Work With Us

Who We Are

For over a hundred and fifty years the lakefront property which is now The Tyler Place has been a summer tradition for families. Four generations of our family have come here to camp, fish, build tree forts, pick blackberries, swim, canoe, sunbathe and enjoy nature and each other’s company. Over the years we’ve grown a bit more sophisticated, but we’ve tried and succeeded (we think!) to maintain for our guests this essence of summer – and our hardworking, enthusiastic staff is a HUGE factor that contributes to that special spirit of the place and keeps guests returning year after year.

Dates & Employment Details

Our 2021 season runs from May 25 to September 11, but staff should arrive on May 22 to attend orientation. Most of our staff are college or graduate students and applicants who require housing must have completed at least two years of college to be considered for employment. Live-in staff can expect a minimum of $10.78 per hour and possibly more based on the position and your experience. There are no salary deductions for room and board. We have a “No Tipping Policy” to not spoil the collegial guest/staff atmosphere – a trademark for four generations.

How to Apply

If you are an American or Canadian citizen and interested in applying to work at The Tyler Place, simply apply online! Please be sure to attach a photo. If you have questions and would like more information you can contact Tasney Tyler Otis at or call 802-868-4000. Canadian students must also apply for a J-1 Visa, which can be done immediately after receiving an employment offer. We will assist you with this process. The J-1 Visa will cost approximately $350.

We welcome International Students and work with organizations that provide you with a J-1 Visa. If you are interested in working for us, you will need to contact one of the following organizations to apply: CCUSACamp Leaders, InterExchange or IENA. Be sure to read our more detailed information regarding the application procedure for international students. If you have questions, you can contact Tasney Tyler Otis at