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Returning Staff for 2019

Like many of our guests, we’re lucky to have seasonal staff return year after year. For 2019 we have 115 seasonal staff members returning to their posts; some of your favorite counselors, housekeepers, Parent Helpers, dinning room servers, lifeguards, cooks, and water sports instructors are returning, and they can’t wait to see you again. How many familiar faces will you recognize? Here’s who is coming back:

Patrick Alfrey-Cryan | Inn Director

Sheneel Ark | Counselor

John Assid | Night Auditor

Keri Bechard | Assistant Meal Server Supervisor

Naomi Benson | Inn Director

Naima Bouti | Server

Yesenia Ceron | Housekeeper

Mabel Cervantes | Kids’ Meal Prep / Server

Trinity Chevalier | Parent Helper

Celeslie Clarke | Server

Jamie Coates | Counselor

Mckenna Conley | Kids’ Meal Prep / Server

Amanda Connelly | Laundry

Lyn Cortley | Gift Shop Manager

Cameron Crawford | Adult Activities Leader

Jason Crockett | Pool Director

Matt Crowley | Executive Sous Chef

Abraham Cuaxilo | Prep Cook

Ana de la Cruz | Server

Jacobo De Leon | Prep Cook

Madeline Dean | Adult Activities Leader

Jennifer DeLaricheliere | Lifeguard / Cocktail Server

Taylor Devaney | Assistant Gardener

Simon Dobson | Counselor

Jesus Domiguez Vergara | Housekeeper

Dustin Dominigue | Buffet Supervisor

Chelsea Dunn | Counselor

Emery Dunphy | Kids’ Meal Prep / Server

Daniel Fierro | Prep Cook

Eduardo Figueroa | Housekeeper

Laura Franco | Kids’ Meal Prep / Server

Ellen Fraser | Clubhouse Director

Zoran Furman | Photographer

April Gagne Peters | Prep Cook

Mindy Gagner | Kids’ Meal Manager

Javier Garcia Sunthorn | Counselor

Elizabeth Gembczynski | Housekeeper

Phil Graziano | Security

Taylor Hall | Parent Helper

Szervac Halmai | Bike Shop Supervisor

Meg Hardwick | Counselor

Jodi Hayes | Counselor

Lesly Hernandez | Laundry Leader

William Heurtley | Buffet Attendant

Jessica Hickey | Counselor

Charlotte Holmes | Playhouse Director

Emma Hopkins | Counselor

Kailah Hudson | Counselor

Robert Innaco | Security

Shirley Jacobs | Driver

Scott James | Assistant Boat Dock Director

Mariah Jollie | Water Sports Instructor

Kaleb Kilbury | Bartender

Jon Krapowicz | Sous Chef

Pamela Labastida | Laundry

Gabriella Lamothe | Route Leader

Carlie Larrow | Route Leader

Sally Lawyer | Assistant Front Desk Manager

Stefanie Leo | Route Leader

Ingrid Leon | Housekeeper

Calum Lorimer | Counselor

Benjamin Lovelette | Water Sports Instructor

Ana Karen Maldonado | Server

Erick Maldonado Arochi | Water Sports Instructor

Morgan Marion | Dinning Room Assistant Manager

Luis Maza | Sous Chef

Alivia McCarthy | Counselor

Clodagh McGlynn | Front Desk Clerk

Olivia McGovern | Bartender / Marketing Intern

Maria Morales Lopez | Housekeeper

Juan Manuel Moto Flores | Stock Clerk

Kasey Murphy | Front Desk Clerk

Maggie Nixon | Front Desk Clerk

Angel Ochoa | Prep Cook

Conner Orr | Counselor

Viktor Oszlanyi | Bike Mechanic

Callie Parks | Kids’ Meal Prep / Server

Paulina Perez Saucillo | Kids’ Meal Prep / Server

Dean Perkins | Water Sports Instructor

Kaden Perrault | Counselor

Matthew Perry | Night Auditor

Ricardo Quintero | Kids’ Cook

Madison Rabtoy | Parent Helper

Jacob Remillard | Tennis Pro

Eduardo Rodriguez | Prep Cook

Noah Rouleau | Prep Cook

Leopoldo Ruiz | Kids’ Cook

Luis Ruiz | Prep Cook

Erick Ruiz Rubi | Server

Natasha Ryea | Kids’ Meal Prep / Server

Merly Sabalza | Kids’ Meal Prep / Server

Kirsten Scott | Counselor

Hamish Service | Water Sports Instructor

Cassie Sheltra | Counselor

Kendall Spaulding | Parent Helper

Griffen Stewart | Sous Chef

Halli Stewart | Playhouse Director

Richard Stoker | Assistant Nature Guide

James Stringer | Counselor

Corry Sutherland | Clubhouse Director

Olivia Thayer | Parent Helper

Albert Tobey | Bike Mechanic

Chris Torrence | Bartender

Marcela Trebulova | Route Leader

Eric Tyler | Assistant Boat Dock Director

Kean van Rooyen | Lifeguard / Cocktail Server

Shelby Vandevord | Baker

Paige Viens | Counselor

Oshane Walcott | Prep Cook

Kirsten Ward | Kids’ Meal Prep / Server

Cambell Warries | Counselor

Dylan White | Kids’ Meal Prep / Server

Oliver Whittington | Adult Activities Leader

Ryan Windle | Inn Director

Ahbeana Wright | Housekeeper

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