagine a summer without Tyler Place.

— E & A, Roswell, GA, 7/27 to 8/3/19

Coming to The Tyler Place each summer is like coming home – familiar faces, familiar places and old friends. Even after seven years, this place hasn’t lost its magic for us or our kids.

— M & M, Havertown, PA, 7/27 to 8/3/19

Our second year at the T.P. was fabulous! Awesome activities entertained children and wonderful families make this a great vacation. We LOVED returning to so many familiar faces and a caring staff who love on our kids all week. Thank you, T.P. This place is good for the soul!

— J & M, Falls Church, VA, 7/27 to 8/3/19

We had a great time but our kids GREW so much. They really blossomed and we will be coming back because of that and the care the staff put into every day.

— J & C, New York, NY, 7/27 to 8/3/19

There is something to do for everyone. We love our new vacation spot!

— K & M, Media, PA, 7/27 to 8/3/19

Loved all the activities. Great to spend time with your spouse and know that your kids are having fun with new friends. Truly the most relaxing vacation ever! Meals are excellent with a lot of healthy options. We love the safety and independence the Tyler Place provides for our children. It is unique in this regard and one of the most cherished aspects of this vacation. S & T, Lakewood, CO
Beautiful property with newly renovated gardens, lovely nature trails, access to great lake activities, lots of fresh food and outstanding kids’ programs.

— S & K, Houston, TX, 7/27 to 8/3/19

I thoroughly enjoyed my stay and my son loved it. The Tyler Place has struck the perfect balance between adult-alone time and family time. Brilliant!

— A, Weston, FL, 7/27 to 8/3/19

A family vacation, although not a hard concept, in practice it can be surprisingly elusive. Generally, each family member must come away with what they believe to be a vacation while simultaneously maintaining the synergy of family. Amazingly, you guys deliver on finding the right balance of these two, sometimes conflicting goals, year after year. Simply put, you get it and have perfected the formula. Thank you!

— E & S, Philadelphia, PA, 7/27 to 8/3/19

We love the opportunities The Tyler Place provides for our children to try new things, conquer their fears, gain independence and develop friendships.

— C & G, Washington, DC, 7/27 to 8/3/19

The Tyler Place is as close to heaven as earth gets for me and my family. Everyone is happy and having fun. We have all made wonderful friends that we keep in touch with year-round. Already looking forward to 2020!

— J & J, Prospect, KY, 7/27 to 8/3/19

Loved the authenticity. Loved the way we felt. We stepped back in time. Loved how friendly everyone is, including staff and clients. Katie was also an excellent massage therapist. Loved the coffee, meals. Also loved the overall vibe. Wish there was a way to help newbies meet more folks.

— R & S, Washington, DC, 7/27 to 8/3/19

A place where parents get to be couples again and kids get to enjoy the experience of being a kid in an idealized, old-fashioned neighborhood setting. Truly unique. D & R, Grovetown, GA
It is a huge compliment to the Tyler family to provide such a top-notch experience to adults, teens, children and infants. This is our place as a family to really take a break and laugh a lot. Thank you!

— J & M, Atlanta, GA, 7/27 to 8/3/19

We had a great vacation and year #2 was much better because it can be a little overwhelming in year #1.

— T & B, Tallahassee, FL, 7/27 to 8/3/19

We had a wonderful time.  

— B & N, New Orleans, LA, 7/20 to 7/27/19

The Tyler Place is heaven on earth – it is our favorite week of the year. My husband and I can spend needed quality time together at a beautiful place with delicious food while our two little ones are in great hands. I feel like I recharge while I am here – thank you, Tyler Place! 

— M & M, Chicago, IL, 7/20 to 7/27/19

We just love it here! Our kids have so much fun and so do we! We enjoy activities as a couple. 

— B & F, Dalton, GA, 7/20 to 7/27/19

The Tyler Place is an essential part of our family’s summer…it wouldn’t be summer without it. 

— S, Montclair, NJ, 7/20 to 7/27/19

Food was much improved from last year. Staff is incredibly nice and accommodating. Kids love the independence and meeting new friends. They can’t wait to come back each year. 

— D & K, Cranston, RI, 7/20 to 7/27/19

Remember the best things about being in a small American town and summer camp? You’ll find them here, plus more delicious, inventive food.

— Cambridge, Great Britain, UK, 7/20 to 7/27/19

The staff is so friendly and helpful. Love the water aerobics. 

— G, Berwyn, PA , 7/20 to 7/27/19

Best week of the summer! Perfect place to forget about work and all of life’s stresses. Great mix of family and adult-only time. Kids had a blast, too, and were very well entertained and taken care of. Thank you for such a great week! We can’t wait to come back! 

— M & S, Philadelphia, PA, 7/20 to 7/27/19

This is the lake house vacation you have always dreamed of with food, friends and activities included. A welcoming family-focused vacation where you actually get to relax, unwind and have fun. 

— J & M, Cranston, RI, 7/20 to 7/27/19

A great week as always. As relaxing or active as you want to be. The staff is helpful and kind throughout. A truly unique place and perfect for families. 

— N & N, East Lyme, CT, 7/20 to 7/27/19

Staff were very helpful and friendly. The grounds are beautiful. The overall feel is very positive! Thank you! 

— R & K, Brooklyn, NY, 7/20 to 7/27/19

After 18 years, minus one year without a Tyler Place vacation, our youngest child has aged out. We will likely not return until we have grandchildren. The Tyler Place is more than a vacation. It’s a place where all our children grew up. They all learned to bicycle here. They have all learned how to be independent, functional human beings. Each of us have expanded our horizons, pushed our limits beyond our comfort zones, including the adults. It has truly been a growing experience for all. We cannot thank the Tylers and the amazing staff enough. 

— R & H, Locust Valley, NY, 7/20 to 7/27/19

We had a wonderful time. The Tyler Place felt both homey and like a truly relaxing vacation. The food was excellent and varied. There are so many fun and interesting activities – more than you could do in a week. We hope to be back! 

— C & K, Jackson Heights, NY, 7/20 to 7/27/19

Our accommodation was fabulous! We loved the sitting room and more space. Single beds were nicer than the bunk beds and kitchen area was great. 

— E &T, Wayne, NJ, 7/20 to 7/27/19

We love our time here – especially on the lake!

— S, Middleburg, VA, 7/20 to 7/27/19

Excellent variation of activities to stay busy all day. Kids’ camps are great. Finally, a vacation I don’t need another vacation from when I get home. 

— J & J, Land O’Lakes, FL, 7/20 to 7/27/19

After five years we are still finding new activities to enjoy and love reconnecting with old friends year after year, while forming new friendships each year.

— D & J, Sudbury, MA , 7/20 to 7/27/19 

Overall, a nice week. Thank you!

— S & J, No. Stonington, CT , 7/20 to 7/27/19

We had a wonderful time! Thank you for having us!

— E & J, Charlotte, NC , 7/20 to 7/27/19

Tylers make forever memories to cherish!

— B & W, Philadelphia, PA, 7/20 to 7/27/19

The Tyler Place staff were consistently warm and friendly and helped create a pleasant, relaxing atmosphere. We appreciated all of the daytime and evening activities offered, and the comfortable accommodations. Tyler Place makes an effort to make all family members feel welcome. 

— D & C, Newton, MA, 7/20 to 7/27/19

After 8 consecutive years, The Tyler Place has become our family summer tradition!

— B & G, Houston, TX, 7/20 to 7/27/19

Camp for kids makes this place the best! My kids have an amazing time while we get adult time.

— N & K, Media, PA, 7/20 to 7/27/19

We cherish this week for its unlimited time outdoors, sense of total freedom from the big and small things of our busy and stressful daily life at home, and for the beauty of this place and its people. Thank you, Tyler family! 

— K & K, Newtown, CT, 7/20 to 7/27/19

The gardens are glorious! 

— J & R, Montreal, Quebec, Canada, 7/20 to 7/27/19

Love the inclusiveness of Tyler Place. My heart is in Vermont.

— J & S, Greenville, SC, 7/20 to 7/27/19

For the second year in a row the T.P. allows us all (5) to enjoy ourselves with people in our age group. Staff was friendly and courteous making us feel welcome. 

— C & F, South Miami, FL, 7/20 to 7/27/19

Loved it! Great guest camaraderie, fantastic food, challenging and fun activities, beautiful waterfront. Day hike was a highlight. 

— T & V, New York, NY, 7/20 to 7/27/19

The food was fantastic this year. It’s always good but seemed to go up a notch this year. Chef Jess is very talented All the activities were great and the staff is wonderful. I love that I don’t see staff staring at their cell phones all the time! Ollie was great at adult activities. I love the craft classes. 

— D & E, Washington, DC, 7/20 to 7/27/19

The Tyler Place lets you forget the real world for a while and helps you explore things/ activities you may or may not have time to do/or try to do otherwise. It helps you find yourself again! 

— J & M, East Thetford, VT, 7/20 to 7/27/19

This is our 6th year and it is such a great experience. The kids love it – it is their most anticipated week of the year. The adults love it – there are always new things to try, as well as the old standbys. The staff is always great. The right blend of down-to-earth and approachable, but also super respectful and accommodating. I did more tennis this year than in years past and Jake is fantastic. I am so impressed with his ability to successfully navigate working with guests given how relatively young he is. And he is a great teacher as well. Thanks for another wonderful week and we look forward to returning next year! 

— S & M, Annapolis, MD, 7/20 to 7/27/19

We loved our first year at The Tyler Place! Everyone in our family had a great time and we can’t wait to come back! 

— A & C, Ada, MI, 7/20 to 7/27/19

We loved our stay! Our kids are begging to come back next year. Such a great balance of adult and family time. 

— J & K, No. Royalton, OH, 7/20 to 7/27/19


— J & E, Fernie, British Columbia, CN, 7/20 to 7/27/19

The Tyler Place allows you to relax as much as you want but also gives you the opportunity to try new activities.  The staff truly takes care of you and there is a sense that you can ask them for anything and they will do it if they can. It’s a type of old-fashioned service that has become rare!  The staff goes above and beyond, and they seem happy to be here.

— C & C, Portland, OR, 7/13 to 7/20/19

This is our 40th anniversary of coming to The Tyler Place. We have not come every year when our kids were young, but in the years that we didn’t come, our kids begged to come back. This is the third year we have come as a three- generation family, including our kids, spouses and three grandchildren.  It is a magical place where everyone has a great time! 

— R & A, Wayne, NJ, 7/13 to 7/20/19

I have such great memories coming here as a child and wanted my daughter to experience the same thing.  It’s been an awesome vacation. 

— S & C, Noble, OK, 7/13 to 7/20/19

Staff is fantastic, food amazing, guests were welcoming fun and friendly for newbies.

—T & E, Austin, TX, 7/13 to 7/20/19

Best family camp experience. From hiking to biking, boating to wake surfing, dance parties and poker. They’ve got it all! Kids have a blast and make you return year after year. Excellent food! 

— R & C, Raleigh, NC, 7/13 to 7/20/19

Beautifully typically Vermont green setting with gorgeous sunsets over Lake Champlain. Well thought out and organized age-appropriate extremely creative and fun activities for all age kids. Parents and grandparents truly get “us” and “me” time!

— A & C, Atlanta, GA, 7/13 to 7/20/19

We loved the ability to spend time together. Being a parent is a rewarding but never-ending thing. It was wonderful to have time to relax and reconnect with each other, while still spending quality time with our kids. 

—M & L, San Marcos, CA,7/13 to 7/20/19

It’s been 26 years since I was last here and it’s obvious the T.P. has grown and prospered but in so many ways it has remained the same, keeping it’s true and authentic self being the most prime family resort in the country. 

— T & H, Fruita, CO, 7/13 to 7/20/19

We loved it and will be happy to post our positive review this week on Facebook and TripAdvisor. We were very impressed and the T.P. very much over-delivers on quality vacation for the family.  We were honored you blessed us with a week to come this year.

— L & M, Baton Rouge, LA, 7/13 to 7/20/19

Always awesome. 

— S & A, Beaconsfield, Quebec, CN, 7/13 to 7/20/19

Bike system; polite staff; safe; exciting water sports; great tasting and healthy food; well-kept grounds; rustic, yet clean and comfy accommodations; top notch day excursions. 

— J & C, Washington, MO, 7/13 to 7/20/19

I’ve been coming since a child and now I get to see my children experience the magic of the T.P.!  It’s unlike any other place – very hard to put into words – but T.P. is an oasis that never changes – a place where time slows down and you can really enjoy the most important things in life – friends, family and more. Wonderful!

—J & A, Wayne, NJ, 7/13 to 7/20/19

It’s all about the people at the T.P., starting with the Tyler family. It’s amazing the friendships you can make when you are relaxed and having fun with like-minded people.

— E & Y, Austin, TX, 7/13 to 7/20/19

As usual, everything was great. Food, activities, counselors and all of the staff. We’ve been coming for 3 years now and there are still new activities to discover. Thanks for another great year.

— P & K, Oak Park, IL, 7/13 to 7/20/19

Best week of the year!

— T & A, Frederick, MD, 7/13 to 7/20/19

Claudia’s gardening class is fantastic.  If guests knew how awesome it was, you could fill it every day of the season.

— J & J, Houston, TX, 7/13 to 7/20/19

It’s our fifth year and as always, the kids are able to have fun like grownups and grownups are able to have fun like kids.

— C & J, Brooklyn, NY, 7/13 to 7/20/19

Magical! 7 years running – hope many more!

— A & J, Wilmington, DE, 7-13 to 7-20-19

Thanks again. Could not ask you for a better vacation!

— M & K, Marblehead, MA, 7/13 to 7/20/19

Thank you for another wonderful week!  Our time at T.P. is one of our best weeks of the year!

— S & J, Winston-Salem, NC, 7/13 to 7/20/19

Thank you for such a great week. I feel I am leaving recharged with the ability to be a better mom, wife and human being because of Tyler Place. I cannot thank you enough.

— P & J, Davidson, NC, 7/13 to 7/20/19

The Tyler Place is a unique for-family experience that is hard to explain until you experience it!

— A & G, Land ‘O Lakes, FL, 7/13 to 7/20/19

The cottage was wonderful!! Adult food was amazing!!  Variety of activities was good. 

— R & C, Markham, Ontario, CN, 7/13 to 7/20/19

The Tyler Place is the best. We love you all and tell everyone we know how amazing this place is. Thank you! 

— J & R, New Rochelle, NY, 7/13 to 7/20/19

This is our second home where we mark times. Our children sleep in the same beds, see their Tyler Place friends and have their best week of the summer. We have made lifelong friends from across the country and Canada. We are so lucky to have found this special place.

— J & S, Pawtucket, RI,7/13 to 7/20/19

This was our 7th summer and each year is even better than the last. We’re so appreciative that we get to spend this special week with our kids! 

— J & E, East Greenwich, RI, 7/13 to 7/20/19

This was our second season here and we again loved our stay. Our 8-year old son just loved all of his group activities, being able to make new friends and also being able to exercise more independence in the safe community that Tyler Place is. Thank you! We’ll be back for sure! 

— N & B, Pittsburgh, PA, 7/13 to 7/20/19

We have had an absolutely amazing time both years. We love Tyler Place. We will be back.

— J & K, Bell Buckle, TN, 7/13 to 7/20/19

We love the consistency of the quality of the food and activities.  It is such a happy place for our family members.  We love coming here! 

— B & P, Calgary, Alberta, CN, 7/13 to 7/20/19

We love this place. It’s the perfect family vacation for us because we have fun and make friends separately.  I’m too hung over to think – I must be having a great time. 

— J & N, Nichols Hills, OK, 7/13 to 7/20/19

We loved it!

— F & D, Wexford, PA, 7/13 to 7/20/19

As always, we loved our stay – the staff, counselors, activities, food, etc. are always enjoyable and excellent. We’ll be back!

—P & T, Pittsburgh, PA, 7/13 to 7/20/19

An excellent family vacation. Our family left Tyler Place closer as a family, well rested and we enjoyed reuniting with old friends.

—K & C, Monroe, NC, 7/6 to 7/13/19

The Tyler Place is a seamless operation and is worth every penny. The fact that we can go on a vacation with our kids, but actually enjoy ourselves and do adult things, too, is priceless! 

— R & J, Okemos, MI (7-6 to 7-13-19)

Another amazing summer at the T.P.! 

— R & L, Cypress, TX, 7/6 to 7/13/19

Another excellent week at Tyler Place!  Love the variety of activities for all – adults and kids. 

— B & L, Ft. Mill, SC, 7/6 to 7/13/19

I love the freedom for the kids!  The dock staff is always great!

— C, New York, NY, 7/6 to 7/13/19

I LOVE this place.  It’s what summer should be. A community that feels like family and so many activities to choose from.

— C & K, Bethesda, MD, 7/6 to 7/13/19

Kids’ program is awesome!  A vacation here actually feels like a vacation for mom and dad!  

— T & N, Durham, NC, 7/6 to 7/13/19

Loved every day being here. Each was filled with new adventures and memories.

— K & N, Golden Grove, CA, 7/6 to 7/13/19

Our kids (ages 3 and 6) loved this week and didn’t want to leave. The food is outstanding, service is very warm and friendly and everything is exceptionally spotless. Gorgeous grounds and flowers make this feel so special.

— T & A, Broomfield, CO, 7/6 to 7/13/19

The new phone chargers! Photo iPads also very nice. We all love everything very much the way it is. Outstanding service with a smile. Thank you!

— J & M, Farmington, CT (7-6 to 7-13-19)  

The sense of independence for our 6-year old was a real confidence builder for him. Everyone – staff and guests – were nice as can be. The cottage was in immaculate shape and the cleaning crew did an excellent job. 

— M & E, San Diego, CA, 7/6 to 7/13/19

The Tyler Place has thought of EVERYTHING. This is a true vacation for kids and parents alike.

— S & L, New York, NY, 7/6 to 7/13/19

The Tyler Place is the best family vacation!  It offers something for everyone and is an incredibly special place.

— R & V, Glen Rock, NJ, 7/6 to 7/13/19

The Tyler Place is the best vacation for everyone in the family – it gets the value of family time and the separate/self-care time. The staff is top notch in every department.

— R & J, Boulder, CO, 7/6 to 7/13/19

The varied activities – how friendly everyone who works here is. How accommodating T.P. is.  I LOVE the gluten-free chocolate torte every year!  Love, love, love it.

— M, Grasonville, MD, 7/6 to 7/13/19

This was our second week at The Tyler Place (2018 & 2019) and the hospitality and the fun both for our children and ourselves.  I always enjoy doing things I don’t get to do at home.

— T & A, Winchester, KY, 7/6 to 7/13/19

We absolutely loved our time here. The staff have been the highlight – everyone from Front Desk to the pool to our Parents’ Helper (who we want to take home with us). Thanks for an awesome, easy week.

— J & R, Waterloo, Ontario, CN, 7/6 to 7/13/19

We all had a great time!!  We will definitely be back next year. Your staff is amazing with kids and adults. It’s obvious that you do everything possible to make our vacation stress-free.  Thank you!

— D & C, Wilmington, DE, 7/6 to 7/13/19

We had a fantastic time! Everything was so well organized, the grounds are gorgeous and the staff was amazing!

— G & S, Rye, NY, 7/6 to 7/13/19

We love coming to The Tyler Place for the great care and fun that it gives our kids as well as the fun things for adults. This was our 4th year so tried a few different things. We loved the boat dock and the great wake surfing instruction!

— B & E, Cold Springs Harbor, NY, 7/6 to 7/13/19

We love the T.P.!  It’s the first time we feel like we are on a real vacation.

— W & N, Raleigh, NC, 7/6 to 7/13/19

We loved our stay at The Tyler Place. Everybody in our family gets a vacation when we come here. Our kids love their activities and seeing their friends and we do, too!

— M & C, Tempe, AZ, 7/6 to 7/13/19

We’ve been coming here as a family of 20 for 8 years and this, unfortunately, is likely to be our last.  Kids are aging out of family situation change. Tonight, at dinner the 14 adults went around the table recalling their favorite memories. There were tears and many laughs. It is simply a wonderful place. 

— F & P, Old Mystic, CT,  7/6 to 7/13/19

Enjoyed our time very much! We relaxed a lot.  Gym facility was very well kept and great tennis program and facilities.

— J, Arlington Heights, IL, 6/29-7/6/19

The most exhausting yet enjoyable vacation for a family.

— K & K, Largo, FL, 6/29-7/6/19

This is our 2nd time coming to The Tyler Place. Children’s program was excellent service including activities and meals. The adult day activities and entertainment was wonderful, too. We’re already thinking about coming back next year. Thank you for the wonderful and fantastic hospitality. 

— B & S, Madison, AL, 6/29-7/6/19

Excellent all the way! 

— M & R, Brownsboro, AL 6/29-7/6/19

The Tyler Place is the only place we really unwind!

— D & L, Glenmont, NY, 6/29-7/6/19

Love that this is actually a relaxing vacation – which is hard to come by with young kids. 

— C & J, Washington, DC, 6/29-7/6/19

The Tyler Place is the best vacation our family does every year! We love coming and seeing new friends and old. It is truly a vacation for the entire family. 

— B & C, Newton, MA, 6/29-7/6/19

Food was amazing. Great balance of fun and outdoor exercise and social events. 

— J & M, Shrewsbury, NJ, 6/29-7/6/19

Although it isn’t our normal week, we still enjoyed every minute and continue to return. It’s our favorite vacation.

— T & W, Atlantic Highlands, NJ, 6/29-7/6/19

Another wonderful week – our 6th – at The Tyler Place! Our kids feel at home here and so do we. And you won’t find better food at an all-inclusive resort. Just be prepared to go home with a few extra pounds! 

— C & J, Newton, MA, 6/29-7/6/19

Each member of our family looks forward to our week at Tyler Place (for different reasons), given the various ages (4-16) that is no small accomplishment. The memories created this week will be with our family forever. Thank you. 

— M & K, New York, NY, 6/29-7/6/19

Very well organized, relaxing. Lovely staff and guests.

— N & C, Singapore, China, 6/29-7/6/19

It is home away from home. Best week of the year. Everyone leaves happy and exhausted. Z is the best. Like the new photographer.

— D & S, Rockville Center, NY, 6/29-7/6/19

Another great summer! Thanks! 

— P & A, Brooklyn, NY, 6/29-7/6/19

Excellent activities, property and caring staff.

—D & L, Glen Rock NJ, 6/29-7/6/19

You have a magical place. You have created the perfect vacation.

— B & S, The Woodlands, TX, 6/29-7/6/19

This is our 7th year and we have loved it so much. We will miss it!

—A & K, Lutz, FL, 6/29-7/6/19

We have thoroughly enjoyed our 9 stays at Tyler Place. Our kids grew up here and we have had so many amazing experiences over the last 9 years. Tyler Place has a huge place in our hearts and we are so grateful for all the beautiful memories made, shared with our long-time friends. Tyler Place is truly magical – the land, the staff and the shared experiences. We will all genuinely miss the warmth, love, care and stress-free environment that was also loaded with some crazy fun, laughter, borderline adult behavior at the appropriate times – teasing and thoughtful family time. I’m already crying! Thank you!

—R & M, South Riding, VA, 6/29-7/6/19

We love The Tyler Place. Connecting with old and new friends. We love the independence that we can give our kids – it feels like a true “it takes a village” where everyone looks out for each other and their kids. 

— R & D, Newtonville, MA (6/29 to 7/6/19)

The Tyler Place – the best vacation for your entire family.

—M & J, Wilmington, DE, 6/29-7/6/19

We love coming back every year. We have as much fun as the kids. 

— R & C, Newton, MA, 6/29-7/6/19

Such a beautiful place, beautiful nature. The many options for kids and adult activities is great and it is a wonderful spot for family vacations.

— L & M, Grand Cayman, Cayman Islands, Inn #1 6/22-6/29/19

I have travelled the world with my children – more than 40 countries! But The Tyler Place is the one place we return to year after year.

— H, Denver, CO, 6/22-6/29/19

The Tyler Place remains our favorite vacation week of the year. We love the time we spend together as a family and with our respective peer groups. Every time we leave, we can’t wait to return for more friends, fun, great food and relaxation. Thanks once again for getting the secret sauce of Tyler Place just right.

— L & A, West Hartford, CT, 6/22-6/29/19

A fabulous opportunity to let our city children roam free and experience some independent adventures with new pals.

— P & M, Donnybrook, Dublin, Ireland, 6/22-6/29/19

No screens of any kind for 7+ days and didn’t miss it. Lobster!!

— J & J, Winchester, MA, 6/29/19

“Heaven on earth”, “Best family vacation EVER!”, “Where parents get to be kids again!”, friendliest staff! Top quality food. We don’t want to leave!

— R & S, Bethesda, MD, 6/22-6/29/19

True luxury is being able to simply enjoy without having to worry about entertaining your kids or planning meals! I haven’t been this relaxed in ages! Thank you!

— C & H, Louisville, CO, 6/22-6/29/19

A blissful week for parent and child alike. Discover more about yourself and your child at Tyler Place.

— V & S, Venus, CA, 6/22-6/29/19

Simply, this is the perfect family vacation. It’s our favorite week of the year.

—  A & M, Woodbridge, CT, 6/22-6/19/19

Step back in time in a great way. Transportation mode bike, conversations with your family and friends in real time, activities you forgot you enjoyed or have never tried. No glitz or glamor but perfect downtime.

— J & R, Brooklyn, NY, 6/22-6/29/19

Great stay as always. We love this place and all the amazing friends we have made.

— R & A, New York, NY, 6/22-6/29/19

We like the variety of events and opportunities. This year we did a lot of swimming.

— F & L, Tallahassee, FL, 6/22-6/29/19

21 meals without kids.

— A & C, Crofton, MD, 6/22-6/29/19

Front Desk: Great crew as always, especially Maggie. She always has a smile, asks about our activities, gives spot-on advice and quickly looks up what she doesn’t know. Clodaugh and Kasey good, too, but when we think of what makes the T.P. more welcoming than other places, we think of Maggie at the Front Desk. Truly a cut above and a great asset.

—A & M, Canton, MA 6/22-6/29/19

We like just about everything about Tyler Place. One thing we noticed this year was some new creativity in the kitchen. The upgrade in vegan options was terrific and will be a draw for us to return and look forward to for next year.

— J & S, Bethesda, MD 6/22-6/29/19

We love the vibe, “the feel” of the T.P. It’s what God would have done with the rest of the world if he’d had the money.

—T & E, Charlotte, NC, 6/22-6/29/19

Always a great time. That’s why we keep coming back for more!

— C & K, Yardley, PA, 6/22-6/29/19

Everyone in our family loves it. We can’t stop coming back!

—D & O, Arlington, VA, 6/22-6/29/19

Hands down: best family vacation. The T.P. brings out the best in all of us.

— D & J, Berkeley, CA, 6/22-6/29/19

The Tyler Place is a dream vacation for families with small children. Every member of the family enjoyed their stay and learned something new in the process. The kids thrive and the parents can relax!

— K & K, Chicago, IL, 6/22-6/29/19

We’re so glad we discovered this place while our kids are still pretty young. There is no doubt that we will be coming back here every year. I’m so glad that our kids will have memories of The Tyler Place interwoven throughout their formative years. It’s the most fun week of the year for all of us. We count down to it. It’s a magic place. I get more exercise and also more rest, and try more new things and laugh more and meet more amazing people, and eat more delicious food than any other week of the year. And despite all this activity, I leave completely rested and rejuvenated.

— J & J, State College, PA, 6/22-6/29/19

An incredibly unique blend of structure, flexibility, great amenities, wonderful food choices, top notch water activities and a perfect location. You can tell the Tylers have perfected the art of the family vacation and the saying “something for everyone”. I didn’t have to pick up my wallet, car keys or camera once because the resort is so well thought out. You can do family, personal hobbies and couple activities – such a wonderful experience.

— M, Pompano Beach, FL, 6/15-6/22/19

Even at ages 17, 13 and 11 our children STILL count down the days ’til The Tyler Place, like it’s Christmas. It’s not an exaggeration to say this vacation is a defining element of their childhood.

— S & C, Bethesda, MD, 6/15-6/22/19

We love The Tyler Place. My children have made life-long forever friends. My wife and I have always made life-long, forever friends. Keep as many Tylers around as you can. Having Eric this year was great. Scotty & Laura were great on the dock and Hamish and Ben.

— J & K, Metairie, LA, 6/15-6/22/19

We look forward to our stay every year. The friendships we’ve made here will be ones we cherish always. It’s so nice to see kids outside playing and not looking at their phones. We aren’t the only ones who unplug at T.P. – our kids do, too. We are thankful for that.

— N & L, Kingwood, TX, 6/15-6/22/19

Best place on earth! Especially with small children.

— W & K, Winchester, MA, 6/15-6/22/19

We travel across the country for our one week of pure joy – every single person from a child to adult is happy, relaxed, healthy and having the time of their life.

— D & N, Scottsdale, AZ, 6/15-6/22/19

We loved our first year! The kids had a blast in groups and we really enjoyed the activities. Can’t wait to come back!

— P & C, Nashville, TN, 6/15-6/22/19

This was our first real vacation since honeymoon 10 years ago. We were relaxed and our kids were well cared for. We love the warmth of the staff, the children’s programs and the food! The property is beautiful and serene with lots of wildlife. We enjoyed the many activities as well as enjoyed doing nothing sometimes! This is truly a magical place and you feel the family warmth as soon as you arrive! Thank you for a great week. 

— J & M, Raleigh, NC, 6/15-6/22/19

We love the people and the staff and all of the fun activities. Such a perfect blend of time with kids and an actual vacation for parents with activities that don’t include kids!

— N & S, Fayetteville, NY, 6/15-6/22/19

The Tyler Place has been a part of our summer for 16 seasons and we wouldn’t have it any other way. As both our children will now be aged out, we don’t think of our time at T.P. as “over” – but rather on hiatus – until we come back as grandparents, or without the kids late in the season!

— R & D, Libertyville, NY, 6/15-6/22/19

The T.P. is a great vacation for families of all ages.

— J & L, Houston, TX, 6/15-6/22/19

Thumbs up on USB charging station. Really enjoyed the lake activities and the pool. Good selection of adult activities. Our Junior had an amazing time – he loved all of it.

— P & R, Lincoln, MA, 6/15-6/22/19

The spirit of The Tyler Place is so, so bright. Old school, genuine and authentic – the hospitality is as welcoming as the land is stunning. So much fun for all of us.

— M, Kenilworth, IL, 6/15-6/22/19

Seventeen summers and it never gets old! 

— M & S, Chicago, IL, 6/15-6/22/19

Great staff, great food and friendly new and old every year and kids well cared for.

— T & J, Crown Point, IN, 6/15-6/22/19

Best week of the year, every year. THANK YOU for making it so special! 

— K & E, Brooklyn, NY, 6/15-6/22/19

It’s our favorite week of the year! Our kids have grown up coming to the T.P. and it’s the week they look forward to each year when they see old friends, make new ones, learn new skills and become more independent and confident in a warm, safe place. The Tyler Place is truly special to us.

— C & S, Silver Springs, MD, 6/15-6/22/19

Everything was great. The Isle La Motte bike tour was beautiful and just the right amount of challenge and relaxation. 

— S & B, Northport, NY, 6/15-6/22/19

Better than the incredible staff and the premise and promise (fulfilled) that Tyler Place will care deeply for and entertain your children while you can enjoy the place yourself. All you might need to know is that you’re never with or see food go into your children for seven days…

— P, Ann Arbor, MI, 6/15-6/22/19

Great accommodations, food, events, activities, amenities and services. ALL staff were extremely polite, friendly and helpful. Loved every minute of our stay

— C & D, Beverly, MA, 6/15-6/22/19

My husband and I were finally able to get some time to ourselves and with friends – something we have not been able to do. Thank you so much!

— J & A, Saratoga Springs, NY, 6/15-6/22/19

We enjoyed the scheduled time with and without our children. It was a nice balance. The food was amazing and every meal was delicious. All the biking was good exercise and made us feel like kids again.

— B & A, Portland, ME, 6/15-6/22/19

Amenities, location, events are all great but the staff are the best asset of The Tyler Place. They go above and beyond to ensure a great vacation is had by all.

— M & J, Roseville, CA 6/15-6/22/19

Loved our 9th year at T.P.! Such a wonderful and magical week for kids and adults. We cannot think of a better way to spend a family vacation. Looking forward to our 10th!

— K & A, Glen Allen, VA, 6/15-6/22/19

It was another great week at the T.P. Thanks to all the staff and owners for all that you do. My wife and I, and our children had an amazing time – again. Our accommodation was wonderful (with the new bed). The T.P. is a wonderful family vacation. Adults and kids alike have an amazing week.

— R & J, Chantilly, VA, 6/15-6/22/19

Our son has looked forward to being a young adult and the experience was everything he hoped it would be. We enjoyed the freedom of no program hours to keep track of – such a wonderful vacation with so many excellent options! 

— D & A, Edmond, OK, 6/15-6/22/19

Our Tyler Place vacation is always an incredible experience from start to finish. There’s so much attention to detail regarding guests’ needs from large to small details.

— J & K, Ambler, PA, 6/15-6/22/19

We truly love it here. Next year will be our tenth year!

— A & J, West Chester, OH, 6/15-6/22/19

Our third year back and we all had a great time! Will be counting down the days till next year.

— A & K, Carmel, NY, 6/15-6/22/19

This is our 12th year coming and it has remained the magical place it has always been.

— D & L, Wilmington, DE, 6/15-6/22/19

The Tyler Place continues to be a wonderful vacation for our family. Maybe not all of us at all times, but mom and daughter always enjoy themselves. Our daughter enjoys the property and mom gets a worry-free week. There is no place like this. I am certain.

— J & J, Mason, OH, 6/15-6/22/19

The food was spectacular. Every meal exceeded our expectations. 

— D & L, Hingham, MA, 6/15-6/22/19

There is no way to be bored. Kids are so well taken care of, as are the adults. The only thing to think about is how to fit it all in without exhausting yourself. 

— D & J, Gaithersburg, MD, 6/15-6/22/19

Our 8.5-year old son, when asked why he liked Tyler Place so much, to return to it said, “Independence! And counselors and activities”.

— A & N, Annandale, VA, 6/15-6/22/19

This is our second year and we have loved our time here. The counselors are incredible and the Front Desk staff went above and beyond to help in any way needed. This week is such a wonderful break from work and “real life”. Thank you for this.

— N & C, Bettendorf, IA, 6/15-6/22/19

We found Tyler Place on a Google search for best family vacation and it totally lived up to the hype. We have three little kids, age 14 months to 5 years old and they all loved the kids’ programs. My son asked to live here all year. It is the only way we can also get a vacation while our children have an amazing time. We hope to have many summers here.

— J & D, Rochester, MN, 6/8-6/15/19

As a grandparent this place is perfection. Incredible children’s programs, perfect balance of adults vs. children’s time. Every single thing has been thought of! 

— M & E, New Rochelle, NY, 6/8-6/15/19

First of all, the T.P. makes our kids INCREDIBLY HAPPY. They (we) form long time friendships. It teaches them both independence and group relationships and encourages them to be active. Thank you.

— B & Z, Hinckley, OH, 6/8-6/15/19

Kids had an amazing time. We met SO many nice people, which was an unexpected benefit.

— L & A, Lafayette, CA, 6/8-6/15/19

Great balance overall – activity versus downtime, family versus couple time, group versus alone time.

— C & K, Lincoln, NE, 6/8-6/15/19

Truly a VACATION, not just a family trip. We all got to try new things and choose our own fun (grownups). Kids had an amazing time – so many activities every day. It’s going to be hard to go back to the ‘real world’.

—  M & L, Wheaton, IL, 6/8-6/15/19

The Tyler Place is our family’s favorite week of the year. Three generations get to have a blast at their own speeds with none of the stress of a regular big family week.

— M & A, Austell, GA, 6/8-6/15/19

This is truly our “happy place”. The sense of community and simplicity of the experience is hard to describe and impossible to replicate anywhere else!

— V & M, Mableton, GA, 6/8-6/15/19

Such an amazing place. Our kids (ages 6 & 9) have the most amazing time. Cannot express enough how counselors make the experience!

— R & P, Sarasota, FL, 6/8-6/15/19

Fantastic family fun vacation for kids and adults. A real break for everyone. 

— C & S, Seattle, WA, 6/8-6/15/19

The best vacation! Friends, food, so much fun, beautiful nature, cozy, comfy cottages. Cam & Maddy and Ollie were awesome! 

— J & W, Wilmington, NC, 6/8-6/15/19

It gets better and better year after year! We are so honored to be part of the T.P. family and so much appreciate everything you all do!

— J & L, Springfield, PA, 6/8-6/15/19

The T.P. is a slice of heaven we will look forward to enjoying again from the moment we leave. Every member of the family is made to feel special and there is so much to do. And the FRIED CHICKEN!! OMG.

— B & K, Colorado Springs, CO, 6/8-6/15/19

The Tyler Place is magical! We are so grateful for the perfect family vacation spot. We love the Vermont air, the cool breeze at night, the laking, climbing and of course, eating. Thank you to a wonderful team for making a great week for our family. 

—J & A, Pittsburgh, PA, 6/8-6/15/19

Better than Disney World!

—  J & A, Daniel Island, SC, 6/8-6/15/19

We love that all of our family has a vacation experience together and individually.

— S & K, Durham, NC, 6/8-6/15/19

This was our 10th year at the T.P. and we always marvel at how our experience gets even better every year. This is truly a special place that feels like “home”. We were also impressed – though not surprised – with the handling of an incident early in the week. It reinforced our feeling that we would be proud for our kids to work here!

— T & M, Dallas, TX, 6/8-6/15/19

Tyler Place = Our Happy Place.

— S, Pomona, CA, 6/8-6/15/19

Love the range of activities, food, staff…

— A & T, Louisville CO, 6/8-6/15/19

The Tyler Place is great for all ages and creates the setting and time to bring families together. I especially enjoyed learning how The Tyler Place property has held the Tyler family together through four generations.

— B & S, Wilmington, DE, 6/8-6/15/19

21 meals without kids. Brilliant!

— D & N, Arlington, VA, 6/8-6/15/19

We love seeing the kids have SO much fun and each year enjoy experiencing increased freedom, finding new friends and learning new hobbies. 

— D & J, Lutherville-Timonium, MD, 6/8-6/15/19

We had another great week! We spent a lot of time on a boat this year. I have to mention that Scott was amazing! He has a great attitude and is super helpful. 

— J & L, Clifton, VA, 6/8-6/15/19

We loved our cottage. Very cute and beautiful view. Nice and clean.

— S & D, Peachtree Corners, GA, 6/8-6/15/19

Fantastic experience for the entire family.

— L & A, Houston, TX, 6/8-6/15/19

Thanks for a great year #14! Every year is fantastic – from infants to Senior Teens. Our kids are so happy to spend a week in Vermont. 

— J & L, Cherry Hill, NJ, 6/8-6/15/19

Food was excellent! We thoroughly enjoyed our stay! Tablets were a nice upgrade.

— M & M, Marietta, GA, 6/8-6/15/19

Yet another great year at The Tyler Place. Our son loves it here and was so excited to come back. It’s one of our favorite weeks of the year.

— R & C, Rye, NY, 6/8/6/15/19

As always, we had a blast with our friends, the kids were tired out and we can’t wait to come back!

— R & J, Kennett Square, PA, 6/8-6/15/19

It’s the best of both worlds for parents’ vacation wants and kids’ vacation wants.

— A & D, Denton, TX, 6/8-6/15/19

Excellent food and staff.

— M & T, Potomac, MD, 6/8-6/15/19

We have been coming for 4 years and this is the ONLY week all year when we (parents) do not have to purchase/make all our son’s food/meals. For any other vacations, we travel with an entire suitcase filled with food for him! Thank you!

—  B & K, Los Angeles, CA 6/8-6/15/19

It’s a much-needed break from reality. 

— S & A, Marshall, WI, 6/8-6/15/19

Always relaxing and enjoyable. We will sorely miss it next year but shall return again in the future. 

— M & N, Raleigh, NC, 6/8-6/15/19

We had an amazing time here. The best set up for family time and separate activities from the kids. The food was amazing, the adult activities were great. We will be back! 

— R & A, Rochester, MN, 6/8-6/15/19

We love the activities and entertainment programs. It is truly a vacation for the entire family. As soon as we leave, our kids ask when we will return. 

— A & M, Spring, TX, 6/8-6/15/19

What a great vacation! I loved that you can enjoy adult activities while the kids are having a blast! We can then share family time together, giving us memories for years to come!!

— E & L, College Grove, TN, 6/8-6/15/19

The Tyler Place does an exceptionally good job of caring for the children so the parents can relax.

— M & J, Ossining, NY, 6/8-6/15/19

The Tyler Place is the highlight of our summer! We have met lifelong friends here and can’t wait to come back!

— T & K, Roswell, GA, 6/1-6/8/19

21 consecutive “child-free” gourmet meals! Ability to relax or enjoy wild fun and everything in between. Awesome instructors (e.g., fly casting guy. Archery guy, Hamish: sailing).

— A & A, Wisconsin Rapids, WI, 6/1-6/8/19

The Tyler Place is a perfect mix of community and private time. The grounds are beautiful. The staff is wonderful and welcoming. The other guests are friendly and happy to include newcomers. There is something for everyone at Tyler Place.

— J & V, Houston, TX, 6/1-6/8/19

We have thoroughly enjoyed our stay. The staff was excellent and the kids fell in love with The Tyler Place. We are excited for 2020!

— S & A, Tampa, FL, 6/1-6/8/19

It’s a long trek from California, but we always remember why we did it the moment we walk into happy hour on Saturday.

— M & S, Palo Alto, CA, 6/1-6/8/19

We always feel at home during our stay at The Tyler Place. It truly is a wonderful experience for all!

— B & C, Sherman, TX, 6/1-6/8/19

One of our favorite things about The Tyler Place is that it is a safe environment for our kids to explore and gain independence. That and I don’t have to cook or clean all week!

— M & A, Decatur, GA, 6/1-6/8/19

Our entire family counts down the days to our arrival at the T.P. It is a true vacation for the entire family. The kids can’t wait to go to group every day and the staff know their names from day 1! We adults are well fed, entertained and free to do as much or as little as we’d like. 1,000% recommended!

— M & K, Cary, NC, 6/1-6/8/19

Love The Tyler Place. Would be happy to tell others. I do think we’ll come back on an alternate week. We loved last week until our son got too old.

— Y & K, Marietta, GA, 6/1-6/8/19

The Tyler Place takes the “plan” out of planning a vacation. Every detail is thought of and all activities are planned. We don’t have to plan a vacation. We just have to go on vacation; and we continue to have an awesome trip year after year!

— J & M, Arlington Heights, IL, 6/1-6/8/19

We had a fantastic time as always. We love the hospitality, facilities and spending a relaxing week with family and friends. Thank you!

— N & D, Carroll, IA, 6/1-6/8/19

The Tyler Place is a fantastic place for families. Parents and children can explore new activities and make new friends.

— W & J, Norman, OK, 6/1-6/8/19

The perfect family vacation for everyone in the family. Our kids love this week at The Tyler Place and look forward to coming back every year.

— K & Y, Houston, TX, 6/1-6/8/19

Another wonderful vacation. I am amazed that Tyler Place can consistently provide such a peak experience year after year. Thank you, and I look forward to next year!

— J & C, Wayland, MA, 6/1-6/8/19

The entire staff was ALWAYS respectful, courteous and helpful. Limitless activities. Kids’ camp gave us peace of mind throughout the week.

— D & J, Bellville, IL, 6/1-6/8/19

Our kids had a blast each day while we had time to reconnect as a couple and truly have a vacation.

— K & A, Newburgh, IN, 6/1-6/8/19

The only place I trust strangers to watch my 1-year old. A true vacation for kids and adults.

— A & K, Glenrock, NJ, 6/1-6/8/19

The Tyler Place continues to be the best family vacation we’ve ever experienced. Genuine staff. Beautiful grounds. Great company and the kids have a blast making lifelong memories.

— J & J, Morrow, OH, 6/1-6/8/19

Our 6th year at The Tyler Place did not disappoint. I can honestly describe the week as a “community”, and it’s really fun to see friends from around the U.S. every year. The T.P. is something we anticipate and talk about all year long.

— C & K, Marietta, GA, 6/1-6/8/19

This is our fourth year at the T.P. and it really has become a home away from home that we look forward to all year! Arriving on the first day, my oldest son said, “Everyone at T.P. is like family.” It is such a special place and we already have so many incredible memories. Thank you!

— B & T, Houston, TX, 6/1-6/8/19

So restful and relaxing on a beautiful property with plenty to do and great spaces to read. The staff is spectacular!

— A & V, Prescott, AZ, 6/1-6/8/19

Great sense of community here – allowing people the freedom to make the most of their time as they choose and connect with each other while children bond with other children.

— B & C, Orlando, FL, 6/1-6/8/19

The perfect family trip.

— J & A, Atlanta, GA, 6/1-6/8/19

The week was simply perfect. My daughter had a blast while I could rest, socialize and try new things. From kayaking to archery, you name it – we were never bored. And I met wonderful people I hope to see again next year.

— M, Phoenix, AZ, 6/1-6/8/19

We really enjoy the freedom our kids have to feel independent and grow away from us. It is great to hear about what they get into that’s just not possible living in the city. The Tyler Place really feels like a one-of-a-kind place.

— P & A, Houston, TX, 6/1-6/8/19

Liked new improvements of multi-USB charger in room and new water filter/fountain in dining room.

— J & W, Ellicott City, MD, 6/1-6/8/19

Great mix of parent/kid time coupled with the no hassle checkout of equipment makes for a great vacation.

— T & A, Newton Center, MA, 6/1-6/8/19

We’ve enjoyed many summers at The Tyler Place and look forward to many more. Our family memories there are amazing and we feel so lucky to have discovered our annual summer vacation home.

— L & J, Marietta, GA, 6/1-6/8/19

We had another wonderful trip! Our son adored his counselors and playmates. And the adults were thrilled to enjoy this beautiful place in good company – thank you for another lovely week!
— E & K, Auburndale, MA, 5/24-6/1/19

Everyone in our family feels rested and like they had a vacation – amazing staff and family owned! Great food and never have to food shop/cook. Biking to Inn (minimal use of car) (9 bike seats!) Safe feeling to take family here. Close proximity to Quebec.
— S & L, Peoria, AZ, 5/27-6/1/19

The children’s programs are AMAZING; the food is great; the programming staff is lovely. Child-friendly accommodations are extremely comfortable and the property is beautiful – and the bikes are a great touch! We loved it!
— J & E, Rockville, MD, 5/27-6/1/19

We travel a long way to get here, but it is worth it. Our stress level almost disappeared when we arrived this year. Our kids love group time and we all look forward to fun family afternoons. This is a vacation that makes everyone in the family happy – and that is harder to find than you might think!
— J & L, Birmingham, AL, 5/24-6/1/19

The Tyler Place is our mecca. It is a great big family reunion filled with great friends, fun and tons of laughter.
— M & D, Leesburg, VA, 5/24-6/1/19

Our first true vacation since having kids! Thank you, Tyler Place!
— C & M, Washington, DC, 5/27-6/1/19

We look forward to returning every year – to our happy place. We love reconnecting with friends and the familiarity it brings. We’re all able to engage in multiple activities and try new things and new food! Ultimately, we are able to create a perfect balance between playtime and downtime, family time/friend time/or alone time.
— K & A, Dade City, FL, 5/24-6/1/19

We had a tremendously great time. The kids had a blast on new adventures every day and us parents had our own adventures! We felt like we were at summer camp & already can’t wait for next year.
— T & R, Ellicott City, MD, 5/27-6/1/19

It was a great week. We liked the updates to Pintail. We can’t wait to come back next year.
— E & G, Sugarland, TX, 5/24-6/1/19

Quality of child programming.
— B & J, Denver, CO, 5/27-6/1/19

I appreciate the friendly atmosphere and sense of community that forms among people from different places, different professions and different ideologies.
— H, Lenox, MA, 5/24-6/1/19

This was our first year and we will definitely be returning. Thank you all so much!!
— M & S, Goshen, NY, 5/27-6/1/19

As always, we enjoyed our stay. Due to distance we only come every other year now, but we’ll see y’all in 2021.
— J & J, Marana, AZ, 5/27-6/1/19

Great care-free family vacation. Kids don’t want to leave and neither do we.
— M & L, Cresskill, NJ, 5/24-6/1/19

The Tyler Place is a vacation gift to all parents and families. Imagine dropping your kids off at their favorite camp and then you going off right to your own favorite activity, every day for an entire week. Not to mention the most amazing meals planned for you, and your kids’ favorites, too! This place rejuvenates sibling relationships, your ability to tolerate your own children (let’s face it, they get tiresome) and improves your marriage. You will not regret coming here. It is a dream.
— M & T, Chalfont, PA, 5/24-6/1/19

Every year we find something new to do and try – we keep coming back and leaving happy and exhausted every time.
— C & C, Columbus, OH, 5/24-6/1/19

I look forward to returning to The Tyler Place every year for the past 14 years. Today I met a guest who has been coming for 22 years – ever since his oldest was 1 year old! I totally understand what keeps us coming back: the location, the charming cottages, the amazing staff, terrific food and unforgettable activities for both children and adults. Friendships are forged here, too, since we reunite with many of the same families year after year. My favorite thing to do is talk to newcomers and tell them they’ll be back next year! So far, I’m always right!
— R & M, Parsippany Troy-Hill, NJ, 5/24-6/1/19

Loved being welcomed by the Tylers at cocktail reception and the variety of activities.
— D & L, Thousand Oaks, CA, 5/27-6/1/19

Family memories to last a lifetime! We all had a blast and made many friends!
— G & K, Birmingham, AL, 5/27-6/1/19

A fabulous experience that refreshed us and enriched our children!
— S & C, Houston, TX, 5/24-6/1/19

We loved our stay. It really is a wonderful place for adults to relax and kids to truly enjoy themselves. The meals were much better this year than last year.
— S & Y, Wallington, NJ, 5/24-6/1/19

Great kids’ activities; great food; good mix of activities.
— J & R, Evansville, IN, 5/24-5/27/19

The staff is amazing. Kids’ activities are wonderful and the time to simply sit still and be is a true treat.
— G & S, King of Prussia, PA, 5/27-6/1/19

Loved that we could just grab a bike or swap whenever we wanted. It was so easy and hassle-free. The activities were great.
— A & B, Falls Church, VA, 5/27-6/1/19

The Tyler Place is a vacation with a sense of community. You and your children feel instantly welcomed and cared for. A magical summer experience.
— S & E, Atlanta, GA, 5/24-6/1/19

Staff great, friendly. Felt like a kid again.
— R & C, Moseley, VA, 5/24-5/27/19

Our 10-year old loves The Tyler Place so much she said she wants to one day become a camp counselor and then bring her children here!
— D & P, Winchester, MA, 5/24-5/27/19

It was wonderful to be back! As good as we can remember.
— B & D, Murraysville, PA 9/4-9/8/18

The time here at The Tyler Place restores my inner calm and peace of mind and body, which is a direct reflection of your entire, excellent staff. Thank you.
— K & D, Burlington, VT 9/4-9/8/18

Very beautiful surroundings and locale. Great family atmosphere. Courteous and friendly staff. Ability to participate as little or as much as you wish with either individual or group activities.
— J & P, Alexandria, VA 9/4-9/8/18

We will totally comment again on Social Media. This was a haven and a wonderful fun-filled vacation for the whole family.
— S & K, Arlington, MA 9/4-9/8/18

Loved my short vacation here! Made it feel like camp!
— C, Fairfield, CT 9/4-9/8/181

We’ve been to exclusive resorts. The Tyler Place is the most inclusive resort, anywhere – wonderful!
— D & L, Cheshire, CT 9/4-9/8/18

We LOVED all the activities to choose from, especially water sports! The staff is fantastic and food A+! We’ll be back!
— J & K, Hillsborough, NC 9/1-9/8/18

I really loved the various garden spaces – the wood drums, garden reading room, gnome garden, etc. that we got to visit, be in and just enjoy outside of scheduled classes/activities. Those peaceful, pretty places to just sit and be are a real treat. I LOVED the felted card class and learning a new craft. But the best thing about The Tyler Place is that I get a vacation just for me, my son gets a vacation just for him and we get a family vacation together all on the same trip.
— P, Novato, CA 9/1-9/8/18

We loved everything about our stay and can’t wait to come back. In fact, we wish we didn’t have to leave!
— M & A, Pleasant Hill, CA 9/1-9/8/18

We loved being able to take a trip where everyone had fun, but mom and dad got a vacation, too. The Tyler Place had tons of great activities for kids and adults, and it was wonderful being in Vermont. I also loved being able to put down my phone and someone else capturing my kids at play.
— D & K, San Jose, CA 9/1-9/8/18

Our dual generation group thoroughly enjoyed our stay. All of our needs were addressed – many fun activities to choose from, gourmet food and very friendly staff.
— A & J, Gross Ile, MI, 9/1-9/8/18

10 out of 10, best vacation ever! Staff is great. Your head chef and her staff are amazing. The food is 5+ stars out of 5 stars!
— T & D, Waterford, PA 9/1-9/8/18

Ambience. Risk taking encouraged. A real opportunity to vacate and let go.
— J & S, Doylestown, PA 9/1-9/8/18

Wonderful staff. Beautiful land. Caring counselors.
— P & M, Aberdeen, NJ, 9/1-9/8/18

The Tyler Place was as good, if not better than all the hype. Great people (staff and guests), fabulous food and truly something for everyone. I was amazed by the quick friends you can make here and the number of experiences you can pack into one week.
— S & K, Mechanicsville, PA 9/1-9/8/18

Low key atmosphere offering solid accommodations and great food. The staff were super friendly and accommodating. We loved the waterfront activities and spent most mornings sailing on the beautiful lake.
— M & J, Philadelphia, PA 9/1-9/8/18

Best week of the year! We love it!  See you next year.
— W & K, Winchester, MA 9/1-9/8/18

A real vacation for the whole family. Very well thought through.
— S, Arlington, MA 9/1-9/8/18

This is our third year and so far, the best! It’s been so wonderful to reconnect with friends and see my son have a BLAST! We love the easy freedom afforded to every one of every age. Thank you!! Can’t wait for year #4!
— P & B, Parkesburg, PA 9/1-9/8/18

Great food; happy kids.
— G & K, Houston, TX 9/1-9/8/18

We had high expectations and they were consistently exceeded. The food was amazing. All the staff we came across were extremely engaged and helpful. To hear Chad speak about The Tyler Place – he is clearly whole heartedly invested, which is so nice to see.
— N & J, Cincinnati, OH 9/1-9/8/18

The Tyler Place is everything for everyone from kids to adults.
— D & N, Scottsdale, AZ 9/1-9/8/18

It met or exceeded my expectations in every way. Perfect blend of adult time, children time and family time.
— E & S, Dallas, TX 9/1-9/8/18

Pure relaxation.
— J & E, Needham, MA 9/1-9/8/18

Breakfasts with my grandchildren, lunches and dinners with my adult children and their spouses…priceless. I would rather bring my family to The Tyler Place than travel abroad. Everything exceeded our expectations.
— R & R, Fort Gratriot, MI 8/25-9/1/18

We love T.P.! See you in 2019!
— V & A, Swarthmore, PA 8/25-9/1/18

The Tylers are a warm and welcoming family and they create an atmosphere that is fun and active. The people we met have all been gracious and a pleasure to be around. It’s the best family resort I’ve been to largely because of the kids’ activities and camp being so good that the adults can relax and enjoy time for themselves.
— B & N, Pacific Palisades, CA 8/25-9/1/18

2018 was our third summer at The Tyler Place and we continue to be in love with this community, the activities and the environment. We are lucky enough to be here for a week each summer. We love it, our kids love it and we will definitely be back in 2019!
— J & K, North Haledon, NJ 8/25-9/1/18

Greatest vacation EVER! Every year our vacation improves. The Tyler family could teach some of the greatest hospitality courses. Thank you!
— M & A, Moorestown, NJ 8/25-9/1/18

There is only one Tyler Place!
— D & N, Madison, NJ 8/25-9/1/18

The Tyler Place is the perfect combo of relaxation and activity. You can choose to spend a day reading by the lake or hiking. Our kids ask us every year if they can stay here “one hundred years”.
— D & C, Larchmont, NY 8/25-9/1/18

It was the perfect balance of alone time, family time and time with my spouse! With a mix of high impact, low impact activities and things with just pure relaxation, you can’t go wrong. Also, my FAVORITE was the retreat from the electronics! My kids didn’t ask once. I love that everyone is on board with that. Makes it so much easier.
— W & L, Bala Cynwyd, PA 8/25-9/1/18

Fantastic balance! Rustic and amenities, family time and couples time, active AND relaxed activities. My first real vacation since having kids!
— F & J, Montclair, NJ 8/25-9/1/18

I think it is a really well-run program and we really enjoyed our stay.
— B & S, Tenafly, NJ 8/25-9/1/18

We always enjoy our stay here despite a minor snag or two. We always feel as if this is only our true vacation each year and look forward to our return, time and time again.
— T & W, Atlantic Highlands, NJ 8/25-9/1/18

We love our stay and cannot wait to return next year!
— S & J, Hoboken, NJ 8/25-9/1/18

Our entire family had an incredible week. We were not sure what to expect, as it was our first year, but we were pleasantly surprised. The children’s activities were so well organized, as were the adult activities. All of our meals were fantastic. Our Parents Helper couldn’t have been any more incredible. We are already planning for our trip next year.
— D & M, Kimball, MI 8/25-9/1/18

Food was excellent. Kids’ programs were great. Everything was really wonderful.
— A & S, Westport, CT 8/25-9/1/18

Perfect place for family vacations! Our kids loved it and want to come back next year.
— M & M, Midlothian, VA 8/25-9/1/18

The freedom my kids can enjoy at The Tyler Place is wonderful to see. The opportunities to be responsible for themselves give them great confidence and joy.
— M, Wilmington, DE 8/25-9/1/18

The counselors are just fantastic with the kids. Our children do not want to go home (nor do we, quite frankly) and are already talking about coming back next year. The Tyler Place staff think of everything and truly make the week as easy as vacationing with a 3 and 5-year old ever could be!
— P & L, Newton, MA 8/25-9/1/18

This is a unique set up for families who’d like to stay together, but at the same time enjoy individual activities and some independence. Very thoughtful arrangement!
— A & G, Dover, MA 8/25-9/1/18

Kids have a great time and love their independence in such a safe environment.
— J & C, Westfield, NJ 8/25-9/1/18

A truly spectacular vacation for adults and kids alike with lovely other families.
— S & H, Cambridge, MA 8/25-9/1/18

Our children loved all the group activities and, more importantly, really got along with the other children. All the kids here (and their parents) are so nice and play well with each other.
— C & A, Jackson Heights, NY 8/25-9/1/18

I love this place – the one week I spend here has become an integral part of who I am. There is perhaps no better place to be than here. Where else can you expand yourself hiking, biking or kayaking with such beautiful settings, teach your children to ride a bike or play a new sport and then retire to colorful dinner conversations with new (and old) friends, some of whom you will keep up with for life?
— J & J, Raleigh, NC 8/18-8/25/18

Our week at the T.P. is the best week of the year! We start counting down to next year as we drive away.
— C & D, Norfolk, VA 8/18-8/25/18

We love it here. Our kids are so happy and told us they feel so “free”. The staff is REMARKABLE. Our stress levels plummet while we’re here. Thank you!
— J & A, Port Washington, NY 8/18-8/25/18

For busy professionals who value a week respite from the connected modern life, trading computers for campfires, hurried morning commutes for hammock afternoons, and city lights for the country stars, The Tyler Place is where we will come year after year.
— E & K, Melrose, MA 8/18-8/25/18

Our gang had the best vacation ever. It was great to see our 6-year old’s confidence and independence grow throughout the week.
— J & R, Worcester, PA 8/18-8/25/18

I loved the variety of activities and experiences. The staff were very friendly and accommodating. The surrounding grounds are lovely and it is a very unique place where kids can experience a good amount of independence.
— D & J, Brookline, MA 8/18-8/25/18

The T.P. is so unique. Older kids (ages 10 and 13) love their freedom here.
— D & A, Milton, MA 8/18-8/25/18

Second year here and we enjoyed ourselves even more – looking forward to returning next year.
— B & E, Avon, CT 8/18-8/25/18

You guys make the best salads. Adult food was outstanding. All staff a pleasure to deal with at all times.
— R & K, Madison, NJ 8/18-8/25/18

We really loved being outside with and without our kids. The T.P. is the perfect setting to unplug.
— F & D, Silver Spring, MD 8/18-8/25/18

Good mix of family and adult time.
— R & E, Gastonia, NC 8/18-8/25/18

This is a place like no other. Our entire family enjoyed the week, a feat that does not always happen with an age range that varies from 5 to 51! We have made good friends here and are grateful for the ample amount of adult time.
— S & H, Harvard, MA 8/18-8/25/18

We love The Tyler Place – keep doing what you’re doing!
— D & J, Silver Springs, MD 8/18-8/25/18

Overall A+! Looking forward to next trip!!
— S & K, Saratoga Springs, NY 8/18-8/25/1

Perfect spot for an extended family get-together. There were things to do for our children, our parents (70), my single sister and us. It was a wonderful week.
— M & C, Brooklyn, NY 8/18-8/25/18

We very much enjoyed our stay. The staff took great care of our kids. We all had a wonderful week. Thank you!
— D & D, Scarsdale, NY 8/18-8/25/18

It is our BEST week all year. We love The Tyler Place, the Tyler family, the friends we have made. Thank you for bringing out the children inside of us that we silence the other 51 weeks a year.
— T & R, Chicago, IL 8/18-8/25/18

For the past 7 years we’ve watched our daughter blossom here, try new things here, find independence here and discover who she is here. It has been a tremendous gift to her and to us.
— S & S, Fairport, NY 8/18-8/25/18

We love the waterfront and the family time and the adult time and our kids love group time. It is awesome to see the T.P. friendships that have grown over the years for the kids and adults. Thank you, again, for a great, memorable week!
— P & A, Bethesda, MD 8/18-8/25/18

The Tyler Place has perfected the secret sauce of family vacations: happy children equal happy grownups!
— J & L, New York, NY 8/18-8/25/18

This was a wonderful trip! Perfect balance of family time and individual time. Our kids had so much fun and so did we, and we actually had time to relax, too.
— R & S, Salt Lake City, UT 8/18-8/25/18

This is our favorite holiday place. We would come every year if we lived in the U.S.
— D & H, Oxford, Oxfordshire, England 8/18-8/25/18

Setting is gorgeous! Food absolutely delicious. Staff friendly and helpful.
— J & C, Atherton, GA 8/18-8/25/18

The Tyler Place is the best. And we can tell story after story of all the ways they made this place and the activities inclusive for our son. From the minute we arrive each year we feel welcome and accommodated at every level. Thank you from all of us.
— D & A, Bethesda, MD 8/18-8/25/18

The scheduling of the children’s programs is nothing short of brilliant and I am surprised that it is not copied.
— A & J, Yorktown Heights, NY 8/18-8/25/18

We enjoyed our stay even more than last year! The combination of beautiful surroundings, amazing children’s programs, quality meals and of course, the people, make The Tyler Place a very unique and special experience for the whole family. Everyone looks forward to coming back each year.
— I & E, Thousand Oaks, CA 8/18-8/25/18

The Tyler Place is great for every member of our family. We all try new things and get to relax. Most enjoyable holiday!
— U & F, Twyford, Winchester, England 8/11-8/18/18

This was our sixth visit to the T.P., and it remains our favorite vacation ever – one we look forward to as a family for the next year as soon as we leave the place.
— M & J, Smiths, Bermuda 8/11-8/18/18

On Thursday morning I said, “Wow. It’s Thursday.” And our almost 7-year old said, “Oh no. Tomorrow is our last day. I don’t want to go home!” That sums up how our family is feeling. A wonderful first visit. Great mix of kid, adult and family time. We each tried something new. Next August feels too far away.
— A & L, Lexington, MA 8/11-8/18/18

Wonderful staff, great facilities, delicious food and amazing guests!
— D & C, Hampton Bays, NY 8/11-8/18/18

An ideal vacation for families with small children. There is something for everyone – even our 20-month old was super excited to go to the Playhouse in the morning.
— D & D, Washington, DC 8/11-8/18/18

One of your boat staff, James, gave my 10-year old a wake surf lesson and she got up for the first time and got into the sport in a real way – a major highlight!
— G, Santa Monica, CA 8/11-8/18/18

The Tyler Place has become a family tradition for us. Every member of our family looks forward to our T.P. week every year and it keeps getting better and better.
— B & J, Washington, DC 8/11-8/18/18

The Tyler Place has been able to alleviate the tiresome parts of family vacation (feeding kids, children’s programming) so that you’re really able to concentrate and enjoy your kids for the 4 hours you have with them after you’ve done something personally enriching for yourself. The culture cannot be replicated. Guests are kind and inclusive. It’s a breath of fresh air to have this positivity given the state of the world. The T.P. has managed to eliminate the stressful components of life (sign-up draws, healthy competition).
— E & B, Riverside, CT 8/11-8/18/18

We are constantly amazed by the level of responsiveness from all staff. Your dedication to the concept of continuous improvement is remarkable. There is a Baldridge Award for the service industry – you should apply!
— R & P, Kensington, MD 8/11-8/18/18

The Tyler Place truly has the heart of family values at its core. It is a magical place that is back to basics fun without the plugging in. We got to be kids again with our kids and made such great new friends!
— R & L, White Plains, NY 8/11-8/18/18

The Tyler Place is a wonderful vacation with children. The kids love group activities and family time is quality time when food is taken care of and kids are having a great time.
— J & J, Brookline, MA 8/11-8/18/18

Great place for families – adults & children alike. We brought our children here when they were young. Now we are back with our grandchildren.
— T & A, Houston, TX 8/11-8/18/18

We love The Tyler Place and we can truly say they are an inclusive-based program!
— G & K, Bethesda, MD 8/11-8/18/18

We really liked getting to know the other guests. The T.P. is a great mix of being active and relaxing – and it’s all fun!
— A & J, Irvington, NY 8/11-8/18/18

Staff were exceptional!
— D & M, New York, NY 8/11-8/18/18

The staff is great and really make the place different than almost anywhere we have stayed.
— E, Aldie, VA 8/11-8/18/18

The Tylers – Chad and Lachlan – were fantastic in supporting guests’ vision of what they want to do: e.g., Pimm’s Cup.
— E & S, Mill Valley, CA 8/11-8/18/18

You run a well-oiled operation. Everything’s been thought of for kids and adults.
— J & J, Ardmore, PA 8/11-8/18/18

We have been at the T.P. since our youngest was 2-1/2 and now both are young adults. The Tyler Place is perfect at every age and we enjoy it more and more each year (after 14 years here).
— W & C, Philadelphia, PA 8/11-8/18/18

There’s good reason why so many of us come back year after year. It’s hands down the best family resort in the country!
— M & T, Chapel Hill, NC 8-8/11-8/18/18

Your family/kid-friendly approach is very well done. Good job!
— N & V, Centennial, CO 8/11-8/18/18

Outstanding staff, from kids’ programs to servers to boat staff. Delicious food. Variety of extracurriculars. Great housekeeping and grounds work.
— J & S, Berwyn, PA 8/11-8/18/18

There are no words to express the magic of The Tyler Place! Our family got the amazing respite and true vacation at the T.P. – it had all the ingredients of relaxation, fun and excitement to make the perfect vacation.
— K & R, Philadelphia, PA 8/11-8/18/18

After having traveled to many reportedly “Family Friendly” all-inclusives since the time my children were born, I can tell you that the T.P. is hands down by far the most truly accommodating to the definition of family. The environment fosters family bonding while also providing parents with truly guilt-free adult time because the kids are busy with their friends and in activities, so couples can be alone or even pursue individual interests! It’s incredible. The friendships formed are also so special.
— R & A, Roslyn, NY 8/11-8/18/18

This was our 11th year and the best yet. I liken the experience of coming back to that of slipping on one’s favorite t-shirt after a long season of not having worn it. It always feels so good to slip T.P. back on!
— D & M, New Canaan, CT 8/11-8/18/18

We’ve taken many trips with our kids but this was our first true family vacation. We can’t wait to come back next year.
— N & D, Montclair, NJ 8/11-8/18/18

We had a fantastic week at The Tyler Place. We highly recommend this as a destination for families with young children. There are tons of activities to appeal to all members of the family and the kids will have a blast in their groups.
— C & A, New York, NY 8/11-8/18/18

Surpassed all our expectations. A PERFECT week! Everything has been thought of and all 11 of our big group loved the Tyler Place and we can’t wait to come back!
— E & D, Wilmette, IL 7/28-8/4/18

Love this place! The children’s programs, the adult’s programs are excellent. We tell all our friends that the T.P. is an actual vacation – not just a trip with kids.
— M & J, Darien, CT 8/11-8/18/18

The kids’ programming and counselors are outstanding and make the week special for our children. The staff is friendly and work hard to make the week fun. The Tyler Place is a very special and unique experience for the whole family.
— S & D, Roslyn, NY 8/11-8/18/18

The anticipation for The Tyler Place starts far before we arrive and the stories are told long after we leave. This has become one of the absolute highlights of our year – every year.
— G & S, Fanwood NJ 8/4-8/11/18

In 7 years, we have had great memories, lovely friends and felt privileged to be part of the Tyler extended family. While some activities don’t quite work for us, I think the vast majority of people are represented. I haven’t had a year yet I wouldn’t want to repeat, so keep going! We will dearly miss our friends next year.
— J & E, Crownsville, MD 8/4-8/11/18

An unregulated level of fun and relaxation for every member of our family. Very necessary!
— J & G, Agawam, MA 8/4-8/11/18

Really couldn’t be better. Look forward to returning.
— V & N, Brooklyn, NY 8/4-8/11/18

A unique vacation like no other! I love that it is different.
— E & L, Duluth, GA 7/7-7/14/18

Our kids would have our heads on pikes if we didn’t come back.
— T & S, Andover, MA 8/4-8/11/18

We love the community of friends! Each year gets better and better!
— G & M, Davidson, NC 8/4-8/11/18

We had another amazing week; kids made and strengthened friendships that enhanced their time and so did we. Great balance between top-notch activities and services and inviting spots to relax with a book or for a nap. Thoughtfully prepared food, lovely flowers – a true vacation!
— G & E, Hingham, MA 8/4-8/11/18

Wonderful getaway for the entire family. Moms and dads get time together while the children get to play with others their own age – especially nice for families with only one child.
— H & C, Charlotte, NC 8/4-8/11/18

The Waterfront staff was excellent and bike rides were great (especially Isle La Motte).
— A & J, Ashville, NC 8/4-8/11/18

The best family vacation you could ask for!
— S & C, Andover, MA 8/4-8/11/18

The Tyler Place is like a cruise, but more magical – meals are included and kids bond with other children their age. Everyone should experience this unique atmosphere.
— M & K, Bethesda, MD 8/4-8/11/18

The Tyler Place is where we (adults) come to relax while our daughter comes to grow. Amazing things happen here. She learned to ride a bike here and now she is trying her hand at water-skiing.
— B & J, Woodbury, NJ 8/4-8/11/18

Great as always! Can’t say anything I haven’t said already!
— T & K, Rockville, MD 8/4-8/11/18

Amazing experience all around. Our first get-away with young children that truly felt like a VACATION and not just a trip.
— T & A, Redwood City, CA 8/4-8/11/18

The T.P. is an excellent place to let loose with your kids AND to reconnect with adult family and new friends. Every day you can choose to be active and adventurous or relaxed and recharging!
— J & M, Dallas, TX 8/4-8/11/18

The Tyler Place is always making improvements and changes for the better, small and big!
— G & L, Irvington, NY 8/4-8/11/18

The Tyler Place is a truly special place. Beautiful and fun for all the family. A throw back to a simpler, purer life.
— S, Summit, NJ 8/4-8/11/18

Our week at The Tyler Place was hands down the best family vacation we’ve done! Our kids were well loved, very entertained and surrounded by new friends. We loved our adult time and the refreshing break it provided to our fast-paced home life. Thank you, T.P. for the peaceful, loving week!
— M & J, Falls Church, VA 7/28-8/4//18

Your resort is a delightful place for our family. And a restful vacation for mom and dad, too.
— S & K, Dallas, TX 7/21-7/28/18

If it has been too long since you laughed to the point of tears, since you paused to enjoy a lake sunset, or since you put your exhausted children to bed and they fell asleep immediately, then you NEED a week at Tyler Place! Fantastic experience every year!
— J & S, The Woodlands, TX 8/4-8/11/18

Not only did the whole family love the entire trip, this is the fastest we as parents have been able to relax on ANY vacation.
— M & L, Glen Mills, PA 8/4-8/11/18

Every year we think our kids will age out and this is the vacation they will never give up. Bring on year #6 in 2019!
— T & K, Weston, MA 8/4-8/11/18

The Tyler Place makes it easy to have a fun and enjoyable vacation with young children – a truly unique thing! The staff here are wonderful, from the counselors to the boat dock to the dining hall staff. The food is superb and the variety and quality of activities are amazing.
— D & L, Fairfield, CT 8/4-8/11/18

Chef Jess does a great job with the food! Jake is great with the tennis lessons, clinics, etc. The candid photos are gorgeous. He does an amazing job getting to know the kids.
— T & E, Westwood, MA 7/21-7/28/18

The formula at The Tyler Place is perfect for the entire family. Truly the best family vacation ever!
— B, Gaithersburg MD 8/4-8/11/18

We have really enjoyed our first time at The Tyler Place. Our kids have loved their groups and counselors. The range of activities has provided all of us to keep busy and fully enjoy our time here. We can’t wait until next summer!
— K & E, Concord, NC 8/4-8/11/18

I came to The Tyler Place as a child for 9 years (age 7-15) and absolutely loved it; I was sad to leave every summer. Now returning as an adult with my kids, I feel the same way. All four of us have had a wonderful time and the week has exceeded our expectations. The activities, the food, the staff, the guests have all been great. We look forward to making this our family vacation week just like my childhood. On the last evening our 5-year son said, “I don’t want to go home. I want to stay at Tyler Place until I’m 19”.
— P & J, Guilford, CT 7/28-8/4/18

The Tyler Place has been everything we had imagined and more. I cannot imagine a place anywhere else which would so perfectly blend the needs of adults and children. We don’t know who enjoyed it more – us or the kids.
— C & L, Huntsville, AL 7/28-8/4/18

Watching our 2-year old son charge out the door every morning with a giant smile on his face says it all.
— M & J, Glen Park, NJ 7/28-8/4/18

Another magical, magnificent year at the T.P. Lakefront sports, swimming and boating are a highlight of our stay. The food is superb and varied. The kids’ programs keep our boys busy and entertained. A camp for the whole family without having to rough it.
— W & C, Virginia Beach, VA 7/28-8/4/18

The Tyler Place vacation week is a holiday we look forward to all year. It is, by far, the most relaxing vacation one can have.
— S & M, St. Louis, MO 7/28-8/4/18

The Tyler Place is exceptional in every way. There can’t be many places anywhere that rival its thorough commitment to the best possible family holiday for every age and stage.
— S & A, Toronto, Ontario, CN 7/28-8/44/18

Fantastic family vacation! There’s something for everyone here in a well-cared for oasis in northern Vermont.
— J & J, Swarthmore, PA 7/28-8/4/18

After 27 years we still enjoy the T.P. and each year brings new improvements.
— B & R, Newark, DE 7/28-8/4/18

The Tyler Place is an amazing family resort for all ages. There are so many things to do for everyone!
— M & D, Morristown, NJ 7/28-8/4/18

Thanks for all you do to make our vacation enjoyable!!
— J & M, Hanover, NH 7/28-8/4/18

We love how easy it is to come here and how happy our daughter is.
— N & W, Charlotte, NC 7/28-8/4/18

We’ve been to a number of other “family camps” around the U.S. and The Tyler Place was by far the best! Happy kids and happy parents were everywhere. Great food, challenging outdoor activities when we wanted them, and peaceful places to relax as well. Tyler Place nailed it!
— K & J, West Chester, PA 7/28-8/4/18

Our 6th year and we came saying our kids were too old for next year. But we can’t imagine not coming back and neither can our kids. It’s our favorite week of the summer.
— S & V, Mableton, GA 7/28-8/4/18

The ability to have time for adults and kids is always the value of The Tyler Place. We have developed some great friendships over the years that will last forever. Thanks.
— J & C, Carmel, IN 7/28-8/4/18

Another wonderful year of reunions and making new friends. This place attracts the most down to earth, real people – which is all you want around you on vacation! Wonderful memories again and such a great staff – they are happy and engaged. The Tyler Place knows how to treat their team members AND happy employees equal happy customers! Thanks again!
— C & S, Brentwood, TN 7/28-8/4/18

The best thing about this summer at the T.P. was watching our 7-year old lead us around the resort with confidence and joy. The Tyler Place is our happy place.
— S & K, Needham, MA 7/28-8/4/18

Best family vacation yet!  Had no idea what to expect and completely blew any guess out of the water. Fantastic! The first night our daughter asked “can we come back next year?”
— M & K, Providence, RI 7/28-8/4/18

The Tyler Place makes a vacation a REAL vacation for everyone in the family.
— R & R, Bethesda, MD 7/28-8/4/18

Our 20th year at The Tyler Place was just as magical as all the others.
— W & M, Arlington, MA 7/28-8/4/18

Another fabulous week! Loved everyone and everything!
— E & M, Wellesley, MA 7/2/8-8/4/18

This place is like living in Narnia! It’s the type of place you wish your kids experienced every day. The bikes, activities, friendships and no TV’s or electronics!! Our boys were begging to return by day #2.
— E & A, Roswell, GA 7/28-8/4/18

After 11 years it’s amazing how many first-time activities you can still find to do!
— J & A, Bethesda, MD 7/28-8/4/18

Another great week at Tyler Place! We loved reconnecting with our T.P. friends and making new friends that we’ll see again next year. This is such a special place!
— M & M, Havertown, PA 7/28-8/4/18

A genius concept executed incredibly well!
— S & T, Devon, PA 7/28-8/4/18

We love the focus on simple, family fun. There are things to do for guests of all ages and everything is simple and easy to do. It makes for a very relaxing and fun vacation.
— C & G, Washington, DC 7/28-8/4/18

This beats Disney World! We all had the most magical vacation. My children could not wait to get to camp each day and my husband and I got to reconnect ALL DAY LONG. It was our best vacation ever!
— J & J, Prospect, KY 7/28-8/4/18

We enjoyed the family atmosphere and it was the best vacation we’ve ever had as a family. Adults were given the time to reconnect and make new friends. Our children were able to be children and make new, long-term friends.
— T & B, Tallahassee, FL 7/28-8/4/18

Surpassed all our expectations – a PERFECT week! Everything has been thought of and all 11 of our big group loved The Tyler Place and we can’t wait to come back!
— E & D, Wilmette, IL 7/28-8/4/18

We enjoyed The Tyler Place as our kids had a great time and we had time to ourselves. Everyone was happy!
— C & S, Warwick, WK, Bermuda 7/28-8/4/18

Great children’s programs. Fabulous Parents’ Helpers. Wonderful food.
— P & M, Cincinnati, OH 7/28-8/4/18

Our week at The Tyler Place was hands down the best family vacation we’ve done! Our kids were well-loved, very entertained and surrounded by new friends. We loved our adult time and the refreshing break it provided for our fast-paced home life. Thank you, T.P. for the peaceful, lovely week!
— M & J, Falls Church, VA 7/28-8/4/18

As always, this is a wonderful, relaxing place for an inter-generational family vacation. Our kids look forward to being here all year and so do we adults. Thank you!
— J & L, Vancouver, British Columbia, CN 7/21-7/28/18

We look forward to this week every year. A true vacation for the whole family. The friends we have made here will last a lifetime.
— N & N, East Lyme, CT 7/21-7/28/18

My 8-year old and 5-year old get a choice every year – Tyler Place or Disney. They choose Tyler Place every time. P.S. It’s not really a choice because my husband and I also pick Tyler Place every time.
— M & H, Milton, MA 7/21-7/28/18

The Tyler Place is amazing – for the first time since we had our daughter (15-month old), we felt relaxed and like we were truly on vacation. We had so much fun talking to each other and other parents, all while our daughter was having a blast with her Parent Helper and other toddlers.
— M & M, Chicago, IL 7/21-7/28/18

16th year of wonderful vacations.
— R & H, Locust Valley, NY 7/21-7/28/18

Our overall experience was very enjoyable. As grandparents we loved interfacing with our children and their children as they were about having fun doing “camp” things.
— J & S, Thomasville, GA 7/21-7/28/18

Only place where we can disconnect from the crazy every-day hustle and bustle we call life.
— B & H, Lake Charles, LA 7/21-7/28/18

We love The Tyler Place. It isn’t even a question of coming back – everyone wants to.
— D & J, Sudbury, MA 7/21-7/28/18

SHOUT OUT to Claudia!! You are so amazing and I can’t wait to see you again next summer! Miss you already!
— B & E, Newton, MA 7/21-7/28/18

We take the grandkids on a week-long trip every year for the past 5 years. This one was by far the best! No TV. Yay!
— B & W, Philadelphia, PA 7/21-7/28/18

Thank you for this consistently magical week. It’s therapeutic for us and we treasure this place and all of you.
— K & K, Newtown, CT 7/21-7/28/18

Love the friendships between families!
— J & S, Greenville, SC 7/21-7/28/18

What we loved most about The Tyler Place was what it seemed to do to our children’s spirit. We saw them filled with positive energy and an overall joyous vibe.
— C & F, So. Miami, FL 7/21-7/28/18

Great staff, food and activities. Perfect for families.
— J & A, Bow, NH 7/21-7/28/18

Best family vacation ever! Every year gets better and better. My daughter keeps a “countdown” to T.P. calendar starting in November.
— D & M, Mt. Pleasant, SC 7/21-7/28/18

The boat dock: our 8-year old got up wake surfing because the guy (Scott) was so encouraging and wouldn’t give up. Summit Express and the lake!
— H & K, Bridgewater, NJ 7/21-7/28/18

Warm, friendly atmosphere. Many fun activities.
— C, Brookline, MA 7/21-7/28/18

We’ll see you next year!
— K, North Stonington, CT 7/21-7/28/18

It was another fantastic week at the T.P. We enjoy it more and more every year. Can’t wait to get back next year.
— M & S, Annapolis, MD 7/21-7/28/18

Boat dock: Our son learned how to water-ski. Scotty & Ben were EXCELLENT in getting him to do it. Scotty knowledgeable and Ben was so patient and great with kids. George, Hamish, James and pretty much all of the guys there were very helpful; even when things were running late.
— R & C, Raleigh, NC 7/14-7/21/18

Best family vacation ever! We will keep coming back as long as our kids want to (and probably even after that!).
— J & E, Fernie, British Columbia, CN 7/21-7/28/18

After 40 years – it still keeps getting better. We had a wonderful time.
— R & N, New Orleans, LA 7/14-7/28/18

We very much appreciate going on a REAL vacation that is for all of us. Our daughter has a blast and we get much needed rest and rejuvenation. We also very much enjoy meeting very nice and very interesting people.
— D & S, Atlanta, GA 7/21-7/28/18

This was probably the funnest vacation we have ever taken as a family. Our kids’ ages are spread out so it is difficult to find a trip to accommodate everyone. But this was so much fun for all! Our kids are already begging to come back for years to come!
— B & F, Tunnel Hill, GA 7/21-7/28/18

A unique vacation like no other! I love that it is different.
— E & L, Duluth, GA 7/7-7/14/18

Always a great vacation!
— J & L, Yonkers, NY 7/21-7/28/18

This was our 4th year at The Tyler Place and when we asked our daughter (age 7) if she wanted to do Disney or Tyler Place next year, she, without hesitation, said Tyler Place. We love watching our kids gain independence and develop long lasting friendships.
— B & S, Bow, NH 7/21-7/28/18

A unique gem among resorts for families where both parents and children make memories and friendships that last a lifetime!
— J & M, Cranston, RI 7/21-7/28/18

Our 8-year old daughter said, “Great job on having the pool and water slide in the lake! We love it here! And I love all the activities, especially Gaga Ball!”
— T & J, Georgetown, MA 7/21-7/28/18

We came in the late 70’s and 80’s with our children and now are coming with 3 generations. Why do we come back? Because there is NO other resort like The Tyler Place where parents can truly have a vacation, yet have lots of time with their kids. It’s a win-win for everyone!
— R & A, Wayne, NJ, 7/14-7/21/18

I’ve been loving the T.P. since I was 2 years old. Now I come as a parent and I get to relive the magic and understand why my parents loved it so much. There is something here for everyone. A week literally flies by when every minute is so enjoyable.
— J & A, Wayne, NJ, 7/14-7/21/18

The Tyler Place is truly our “Happy Place”. This is the only “real” vacation we have had since having children. The kids can’t wait to come back, just like the parents. We have all made amazing friends with both guests and staff! You truly have the “special sauce” when it comes to family vacations! There isn’t anything that compares. Thanks! Please continue to take good care of your AMAZING STAFF. They are a key ingredient to your “special sauce”!
— M & K, Marblehead, MA, 7/14-7/21/18

We had a wonderful week full of adventures, laughter and great food. The children loved their freedom while we parents felt confident in their serenity. Thank you!
— B & S, Chicago, IL, 7/14-7/21/18

Everything was amazing – couldn’t have like it more. The Tyler Place is the family vacation you didn’t know you needed but can’t live without. We’ll be back!
— J & J, Toronto, ON, Canada, 7/14-7/21/18

We want our son to have the full summer camp experience: swimming, boating, mucking in the dirt, playing with the kids and all the counselors – without the “sleep away” part. The Tyler Place is the only place we know that allows us to do all that, so we will be back as often as we can, even from California.
— A & B, Alameda, CA, 7/14-7/21/18

My kids ask why we can’t come to the T.P. in the winter during other holidays, etc. That’s how much they love it!
— J & L, Vienna, VA, 7/14-7/21/18

The Tyler Place allows EVERYONE in the family to have a vacation.
— J & J, Houston, TX, 7/14-7/21/18

Thanks for a great week! We were able to relax and unplug. The kids had a blasts. Our youngest learned to ride a bike this week.
— R & H, Palm Harbor, FL, 7/14-7/21/18

Our best family vacation by far. We’ll come back every summer we can.
— S & J, Winston-Salem, NC, 7/14-7/21/18

This was year #4 for us and each year gets better. We had a great time with the activities and the weather was ideal We met so many new families and the group dynamic was different than in years past, but very fun. The staff this year was great as always. Even a dislocated thumb added to our adventure.
— P & T, Pittsburgh, PA, 7/14-7/21/18

The most perfect family experience.
— H & A, Rockville, MD, 7/14-7/21/18

The best family vacation ever! Our kids have grown up here for the last 5 years.
— J & B, New Rochelle, NY, 7/14-7/21/18

This was our 5th year and it just keeps getting better. Our children enjoy this week more and more every year. Love this tradition.
— J & S, Pawtucket, RI, 7/14-7/21/18

Strategic variety of activities for adults of all ages, skills, interests. We septuagenarians felt welcome and comfortable on the bike rides and tennis courts. Perfect time with our grandchildren in lake and pool.
— J & D, Elmira, NY, 7/14-7/21/18

Great family vacation! First vacation where no one was bored!
— J & D, Chesapeake, VA, 7/14-7/21/18

We loved it, as always! Thank you for being our summer highlight! Magical experience! Thank you all!!
— T & J, Wilmington, DE, 7/14-7/21/18

Good old-fashioned family fun. We love biking around property and the freedom our teens are able to experience.
— D & C, Wake Forest, NC, 7/14-7/21/18

It is the perfect blend of a plethora of options for planned activities and for downtime – however you like it!
— P & K, Falls Church, VA, 7/14-7/21/18

Fantastic place for families! The kids love it and we get to relax or choose from a wide range of fun, sporty or social activities. I loved going out on boats on the water and hanging out by the pool.
— A & J, Montreal, QC, Canada, 7/14-7/21/18

Best overall family vacation ever. Not easy to satisfy adults and children of all ages but The Tyler Place nailed it! Would not hesitate to recommend to families looking to unplug and reconnect.
— D & A, Phoenix, AV, 7/14-7/21/18

We have always enjoyed being here – special place!
— R & A, New Orleans, LA, 7/14-7/21/18

The environment was well maintained, relaxing and beautiful. Other guests and staff were very friendly. Most of the logistics of staying away from home and also of enjoying the facilities and events are taken care of, making the stay that much more stress-free and enjoyable.
— F & D, Wexford, PA, 7/14-7/21/18

A true VACATION! Time alone, with spouse, and family doing activities that you want to do. We love that the kids are busy at camp. We enjoy our kid-free meals. Truly a no-stress vacation!
— R & AM, Nanuet, NY, 7/14-7/21/18

Everyone in our family had a great time! Our 7-year old son really thrives with the counselors and other kids in his group. Our 2-year old daughter quickly bonded with our Parent Helper and we were able to participate in a lot of activities.
— N & B, Pittsburgh, PA, 7/14-7/21/18

The Tyler Place is a place where every member of our family has activities that perfectly suit our goals. We get to spend quality time together and everyone meets so many wonderful people whom we can’t wait to see again next year. Plus, the adults get to unwind while our kids have the best week of the year!
— S & R, Rossmoor, CA 7/7-7/14/18

We thought a proper vacation was years away with our young children until stumbling on The Tyler Place during a late-night Internet search. We are thrilled to have found a spot where we can simultaneously soak in the joy of seeing our children play and thrive in the outdoors and take the time to enjoy each other as a couple.
— M & E, Ridgewood, NJ 7/7-7/14/18

It’s the week I look forward to most every year! You can do as little, or as much as you’d like! The sense of independence our son gets while at the T.P. provides leaps and bounds of growth we love to witness first hand!
— R & K, Long Beach, CA 7/7-7/14/18

We love how engaged the counselors are in the kids’ program. Our 7-year old has so much fun every day, which allows us to enjoy our activities and get to know other guests.
— V & K, Austin, TX 7/7-7/14/18

Another wonderful week of relaxation, conversation, family time and recharging for our family. Thank you!
— B & A, Duluth, GA 7/7-7/14/18

Perfect place to unwind for the entire family with something for everyone!
— K & R, Charleston, SC 7/7-7/14/18

Love the lake! Love, love, love, the food! Love the other guests.
— C, New York, NY 7/7-7/14/18

We continue to enjoy our T.P. vacations. They really have it figured out. Nowhere else can you ALL have such a relaxing, fun and ACTIVE time with great food, activities and like-minded people. Keep up the great work and keep it small!
— K & A, Willington, CT 7/7-7/14/18

Great food. Great service. Be as active or relaxed as you want – no pressure.
— M, Grasonville, MD 7/7-7/14/18

The T.P. is family. Ten years and counting. I’ve counted down the days to it each and every year.
— R & J, West Hartford, CT 7/7-7/14/18

The staff, activities and food were amazing! We had a great time meeting new people – the activities definitely facilitated it – low ropes, walking tour. We would highly recommend to others.
— M & E, Scottsdale, AZ 7/7-7/14/18

This was our sixth year and we really enjoyed the week. We love the variety of activities and friendly staff.
— S & A, West Hartford, CT 7/7-7/14/18

Awesome mix of summer camp, family vacation and couples retreat!
— S & A, Atlanta, GA 7/7-7/14/18

We loved our first summer at The Tyler Place. Our kids had a blast in their groups and we finally got to vacation, too. We are already excited for next summer.
— M & C, Tempe, AZ 7/7-7/14/18

Best vacation EVER. Can’t wait to return next year!
— B & L, Fort Mill, SC 7/7-7/14/18

Had a great time. Staff in all areas were amazing.
— G & S, Rye, NY 7/7-7/14/18

We look forward to our Tyler Place week all year long. Our daughter gets to enjoy a little more freedom and she loves that. It is wonderful to see her grow and enjoy new aspects of Tyler Place each year.
— A & E, Arkadelphia, AR 7/7-7/14/18

A vacation that actually feels like a vacation (not a trip) for EVERYONE in the family!
— E & K, Coopersburg, PA 7/7-7/14/18

Everyone was so nice and welcoming to us “first timers”. Kids made some new friends and so did mom and dad.
— D & C, Wilmington, DE 7/7-7/14/18

We had a great week!
— R & E, Washington, DC 7/7-7/14/18

We have been here 9 years and love it!
— M & A, West Hartford, CT 7/7-7/14/18

The Tyler Place has the best activities, staff, food and overall perfect recipe for fun for the whole family!
— R & V, Glen Rock, NJ 7/7-7/14/18

Overall, it was a wonderful week. Kids’ program is fantastic!
— T & N, Durham, NC 7/7-7/14/18

We again had an amazing time at the T.P. The staff is great and so are all of the activities. It was a fun week that we are so happy to have shared with our children and friends.
— B & E, Cold Springs, Harbor, NY 7/7-7/114/18

The ultimate family vacation.  We love the sense of tradition mixed with all the essential comforts and range of activities. We feel like we’re a part of history while building new memories.
— R & J, Boulder, CO 7/7-7/14/18

Loved our stay! Best year so far. The Tylers are really engaged with their guests which makes it even more special. It was also great to see all the small changes made this year based on last year’s comments. It really feels as though our comments make a difference. Thank you!
— C & R, Houston, TX 7/7-7/14/18

The Tyler Place offers the perfect combination of adult time and family time. It is a great place to unplug and reconnect. This place seems too good to be true and when you arrive, it is even better than one could have imagined.
— W & K, Houston, TX 7/7-7/14/18

Our youngest loved biking everywhere and our 14-year old loved all the activities and the independence. It’s the first time we all felt like we had something to do that we enjoyed.
— T & A, Winchester, KY 7/7-7/14/18

We’ve loved it every year but this is year #7 and by far the best group of people and staff! It is the one week a year where we can turn our brains off, relax and do whatever we want – EVEN read a book! C & R, Cincinnati, OH 7/7-7/14/18

We LOVED it! K & N, Denver, CO 7/7-7/14/18

The garden expansion is fabulous! Had it not been so hot this week I would have enjoyed it more (the garden/vineyard area). All the staff are incredibly accommodating! The food as always is wonderful. The activities are diverse, fun and interesting. We’ve had a phenomenal time for the last 9 years and made lasting friendships with other guests!
— C & H, Carlisle, MA, 6/30-7/7/18

Coming to The Tyler Place is the best way we have found to take a guilt-free vacation!
— B & S, Austin, TX, 6/30-7/7/18

On my 8th year, my Pre-teen daughter arrived wearing a short arm waterproof cast. She was convinced she wouldn’t be able to ride a bike. The independence of Tyler Place on a bike won her over. It only took an hour of saying “try it” before she was riding in confidence. A great week, even in a cast!
— K & K, Largo, FL 6/30-7/7/18

The Tyler Place provides a magical mix of all we want from a great family vacation. Terrific setting, fun, age-appropriate activities. A great repeat with pals made over the years – who all enjoy the same experiences we value. Simple and great!
— J & D, Greenville, DE 6/30-7/7/18

Every year at The Tyler Place is better than the last. This is what a family vacation is meant to be: relaxation, fun and adventure! Our favorite elements are developing friendships with other parents and kids and the luxury of being able to let someone else “take the reins” for feeding and entertaining the kids for one week.
— B & K, Brookville, MD 6/30-7/7/18

The T.P. is a beautifully run, warm-spirited vacation for the whole family, as active or relaxing as you choose.
— A & A, Arlington, VA 6/30-7/7/18

Shearwater is a great accommodation. The hike up Jay Peak and swimming hole is just a great day. The tours to local artisans/farms are fantastic and overall the schedule of activities is very enjoyable. The Greek food was excellent! More of that, please!
— S & E, Arlington, VA 6/30-7/7/18

T.P. provided us a wonderful week. All the staff was very well trained and helpful. Children absolutely adored the lake, activities and excellent counselors! We thought the food was top notch, great activities and wonderful people.
— R & A, Philadelphia, PA 6/30-7/7/18

Kids loved activities. Ease of planning.
— S & S, Port Washington, NY, 6/30-7/7/18

Z’s photos are great and his happy demeanor and attitude are even better. He is a credit to The Tyler Place staff, which itself is great. We love Tyler Place and love how much our kids love it! Looking forward to next year.
— B & C, Newton, MA 6/30-7/7/18

Our family enjoyed our stay, yet again. My kids have had a blast with no complaints. My husband and I have had a relaxing yet active vacation with wonderful company. Each summer is better and better. We will be back!
— N & M, Charlotte, NC 6/30-7/7/18

The activities and friendships…
— A & K, Medfield, MA 6/30-7/7/18

A wonderful place for every member of the family to build lifelong memories.
— M & J, Wilmington, DE 6/30-7/7/18

We love coming back to the T.P. every year. Now that our kids are older we love the independence they have here. This is our happy place.
— R & C, Newton, MA 6/30-7/7/18

The Tyler Place is unique.
— C & H, Madison, WI 6/30-7/7/18

Six years in a row and this is an excellent experience time and time again.
— B & D, Parkland, FL 6/30-7/7/18

For a single parent who gets very little “me” time, The Tyler Place is a treasure. Someone asked me the most exciting part of my stay…it is catching up with old friends!
— J, Old Greenwich, CT 5/25-5/28/18

The Tyler Place continues to be our favorite vacation. Just as great year #5 as year #1!
— A & E, Fort Hill, SC 6/30-7/7/18

Another excellent visit!
— P & A, Brooklyn, NY 6/30-7/7/18

The BEST all-around family vacation for the ENTIRE family!
— B & S, The Woodlands, TX 6/30-7/7/18

We loved that our oldest, age 8, became totally independent after learning to ride his bike. The lake (tubing, tramps and Death Slide) is magical!
— C & A, West Roxbury, MA 6/30-7/7/18

The Tyler Place is summertime magic!

— D & A, Apex, NC 6/30-7/7/18

8th year as great as the first!
— D & E, Bethesda, MD, 6/23-6/30/18

It was worth the long haul/flight to have this unique family experience, in one of the most beautiful places in the world!
— A & A, Hampton, Victoria, Australia, 6/23-6/30/18

Most magical and relaxing week all year, every year for the past 17 years!
— A & R, New York, NY, 6/23-6/30/18

The staff is outstanding. Our cottage was perfect. I love having the “laundry day”. It takes us 5 days to drive here, so we come with dirty laundry.
— F & L, Tallahassee, FL, 6/23-6/30/18

The Tyler Place is a very special place. We all are able to find our personal bliss here. Thank you!
— L & E, Champaign, IL, 6/23-6/30/18

The T.P. is the highlight of our year!
— L & M, Chavano Park, TX, 6/23-6/30/18

I’m a world traveler who has been to over 40 countries but The Tyler Place is the only destination I come back to year after year.
— H, Denver, CO, 6/23-6/30/18

The ONLY vacation where you feel truly refreshed afterwards. You don’t need a vacation from your vacation to “recover”. Every detail has been thought through to provide a vacation that caters to the very active or to relaxing activities and everything in between.
— S & E, Lansing, KS, 6/23-6/30/18

We love The Tyler Place!
— K, Atlanta, GA, 6/23-6/30/18

This was the best family vacation we have taken, well, since we became a family. With the kids having so much fun, I quickly let go of the usual “mom worries” and was able to have fun myself. My husband and I walked and talked and laughed like when we were newlyweds! It was wonderful!
— E & Y, Austin, TX, 6/23-6/30/18

This was truly a vacation for everyone!
— D & L, Jupiter, FL, 6/23-6/30/18

Great to see old friends.
— D & M, Pittsburgh, PA, 6/23-6/30/18

What could be better? Our grandson had the time of his life. Hard to think of how you could improve from perfect, but we’re pretty sure you’ll think of something.
— J & C, Washington, DC, 6/23-6/30/18

Once again, our Tyler Place vacation exceeded all expectations. Tyler Place offers something for everyone…great friends, fun activities, plenty of opportunities to relax and excellent food and drink. Every year when we leave we start counting the days until we will return.
— L & A, Bethesda, MD, 6/23-6/30/18

Cassie and Holly were great as Sr. Teen counselors. They gave the teens the freedom they want/need as they prepare to make more of their own decisions.
— T & E, Charlotte, NC, 6/23-6/30/18

The Waterfront staff went ABOVE and BEYOND to help my son reel in his bowfin! He tried to hand over his rod to one of the guys and he said, “No, no mate. You can do it!” It was just awesome that they talked him through it!
— J & C, Charleston, SC, 6/23-6/30/18

The kids run off to camp every day. So sad at the end of the week to leave. See you next year.
— J & V, Syosset, NY, 6/23-6/30/18

Even though we switched weeks and knew no one coming in, this place is and remains wonderful and the people, guests and staff, are lovely.
— G & M, Glenmont, NY, 6/23-6/30/18

The warm, welcoming culture of our fellow guests.
— K & M, Shaker Heights, OH, 6/23-6/30/18

With 12 and 13-year olds, no one typically wants to do the same things at the same time, which is problematic elsewhere on vacation. At The Tyler Place, we all have the freedom or structured programs to do what we want to do – either together or apart. The Tyler family cultivates an environment that is friendly and welcoming.
— D & B, Hudson, OH, 6/23-6/30/18

The Tyler Place is as magical as we hoped it would be after searching on-line for a family vacation. This seemed too good to be true. The grounds, activities, timing of family versus group time, food, staff, other families – all perfect. Also, the time for kids to go back to group is perfection! Just when they are about to melt down they go back to camp at 5:30. Thank you.
— J & B, Swarthmore, PA, 6/23-6/30/18

Simply put: the best family vacation. Ever.
— D & J, Berkeley, CA 6/23-6/30/18

Unbeatable vacation with small children.
— L & L, Grand Forks, ND, 6/23-6/30/18

We are finishing our 6th year here and love it more every year! There is truly something for everyone. Wonderful people and an idyllic setting. We all go home happy and refreshed and fulfilled.
— S & M, Wellesley, MA 6/23-6/30/18

Your staff in the Sr. Moppets were amazing. Drew/Matt and the whole crew were so great with our 5-year old.
— J & S, Bethesda, MD, 6/23-6/30/18

We had a fabulous time. Truly the only vacation we could have taken with a 3.5 and 1.5-year old where we actually got to relax and enjoy adult company and activities. The staff is SO friendly. As newcomers we felt so welcome.
— A & J, Jackson Heights, NY, 6/23-6/3/18

Best family vacation ever!
— D & O, Arlington, VA, 6/23-6/30/18

The Tyler Place has helped my children experience new things, develop lasting relationships and become more independent – all while having the time of their life.
— S & J, Churchville, NY, 6/23-6/30/18

I absolutely love that the kids and adults get to meet people from so many different places all in one place. We all enjoy the week so much. The staff is amazing at all times and I really am not sure how they manage it all with such positive attitudes.
— M, Land ‘O Lakes, FL, 6/23-6/30/18

We were very impressed with how hospitable and obliging the staff was in all ways. (Special thanks to: Roy, Casey, Michaela, Celesie, Erick, Morgan, Katie – everyone was great!) Emma, too.
— E & G, Johns Island, SC, 6/23-6/30/18

As we finish our 15th season here, it always amazes us how T.P. continues to impress and how glad we are that T.P. is part of our family history. Hearing our now young adult daughter tell others she wants to bring her future family here someday confirms The Tyler Place is a wonderful place to come on vacation and makes us happy for all the memories and time spent here.
— R & D, Libertyville, IL, 6/16-6/23/18

Best vacation for the whole family. We look forward to coming here every year.
— A & M, Spring, TX, 6/16-6/23/18

Great food, great accommodations, great place for families with children.
— Z & M, San Diego, CA, 6/16-6/23/18

This was our first year and even with older kids we had no problem feeling right at home. The other families welcomed us like long lost friends! Can’t wait for next year.
— B & A, McLean, VA, 6/16-6/23/18

The Tyler Place is the one place where our entire family can truly unwind!
— M & S, Chicago, IL, 6/16-6/23/18

This was the best year yet! This is, hands down, the happiest place for families.
— K & E, Brooklyn, NY, 6/16-6/23/18

A well-oiled machine. Everything was outstanding and exceeded expectations.
— S & B, Smithtown, NY, 6/16-6/23/18

Tried so hard to make this our last year at T.P., but it looks like we will shoot for an even 20 years. See you in 2019!
— R & M, Chevy Chase, MD, 6/16-6/23/18

Food was excellent. Loved the extra stuff on the salad bar!
— J & G, Lattingtown, NY, 6/16-6/23/18

We loved so many things about our stay at the T.P., but one wonderful aspect was the international staff. We loved connecting with people from all over the world. And for our kids to have that experience, too.
— B & K, Bayport, MN, 6/16-6/23/18

We loved everything – the people, the activities, the food and the overall vibe.
— M & A, Washington, DC, Redhead, 6/16-6/23/18

Love you guys. Love this place. Thank you for what you have done for my family. I may put you in my will!! I love you!
— J & K, Metaire, LA, 6/16-6/23/18

The Tyler Place isn’t just a family vacation – it’s a vacation for each person in the family!
— S & S, Arlington, VA, 6/16-6/23/18

The Tyler Place is the perfect setting to feel at ease giving your kids independence. I was able to enjoy myself knowing my daughter was safe and having fun. Her exposure to so many new adventures is priceless.
— L, Washington, DC, 6/16-6/23/18

Best vacation with kids! Tyler Place did not disappoint. By far the best staff, kids’ programs, facilities, food and location that we have ever experienced on a vacation. Soooo relaxing!
— M & J, Roseville, CA, 6/16-6/23/18

The Tyler Place is our getaway that we ALL look forward to. We’ve made lifelong friends and feel lucky to get to meet people from all over.
— N & L, Kingwood, TX, 6/16-6/23/18

The Tyler Place is a magical combination of camp, amazing childcare, excellent food and great new friends. This was our first truly enjoyable vacation since having kids and we will definitely return for years to come!
— K & B, Narberth, PA, 6/16-6/23/18

When I asked my Sr. Teen the last night what would you like me to put on T.P. survey from him – his answer: “I love you”. I said no – on survey. What do I say from you – he said, “I said it – I love you – T.P.”!!
— T & C, Ringoes, NJ, 6/16-6/23-18

Best year ever! Can’t wait to get back next year and see all of our friends – old and new. Thank you for the special environment to make great memories.
— K & A, Glenn Allen, VA, 6/16-6/23/18

Loved the bicycles! My daughter’s confidence grew and grew this week. We will now take her biking more at home.
— C & M, Oakland, CA, 6/16-6/23/18

The Tyler Place is the best! Kids have an amazing time and our daughter truly loved by far the staff. Parents enjoy an incredible time with friends, old and new, great activities and awesome food!
— R & J, Chantilly, VA, 6/16-6/23/18

We’re ready to face the next 51 weeks refreshed, in better shape and with a great attitude thanks to the magic of The Tyler Place!
— D & A, Edmund, OK, 6/16-6/23/18

A magical place that makes ALL of us feel like a kid again! I grinned each night as I rode my bike to dinner IN MY DRESS!
— J & A, Carmel, IN, 6/16-6/23/18

TP4EVER! Best vacation!
— A & J, Westchester, OH, 6/16-6/23/18

We loved our visit. This is the best vacation we’ve had since having our son. An amazing blend of family and adult time. The people are also fantastic – both the guests and staff. Thank you, Tylers!
— S & L, Alexandria, VA, 6/16-6/23/18

The staff is generally amazing. We always felt the kids were in good hands. The food is very good. Activities are fun and well thought out.
— J & K, Tyler, TX, 6/16-6/23/18

LOVE: Shoshanna and Lucie. Patsy’s water aerobics was amazing.
— D & G, Madison, WI, 6/16-6/23/18

After 21 years, this continues to be the best week with our family all year!!
— R & E, Warwick, RI, 6/16-6/23/18

We can’t imagine a better vacation for families.
— D & L, Wilmington, DE, 6/16-6/23/18

Each year is better than the last. Thank you! This was our 8th year here. The staff, the food, the accommodations, the setting was WONDERFUL. I am SO GRATEFUL to Tyler Place for this little slice of heaven. Love the counselors. Love Chad’s sense of humor.
— C, Arlington, VA, 6/16-6/23/18

We loved the ENTIRE experience. Really hard to choose. The staff was wonderful and attentive and polite and professional. I wish I remembered names better but here are a few: “Capt.” Hamish, James from Scotland (bumper tube), Colin from NJ, the new guy Scott from Australia, local VT’ers, Morgan from Carolina, Tyler from England, Celeste from Jamaica.  Loved the towel animals and how neat they kept the place. Our kids 8 and 10 “felt like adults” LOVED the freedom.  We loved the safety. The kids and adults loved the archery so much, their birthday and Xmas gifts are set. We absolutely enjoyed the pottery class and the trip to Canada.  I’m happy to shed off the Tyler 5 or Tyler 20 pounds that might have been put on. SUCH GREAT FOOD. And the desserts!  The champagne cruise was so much fun – we were on the Tuesday night. Scott and another girl were fun hosts. We thoroughly enjoyed the water aerobics and will continue.
— A & N, Annandale, VA, 6/16-6/23/18

Another amazing week at The Tyler Place. Great people, fun activities, yummy food in a beautiful setting. What more could you ask for? See you again next summer!
— G & S, Bethesda, MD, 6/16-6/23/18

The T.P. is a true REFUGE. It inspired and lulled us with its adventure-filled activities, excellent services, talented staff and peaceful surroundings.
— L & K, Washington, DC, 6/16-6/23/18

This has been an awesome vacation. Our son loved the Jr. Moppet group and we felt very comfortable leaving him there, which allowed us to enjoy the many adult activity options and just relax and enjoy meals together. Everyone is friendly and it is a beautiful property.
— L & M, Grand Cayman Islands, 6/9-6/16/18

Our son loved the counselors and activities and can’t wait to come back!
— R & C, Rye, NY, 6/9-6/16/18

Always our best week of the year!
— A & A, Woodside, CA, 6/9-6/16/18

This is a unique opportunity to enjoy your spouse and children throughout the week. We attend another family camp as well each year and what sets this experience apart are the adult meals separate from the children vs. other camps!
— A & B, Watkinsville, GA, 6/9-6/16/18

Each year gets better and better! We spend the entire year looking forward to our trip.
— J & L, Springfield, PA, 6/9-6/16/18

We had a dream week. Adult bonding, great activities, relaxation and wonderful food. Our kids say “better than Disney World”. We loved not being nickel and dimed at every turn and not having to worry about tips. It was all about the experience.
— B & K, Colorado Springs, CO, 6/9-6/16/18

We have truly enjoyed every visit to The Tyler Place over the nine years we have travelled to northern Vermont. This year was really great with the weather and tasteful upgrades to our cottage. The extensive changes kept the “old Popcorn” and included the new addition.
— T & L, Randor, PA, 6/9-6/16/18

Food options/quality were great! Loved all/varied choices for adults. Wish we could eat an earlier dinner/do an adult evening activity before the 8:30 pick up.
— D & C, Charlotte, NC, 6/9-6/16/18

As always, the staff quality makes the experience. I don’t know how you consistently find and train these people so well.
— E & K, New York, NY, 6/9-6/16/18

I can’t wait to write a fantastic review on social media. Thank you for an amazing week. It was everything we could have asked for and more. Our kids jumped right in, made friends and were so excited I forgot about work in 1 day and enjoyed every bit of our time here. Thank you for hosting our family.
— J & A, Pittsburgh, PA, 6/9-6/16/18

The staff can make or break a vacation. The T.P. staff are awesome – you clearly hire well and take care of them. Keep up the good hiring and focus on staff morals. Zoran is a keeper, too – we really enjoy him.
— M & E, State College, PA, 6/9-6/16/18

The Tyler Place is the best family vacation. We’ve never had a better time and felt more relaxed. Thank you times one million.
— J & A, Daniel Island, SC, 6/9-6/16/18

Our week at The Tyler Place is the highlight of our summer every year. A vacation with the kids exactly how it is meant to be.
— S & K, Durham, NC, 6/9-6/16/18

The friendliness of the staff and other guests was amazing. The resort has so many activities to choose from yet is also wonderfully relaxing.
— A & T, Louisville, CO, 6/9-6/16/18

As newcomers without any friends here, it took some adjusting to meeting all new people, but people were very friendly and welcoming, including all workers and staff! We really appreciated Chad and former guests who made the effort to welcome us into the circle.
— K & K, Coral Springs, FL, 6/9-6/16/18

This is truly our happy place and the best week of our year. Thank you for doing everything right so we can actually truly enjoy a vacation with our family. — O & A, Roswell, GA, 6/9-6/16/18

You all have figured out how to create maximum fun for kids and adults of all ages, with such varied temperaments and interests. There is truly “something for everyone”. And of course, if your idea of fun is doing nothing at all, that’s fine, too. And it’s all amidst a gorgeous, scenic backdrop.
— D & J, Lutherville-Timonium, MD, 6/9-6/16/18

First year: facility and staff were above expectations. Awesome. Thank you!
— L & T, Naperville, IL, 6/9-6/16/18

The Tyler Place resort is the best vacation for our family of 13! This was our 9th year and as enjoyable as ever. The best food, activities, accommodations and staff!
— C & B, Bradenton, FL Goose, 6/9-6/16/18

I like that it’s a perfect balance for family and couple time. There was something for everyone and we all had a blast. It was family vacation made super easy. I love how involved the kids’ programs are – even for my Sr. Toddler.
— C & K, Lincoln, NE, 6/9-6/16/18

Everything was great. We’ve filled out 15 previous surveys. We are in it for another 7 years. At 17 weeks, you know we love you! Best thing my parents ever DID!!
— J & L, Cherry Hill, NJ, 6/9-6/16/18

The kids had a great time and so did we!
— G & C, Washington, DC, 6/9-6/16/18

Loved yoga and the new paddleboards with peddles, Hobie Cats, indoor pool/outdoor pool. Making good friends. Trampolines.
— M & M, Marietta, GA, 6/9-6/16/18

We love that our vacation is spent doing adult activities and family activities. I love that for the most part the car stays parked once we’re here. T.P. is the best.
— M & K, Broomfield, CO, 6/9-6/16/18

We looked forward to coming back all year!
— M & K, Park Ridge, IL, 6/9-6/16/18

The Tyler Place does a wonderful job of creating a restful atmosphere for an amazing vacation. Thank you!
— R & S, Chicago, IL, 6/9-6/16/18

We all look forward to our annual visit. Great place for all three generations and all ages.
— E & J, Alexandria, VA, 6/9-6/16/18

This place isn’t just great because it’s great for us. It also lets the rest of my family chill, relax, visit and have a vacation without the stress that is part of vacations. So not only do I have a blast, I get to share precious, priceless time with my family at their best.
— M & A, Austell, GA, 6/9-6/16/18

Nine years and counting – we keep coming back!!
— C & S, Lutz, FL, 6/9-6/16/18

It’s a unique, calm, fun, family-friendly environment that you have developed here. It’s both relaxing and invigorating. We look forward to our time here.
— B & K, Los Angeles, CA, 6/9-6/16/18

Looking forward to next visit.
— R & L, Atlanta GA, 6/9-6/16/18

The kids had fun in their groups. We were able to focus on being active (hiking, boating, climbing, exercising, biking) without running after young kids. It’s also nice to talk to other parents enjoying the same.
— S & R, Bedford, MA, 6/9-6/16/18

As a single adoptive parent, I am on 100% of the time. My only break is when I’m asleep. The Tyler Place is the one week a year that I get hot meals, activities, catered to ME, much needed alone time, AND still have quality time with my son, doing things we don’t normally get to do!
— S, Pomona, CA, Elmwood East, 6/9-6/16/18

Things that were truly excellent: food, facilities/activities; children’s programs and Parent Helpers, Staff.
— B & H, Brookline, MA, 6/9-6/16/18

This was going to be our last year (after 6 years, we thought we’d explore other parts of the world/vacation spots), but every night our kids would ask us/tell us that we need to come back next year. Since all three kids were happy campers this go-around, it appears we just may be back again!  It truly is hard to beat this trip – great friends, great food, great activities, great fun for all. Now, if only we could get that week 2 weather forecast to cooperate!
— J & S, Arlington Heights, IL, 6/2-6/9/18

The Tyler Place was the best vacation we could have ever hoped for! We left relaxed, reconnected as a couple, and made precious memories with our kids.
— D & A, Creve Coeur, MO, 6/2-6/9/18

The Tyler Place vacation is truly the only vacation where all of our needs are met and we can relax, recharge, enjoy nature with friends and family. The staff makes all the difference and the Tylers are just fabulous people. We love this place. Very close to our hearts.
— J & W, Ottawa, ON, 6/2-6/9/18

Amazing vacation!
— J & A, Atlanta, GA, 6/2-6/9/18

This is the week we look forward to the most all year. The Tyler Place gives our kids a chance to enjoy the freedom and independence that we experienced growing up.
— A & J, Smithton, IL, 6/2-6/9/18

There’s a reason we’ll be back again next year. You guys are awesome!
— M & B, Austin, TX, 6/2-6/9/18

I love how you have so many different ages of children occupied and entertained all over and yet they don’t run into each other or the adults so it feels like your own private resort! Thank you for putting sunscreen on our kids (so we don’t have to) and for having it available at the pool and dock. We love the feel of the family atmosphere – you are opening up your family area to us and you really want us to enjoy ourselves and feel at home – much more personal than a commercial resort. Your staff all seem to truly enjoy their jobs – from the gentleman painting the Clubhouse fence, to the wait staff and housekeeping and counselors, etc. Either they’re excellent actors or you really take care of them and hire great people! Zee was a fabulous photographer and friendly as always, too.
— S & C, Princeton Junction, NJ, 6/2-6/9/18

Could not be happier! This vacation exceeds all expectations every year!
— A & L, Marietta, GA, 6/2-6/9/18

Second year just as magical as the first. Activities for adults and kids are perfectly timed. Enjoyed the first few nights of mixers to meet new friends and catch up with friends from last year. All staff have been helpful, welcoming and accommodating.
— J & W, Ellicott City, MD, 6/2-6/9/18

Thank you. We enjoyed another beautiful week and precious family time.
— S & T, Philadelphia, PA, 6/2-6/9/18

Arts and crafts classes were great. Kids’ programs were phenomenal. Just what we wanted. I felt like everyone in the family had a great time and a proper vacation. Love the setting, staff and tradition of the place. Absolutely irreplaceable.
— P & A, Houston, TX, 6/2-6/9/18

The Tyler Place is the one vacation that is consistently fun for our entire family. We can all do the things we love during group/day activities, and then come together during family time. Each of us can be as social as we like and have down time when we need it.
— K & K, Millis, MA, 6/2-6/9/18

We love The Tyler Place. The staff are amazing. The accommodations wonderful and food fantastic. It’s just the right mix of family/couple vacation!
— R & N, Roseville, CA, 6/2-6/9/18

The Tyler Place is a one-of-a-kind place where the whole family can have fun and RELAX. We can all escape for a week – without question the BEST family vacation!
— B & T, Houston, TX, 6/2-6/9/18

This was an awesome experience. It was nice not worrying about the kids, where they were or what we had to feed them. I thoroughly enjoyed our time here.
— D & R, Randallstown, MD, 6/2-6/9/18

We enjoy the freedom as individuals and as a family to relax.
— A & A, Apex, NC, 6/2-6/9/18

Once again, The Tyler Place has reinforced our belief that THIS is the happiest place on earth.
— M & E, Milton, MA, 6/2-6/9/18

Five years into it, the T.P. is fun as ever. The staff, of course, are great with the kids, but they also SHINE in their courtesy, friendliness and ability to make the ADULTS feel special!
— C & K, Marietta, GA, 6/2-6/9/18

Best family vacation ever! We’ve enjoyed Disney cruises/Disney World, YMCA at the Rockies and more, but the T.P. is far and away the best we’ve ever heard of.
— A & A, Wisconsin Rapids, WI, 6/2-6/9/18

So much fun!
— J & A, Newman, GA, 6/2-6/9/18

I spend all year looking forward to this trip! The kids love their counselors and all their activities and (after 3 years) we are still working our way through all the adult activities. The lake is beautiful, the other guests are great, the staff are great, the food is great. What more could you ask for?
— J & B, Wayland, MA, 6/2-6/9/18

The Tyler Place is the best family vacation resort. It provides opportunities for a perfect blend of family time, couple time and kid and adult entertainment, all in the beautiful Vermont outdoors.
— A & H, Leawood, KS, 6/2-6/9/18

Amazing childcare programs, delicious gourmet meals, and idyllic lakeside setting make The Tyler Place a treat for the whole family.
— O & P, Decatur, GA, 6/2-6/9/18

Great down-home feeling. Family values abound. Friendly people and staff made us feel very welcome.
— R & M, Lute, FL, 6/2-6/9/18

As veterans, my husband and I find it difficult to relax due to service-related conditions. During our stay at the T.P. we had no issues with anxiety and felt carefree. That alone is invaluable to both us and our children.
— M & S, Columbia, SC, 6/2-6/9/18

We love The Tyler Place! Amazing service and staff everywhere, from docks to dining and everything in between. We especially liked the helpful waterfront staff and great Juniors counselors. Also, tennis lessons with Jake are great and one of our favorite things here. Jake is really good at working with all levels and ages, while keeping it fun! Swim lessons were also good.
— H & P, Chatham, NJ, 6/2-6/9/18

Children had fun and as parents, we felt as if they were safe throughout the property. The T.P. is a unique place and we will forever cherish our summer vacations from 2017 and 2018. Thanks to all and don’t misinterpret the less than ideal comments as anything other than a chance to improve. We love this place.
— J & L, Columbia, SC, 6/2-6/9/18

Year after year The Tyler Place is the perfect vacation to start our summer! Time at the lake, reuniting with friends, outdoor activities and lots of relaxation again and again. Thanks for a wonderful vacation for the 5th year in a row!
— J & M, Arlington Heights, IL, 6/2-6/9/18

We just love it here. We look forward to our vacation at The Tyler Place all year long. The whole family has an amazing time.
— L & J, Marietta GA, 6/2-6/9/18

Our kids had a blast and we got to relax, try new things, eat great food and connect with other parents. With four kids under six, that’s quite an accomplishment. We’ll be back!
— J & N, Lincoln, RI, 6/2-6/9/18

We are a two-career family and this is ABSOLUTELY the most relaxing vacation we have had as a family. Each family member can be as active (or not) as they choose. Lots of varied activities for all interests from water to sports, outdoors to creative pursuits.
— D & J, Colleyville, TX, 6/2-6/9/18

The property is fantastic as are the staff. The Tylers have done an amazing job establishing a community feel. Our children loved all the activities and the quality of the programming is remarkable. Our 5-year old learned to ride a 2-wheel bike after one bike lesson! Having bikes available for all guests adds a charm to the week and is also very efficient transportation. We met so many amazing people from around the U.S. and Canada who came together to have a week of fun while checking any egos or professional personas at the door. Most importantly, we had a chance to relax and reconnect as a couple – a vacation in all senses of the word. We cannot thank you enough for our week with you and look forward to making this an annual tradition!
— M & K, Cary, NC, 6/2-6/9/18

The staff was always so open and friendly and happy to be of service.
— R & N, Sherman, TX, 6/2-6/9/18

Great place for families! There are so many activities for all ages and we enjoy meeting so many people.
— B & C, Sherman, TX, 6/2-6/9/18

The children’s activities were outstanding. This was an excellent vacation for bridging generations (grandparents, parents, kids). It provided a wide variety of activities that allowed you to be as active as you liked or lay back and relax. The variety of food and all-around service was excellent. As new guests we felt very welcomed by staff and returning guests.
— K, Bradenton, FL, 6/2-6/9/18

We love this place and can’t wait to come back next year (and the next year and the next year and the year after that).
— M & C, Milton, GA, 6/2-6/9/18

Phenomenal place. Kids LOVE it. We LOVE it. Great, great people, activities, food, fun…people care for each other here. For one week, one great family. Chad, Patsy and the Tylers are the BEST hosts!
— R & N, Shrewsbury, MA, 6/2-6/9/18

The T.P. is the only vacation that is truly a vacation for us and our kids.
— W & S, St. Petersburg, FL, 5/25-6/2/18

We love our annual trip to Tyler Place. It’s the best of both adult and family time. Adult time is guilt-free because kids are having a blast. Family time is quality time. We love everything about T.P. – how well organized everything is.
— B & C, Moon Township, PA, 5/25-6/2/18

You guys really have it figured out!
— S & T, Kingston, ON, Canada, 5/25-6/2/18

This was our 11th year coming to The Tyler Place. It is synonymous with “vacation” for our family.
— S & C, Madison, NJ, 5/25-6/2/18

The Tyler Place is the original “Magic Kingdom”. Forget about Disney. It’s a place where the stress of the world is not present and where parents and children are always happy! Kudos to the Tyler family staff for always living up to our expectations!
— S & Y, Wallington, NJ, 5/25-6/2/18

Everything. The only place to have a relaxing or active vacation experience.
— T & L, Dorchester, MA, 5/25-6/2/18

We didn’t know what to expect. We knew what we hoped for. Our hopes were exceeded at every turn. Truly a wonderful week.
— S & C, Houston, TX, 5/25-6/2/18

Loved the amazing kids’ programs and fun adult activities! We will be back!
— G & K, Birmingham, AL, 5/28-6/2/18

This was an amazing place to call our spring/summer home. We hope to continue coming and letting our kids grow up here for years.
— K & A, Austin, TX, 5/28-6/2/18

Can’t say enough great things about the experience. Top notch through and through. Great food, great accommodations and good blend of activities for any interest.
— B & A, Marblehead, MA, 5/28-6/2/18

Another great year.
— E & G, Sugar Land, TX, 5/25-6/2/18

Nature Dave is great. The boat dock manager was very helpful – when the kayaks ran out he quickly got some more and made it clear this was not problem.
— W & P, Silver Springs, MD, 5/28-6/2/18

Each year we discover something new we love about The Tyler Place. This year our 8 and 10-year old loved the autonomy of going to and from group on their own and meeting up with friends on their bicycles during family time.
— M & S, Lenox, MA, 5/25-6/2/18

We love returning year after year to enjoy friends, old and new, and to create a perfectly balanced vacation for our family. It’s our happy place and home away from home.
— K & A, Dade City, FL, 5/25-6/2/18

Tyler Place was the best family vacation we’ve ever had. A unique concept that allows for equal parts adult time and family time, while having fun all the time.
— C & L, Mobile, AL, 5/28-6/2/18

Food is wonderful! We loved it all.
— P & E, Phoenix, AZ, 5/28-6/2/18

Our son thinks Tyler Place is all about his enjoyment and we know it’s all about ours. It’s a perfect system.
— J & M, Jupiter, FL, 5/28-6/2/18

Wow. The Tyler Place puts a gold star in every box. We had absolutely nothing to criticize. And everything to rave about. From the food to the friendly staff, to the obvious care and fun with our kids, to the great diversity of activities.
— J & K, Stephanville, TX, 5/28-6/2/18

Love the family atmosphere.
— J & B, Belmont, OH, 5/28-6/2/18

The family has fun independently as well as together. Also making new friends as well as seeing last year’s.
— M & L, Cresskill, NJ, 5/25-5/28/18

For the first time in a long time, traveling with our children felt like a vacation, not just a trip. Everything was super convenient, staff was polite and courteous and the entire family was able to enjoy.
— P & E, Sterling, VA, 5/28-6/2/18

Everything was perfect!
— J & K, Richmond, TX, 5/28-6/2/18

We had such a great time in our first stay at The Tyler Place. All three kids hate to leave and mom and dad are pretty sad, too. The facilities are wonderful but the staff really sets The Tyler Place apart.
— B & W, Brentwood, TN, 5/25-6/2/18

We loved our first stay! It was a great blend of time together as a family and time just as a couple.
— A & S, Pikeville, KY, 5/25-6/2/18

Excellent concept but takes a few days to get into the spirit.
— R & S, East Northport, NY, 5/28-6/2/18

Everybody gets a vacation.
— M & D, Leesburg, VA, 5/25-6/2/18

We can’t wait to come back next year!
— B & E, Brentwood, TN, 5/28-6/2/18

Beautiful surroundings. Awesome vacation – children literally ran to their groups each session and the staff was very kind.
— C & A, Jacksonville, FL, 5/28-6/2/18

We really appreciate the work the staff does to ensure our son’s comfort and safety.  
— J & M, Iowa City, IA, 5/28-6/2/18

Spoils you to do anything else for a family vacation AND kids arrive home relaxed, refreshed, having made new friends and having lots of fun!
— S & L, Marlton, NJ, 5/28-6/2/18

Thank you for a glorious week!
— E & K, Auburndale, MA, 5/28-6/2/18

For the past 21 years opening week at The Tyler Place is a week of restoration, renewing friendships and making new friends. The staff, accommodations and food are exceptional – feel like coming home each year. Thank you for another great week.
— M & P, Bedford, MA, 5/28-6/2/18

This is our fourth stay and we cannot speak highly enough of this place. Fantastic activities, counselors and night time activities for adults. And the food is never disappointing – kudos to the chef. Our daughter wants to live here!
— D & P, Winchester, MA, 5/25-5/28/18

We had a wonderful time and are already looking forward to next year!
— T & S, Schenectady, NY, 5/25-5/28/18

Everything – we will write more when we get home & post to FB and Twitter. This place is a dream for parents and kids alike. 
— S & K, Arlington, MA, 5/25-5/28/18

We absolutely love the fun and engaging children’s programs. We regret only staying the weekend. The best vacation we take!
— E & A. Goshen, NY, 5/25-5/28/18

Every morning my kids could not wait to get the day started with the kids’ group. They made friends quickly and they loved every activity. I loved having family time in the afternoon and then having my kids come back after dinner excited to tell me about their fun day tubing in the lake, jumping on the water trampoline and doing artwork. They fell asleep two sentences into their bedtime stories. Can’t wait for next year!
— H & K, Washington, DC, 5/25-5/28/18

You can’t improve on perfection. Friendly and courteous staff. Very well organized. Food that is second to none.
— D & P, Cleveland, TN, 5/25-5/28/18