The Shaker Garden

Shaker Garden is a compendium of recommended plants focusing on medicinal and culinary herbs, a tradition that dates back to 1774.

Drawing upon Native American plant knowledge and keeping extensive medical records, the Shakers became self-sufficient in maintaining good health through the usage of herbs.

Simple structures, raised beds, decorative elements, signage that explains usage of each herb from Aloe to Verbena, and an activity box that you can access during Family Time await you. So take a stroll among Nature’s Apothecary, expand your horticulture knowledge, or just relax under the Gingko tree.

The Vineyard

Welcome to “TP Valley”, our new vineyard featuring Marquette and Dornfelder grapevines.

After a lot of studying, planning, dedication and a willingness to get muddy and sulfur-soaked the vineyard has arrived, had its first bloom, and the shoots are climbing a few inches a week.

Although it will be a year or two before we can incorporate the tradition of harvest beards, which is basically giving oneself a clean shave to start harvest and then not shaving for the duration, the vineyard offers all aspects of viticulture on a smaller scale.


Additionally, you don’t want to miss Ted’s Potato Field. Located along the back of the Shaker Garden, our kids groups will be able to help harvest potatoes each week, and recreate one of Ted’s favorite past times- roasting potatoes over an open fire. Another bonus of our new gardens? The goat pen, featuring some of the cutest goats you’ll ever see!