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Our children’s program director, Meredith, has been busy this off-season designing and improving our all-inclusive kid’s programs and activities, from babies to teens. She takes a good look at the recommendations from you on our guest questionnaires, at the talents of our counselors and staff, and at all of the new trends for kids worldwide. This summer, she’s excited to unveil several new activities for all of our kids’ programs.

First and foremost, we’re excited to give our Seniors (3rd & 4th grades) their very own new space in the Fieldhouse — the former Fitness Center — is now renovated just for our Senior group. Complete with a special loft and extra square footage, the Seniors will have more space to play and roam. This provides an added bonus to our Senior Teens (9th & 10th grades), Junior Teens (7th & 8th grades), and Pre-Teens (5th & 6th grades), who will now have more space in the downstairs of the Inn to play pool, table tennis, or board games between activities. In addition to this revamped new area, our Pre-Teens, Seniors, and Juniors (1st & 2nd grades) will have several new activities to try out, including Acting with one of our counselors, brushing up on (or learning) Soccer Skills, and Foot Golf (Is it soccer? Or is it golf?)! Not to worry though, favorite activities like tubing, the climbing wall, pool parties, the lake trampolines, and campfires are still in our schedule.

Speaking of new activities and improvements, the addition of our Senior Teen group means that our Children’s Program now has ten age-staggered groups, and none have an age spread larger than two years. With smaller group sizes and more attention from our fantastic college counselors, we think this is a win-win for everyone! As a special offsite excursion this summer, our Jr. & Sr. Teens will be hiking Hardack Hill in St. Albans, and getting a great view of Lake Champlain from the observation point. Our Teens will also be doing a new ‘murder mystery scavenger hunt’, so brush up on those detective and investigative skills. On the waterfront, our older kids will have the opportunity to test out our new wake surf boat, with Quintin and the boat dock crew handy for instruction and tips. And of course, favorites like tubing, paddle boarding, and kayaking are still available during most kids group time and family time each afternoon.

To round out our children’s programs, our Junior Moppets (2 ½ – 3 years old) and Senior Moppets (4 & 5 years old) will get a special new theme night this summer — but we have to leave at least one activity a surprise until your arrival! Both groups will also enjoy new playground additions, in the form of a large play tractor and castle, respectively. As a bonus for all groups & families this summer, everyone’s favorite creative activity is getting an upgrade with a new Arts & Crafts building! Smack dab in the middle of our Activities Complex, the Arts & Crafts building has been renovated from our previous petting farm. With more space and supplies to enjoy Hannah’s guidance, we can’t wait to see what our guests will create this summer. With only a couple months left until Opening Day, we’re looking forward to unveiling all of our new additions to our guests for another fantastic summer season!

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