Returning Staff for 2017

We are excited to announce our returning staff for summer of 2017, from counselors to cooks, housekeepers to lifeguards! We’re delighted that our staff, like our guests, often return year after year, and they are a big part of what makes the Tyler Place so special. Equally as exciting are all of the new staff Tasney has hired this summer, hailing from countries like South Africa, Poland, and Australia, and as close to home as Swanton, VT.

Any guesses as to how many total staff we employ? And how many names do you recognize?


Patrick Alfrey-Cryan Kate Hamilton Matthew Perry
Maria Antolikova Patrick Hanks Meredith Pettit
Naira Arrieta Meg Hardwick Anna Poniatowski
John Assid Rose Haskins Ricardo Quintero
John Bannon Hannah Haupt Nadia Ramirez-Rodriguez
Riley Barna Lesly Hernandez Jacob Remillard
Jose Barragan Dana Heter Julio Resendiz
Collin Beyor Hector Hill Olivia Reynolds-Dubois
Claudia Blatzheim Pixley Tyler Hill Pierre Rheaume
Cody Bombardier Gige Hill-Gaskill Kimberly Ricuarte
Sarah Bruno Connor Hoben Petra Rozsa
Danielle Bullock Charlotte Holmes Leopoldo Ruiz
Rumeysa Celik Jess Humphrey Merly Sabalza
Andrew Cheney Bob Iannaco Nick Samoluk
Ashley Morey Chevalier Brianna Inman Cassie Sheltra
David Choiniere Shirley Jacobs Adel Shomer
Kaylee Clark Anna Kesy Darby Simmons
Dale Colgan Eszter Koros Rodrigo Soto
Mckenna Conley Kimberly Kosac Griffen Stewart
Lyn Cortley Michael Lambert Richard Stoker
Matt Crowley Sally Lawyer Corry Sutherland
Francisco Cuenca Todd Ledoux Mark Szarvas
Wendy Culligan Stefanie Leo Chad Therrien
Madeline Dean Samantha L’Esperance Benjamin Thibault
Jake Denton Myah Longe Chris Torrence
Beth Dixon Rachel Lothian Jeffrey Towle
Jesus Dominguez Vergara Benjamin Lovelette Will Tyler
Katie Driver Tyrus Lutterbein Eric Tyler
Tierney Dry Christina Mahaffie Cathy Tyler
Zeb DuBois Colleen Mahaffie Ted Tyler
Emma Dunkinson Jeremy Martell Quintin Tyler
Katie Duprat Melinda Martin Geoff Tyler
Flora Edvi Anthony Maskell Chad Tyler
Riess Engels Melissa Mayo Jaimi Van Beek
Isaac Evans Luis Ramirez Maza John Vanslette
Dena Featherstone Andrea Montt Dave Vanslette
Bethany Fitzgerald Carolina Morales Diaz Judy Vanslette
Amber Fitzgerald Francis Mulcahy James Vaz
Zoran Furman Laura Nasca Paige Viens
Mindy Gagner Paul Nasca Oshane Walcott
Mary Gale Carlie Nye Noah Walsh
Lori Girard Ruben Osorio-Bueno Penny Williams
Mirta Gonzalez Rodriguez Tommy Otis Anthony Williams
Phil Graziano Tasney Tyler Otis Ryan Windle
Catherine Griffin Micki Ovitt Jed Zawisza
Szervac Halmai Nick Pease