Covid-19 Safety – Summer 2021

Many of our guests have expressed that one of the greatest strengths of the TP is that we are a “community,” not a transient hotel or resort, nor a place where people are coming and going on different days. It is a place where people are deeply rooted in friendships built over the years and care for each other, and because of this will take extreme care prior to arrival, not just through the testing procedures and vaccines when available, but also in thinking ahead to their week here in Vermont. And in the same way our family feels responsible for all our guests, they too feel this toward their fellow guest families and will all work toward maintaining a safe environment during their week, and equally important, during the period leading up to their arrival.

Another advantage we have are our numerous individual cottages and family suites which are either in small guesthouses or our 12-suite Inn. All are well-ventilated with plenty of windows and most have their own private porches. All but a very few suites have separate entrances, and all accommodations have direct outdoor A/C.

We will continue to have both adult and children’s dining services, but we will replace the self-service buffets with well-distanced “stations” throughout the Inn dining rooms with meals served by our kitchen staff from behind plexiglass partitions. Masks will be worn except while eating and drinking. Tables will be well separated for all meals in the dining rooms as well as in the outside dining areas. We are preparing outdoor sheltered dining areas for outdoor dining options. And for those who prefer, meals may also be taken back to accommodations.

While physical distancing will most likely still be required, multiple couples will be able to enjoy meals together by maintaining proper distancing indoors and out.

The children’s groups will have additional indoor and outdoor dining spaces and staggered meal times to ensure we meet or exceed physical distancing requirements and safe distribution of food.

The children and teen programs remain a key element of a Tyler Place vacation. These programs are already age-staggered by only two years, but this summer some of the groups may be split in order to have even fewer children in each group. One of the great draws in coming to Vermont is to experience nature and the outdoors, and we intend to continue our programming with an even greater emphasis on outdoor activities and recreation. In addition, there will be indoor community spaces for children as needed during group time, and we are building outdoor covered spaces and repurposing existing spots for more outdoor, yet sheltered community spaces for children’s programs.

We are communicating regularly with State officials and the Department of Health, as well as incorporating the current CDC guidelines and the American Camp Association Field Guide for Camps (among other sources). Vermont guidelines may change, but currently masks must be worn during group time except when dining or during some outdoor activities such as swimming or participating in water sports.

Infants & Toddlers – Please contact The Tyler Place for special information on Parents’ Helpers.

Parents should review requirements with their children, and in the days prior to arrival, and that they limit contact outside their family pod.

We anticipate most to be fully available, just with certain physical distancing adaptions and an emphasis on the outdoors. Like the Children’s programming, we intend to utilize far more of our expansive property, and certain activities may also have to occur in smaller, split groups with times staggered. We also are considering opening up new swimming, play, biking and walking areas on Raake’s Point shore.

Yoga, Art and Fitness Classes will also still be available with a focus on the outdoors and in sheltered open-air locations with physical distancing as necessary.

Throughout the years The Tyler Place always has focused on outdoor adventures. The natural beauty of our 165 acre property with its individual cottages and separate family suites bordering a mile and half of undeveloped lakeshore make physical distancing possible when needed.  In addition, we have our 700- acre Proper Pond nature preserve, and we are working on adding even more swimming and play areas, as well as biking and walking trails.

Our extensive facilities, activities and equipment—including personal bikes for each family member—allow guests to spread out and enjoy an active vacation.

Currently, we are planning on having to restrict the number of people allowed in the pool at one time, but science is showing that outdoor transmission is quite limited, and we anticipate the State loosening restrictions on such outdoor locales as pools.

Boat Dock activities such as wake surfing, tubing, kayaking, sailing, paddleboarding, stand-up peddle boarding etc. will be available. Scheduling may be altered and some activities may be moved to other areas such as Edward’s Bay or Raake’s Point to allow for more physical distancing.

Another benefit of The Tyler Place is being located on the wide expanse of Lake Champlain’s Missisiquoi Bay which allows for a wide open, uncrowded area for water sports.

In regard to evening activities—especially the large Lounge and Bar gatherings—we are in the process of adopting other settings and opportunities with more socially-distanced events. During our Autumn Retreats we still offered full Bar service with apps but adapted toward an outdoor focus that allowed us to continue the Bar experience in a fun, safe manner. As we were reminded then, there is something magical about an evening under a starry Vermont sky, minus the light pollution you find many other places.

There will be enhanced cleaning and sanitizing throughout the resort on a daily basis.  High-touch surfaces will be cleaned frequently and all areas of the facility will be disinfected regularly using EPA approved cleaners.  In order to reduce the number of high-touch surfaces in the public areas, doors will be propped, trash cans will be foot-actuated or lid-free and hands-free soap and paper towel dispensers have been installed in the bathrooms.

Prior to check-in, your accommodation will be thoroughly cleaned using products and protocols that meet EPA guidelines and are CDC approved.  For your safety and in order to reduce traffic in and out of your accommodation, our housekeepers will provide a complete housekeeping service two times during your stay (either Monday and Wednesday or Tuesday and Thursday). If you would rather not have this service, you’ll just need to let us know.  Extra towels and linens and trash removal can be requested through the Front Desk.

With the Federal Administration’s announcement that vaccines should be available to all adults by late May, we are anticipating that a great many of our staff will have been vaccinated, and we will instruct all of our staff to do so, if possible. In addition, we anticipate testing staff on a regular basis and will be stringent with them on our policies of physical distancing, masking and hand sanitizing. Staff will be provided with our Covid-19 Guidelines prior to their arrival, and we will be reviewing all safety policies during our staff orientation.

For our live-in staff, housing will be adjusted so that there will be fewer staff in each accommodation, plexiglass dividers between sinks, spaced seating, regular house cleaning, plenty of soap and hand sanitizer, etc. Additionally, they will not be allowed to have guests and will likely be required to remain on the property.

Vermont is making significant progress on administering vaccinations, and the State anticipates all adults over 18 will have access by May which can cover nearly all our live-out staff. While more difficult to monitor the live-out staff when they are not at work, they will be required to follow the same guidelines as the live-in staff while they are on the property regarding physical distancing, masking and hand sanitizing. They will also complete a safety questionnaire and have their temperature checked each day they come to work.

Like many other aspects of Covid planning, masking is very much up in the air, especially given the likely high rates of vaccinations come summer. That said, we anticipate that masks, physical distancing and handwashing/cleaning protocols which have been a cornerstone of the State’s high safety ranking may continue into the summer. These restrictions will likely be altered, but as of now for outdoor settings masks need to be worn if at least 6 feet of distance cannot be maintained. When biking, walking or hiking alone or with others in your family, we ask only that you keep a mask handy for encounters with others.

As far as indoors goes, in all likelihood, at least at the start of the summer, there will be masks required except for when eating or drinking and for pre-school children too young to wear them. Of course, when inside your own accommodation with only your family, you don’t need to wear a mask.

Vaccinations and Testing: While we are not requiring it, we are strongly encouraging all who have access to a vaccine, to get it as Vermont has no travel restrictions for fully vaccinated people. Many of our guests have written to say they have already done so, and the ever-increasing rates of administered doses across the country is very encouraging as we look toward summer.

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