What’s New for 2020?

Thanks to the detailed Questionnaires left by our guests at the end of their stays last summer, we had an exciting list of to-dos to make The Tyler Place even better before guests return. Here’s our annual A – Z list of projects, resort updates, and new purchases for 2020! We’re looking forward to welcoming both returning and new families to our summer oasis in Vermont.

A is for Animals – Not to mention, bAAAAAAAh, quAAAAAAck and bleAAAAAAt.  A whole new generation of animals arrive from their winter home, including lambs, ducklings, baby goats and chickens.

B is for Bike Path –  The new path will run from the Inn road down to the Kingfisher Bay Tennis courts, making for easier access to Old Dock Road and Shipyard Bay Road.

C is for Claudia’s Creations – Edible flower garden, tree plantings and additional herbs for the Shaker Garden among many others

D is for Dining and Drinking – New Dining Room drapes, coffee cups, cushions, coffee tables, Napkins, Dining Room service Stations, tea pots, kitchen knives (cimetars, serrated, bench, French, paring, santoku, channel), and new locally made beers, wine and liquors to add to some of the old faithfuls.

E is Eighty-Eight – The Tyler Place celebrates our 88th Year!

F is for Fitness Center Expansion – More room for personal workouts with hand weights, mats, kettlebells and more.

G is for Gnome Train made from wooden stumps, plants and edible flowers.

H is for H2O and all things water – Indoor Pool Liner, energy efficient Ice Machines, Pool Slide Rebuild, Water fountains, Noodles, Lifejackets, Floating Mats…Stay tuned for more in W, aka Water, the Sequel

I is for Inn Game Rooms – Brand new air hockey, ping pong, foosball and pool tables, plus the usual restocking of games and new toys to try.

J is for Jumping – Three brand new land trampolines and two new Lake Tramps.

K is for Keep adding to the list. With five months still to go to opening day, there’s sure to be more on the way

L is for Leaf Sandwich – With our brand new Playhouse Mud Café, the menu options are limited only to the imagination of your kids. Built out of fresh, locally sourced cedar, it will be a great new spot for creative, messy and imaginative outdoor play.

M is for Mountain Bikes – A brand-new fleet of mountain bikes, plus more kids’ bikes and adult cruiser one-speeds.

N is for Non-stop – That would be our 12-person Maintenance crew as they have been spending the off-season building, painting, repairing, roofing, updating, hammering, sawing, drilling, excavating

O is for Outlast Blocks – A fun spin on classic blocks, with interlocking blocks and planks that can be made into anything from rockets to railway trains.

P is for Porch Chaises, Pool Umbrellas and Pool cushions.

Q is for Questionnaires – We love hearing your suggestions to give us ideas on what to add.

R is for Recipes – Many new recipes, along with reinventing old classics.

S is for Scientific and Sensory exploration this Summer with a new water table that gives our Senior Moppets a free pass to make a whole lot of mess and mayhem as well.

T is for Hands-on-Nature Trail – A self-guided trail that is divided into nature themed boxes to be opened and explored. Fun for all ages while building lasting connections to the natural  world and inspiring a sense of stewardship. 

U is for Updates – Over the winter all 72 accommodations and common buildings get Maintenance and Housekeeping’s scrutiny and upkeep, plus some have refinished porches, new carpeting, alterations and remodeled bathrooms.

V is for Vehicles – New Pickup Trucks for Claudia, the Waterfront and Maintenance for heavy-duty towing, mulching, hauling and carting.

W is for Water, the Sequel – 2 new Hobie Catamaran Sailboats mean even more as-you-wish sailing and added competition for the Regatta, 4 brand new Hobie Migage Elipse Pedal Boards so you can work out without leaving the lake…

…And let’s not forget X is for X-23 MasterCraft Surf Boat – It creates bigger waves for more exciting rides and offers more seating

Y is for Yogibos – Sounds like a word we might have made up to squeeze in a Y, but no,  Yogibos are big comfy bean bag seating for the Kids Rooms. Not to mention, fun to say.

Z is for Zany – All the wild things your kids (and your inner kid) will make with all of Hannah’s new Arts and Crafts supplies and ideas.