A is for… the new ARTS & CRAFTS Studio now located in the completely remodeled and renovated former Petting Farm building near the Climbing Wall and abundantly stocked with arts and craft supplies for kids, adults and afternoon family activities.

B is for… (lots of) BOATS! Brand new, custom-built 2017 Sylvan Pontoon Boat; refurbished Malibu Ski Boat; new 19-foot Day Sailer (with a mini-motor in the event of lacking wind—or sailing skills—on the ride back!) Also, be sure to check out H, P and W.

C is for… additions to our CYCLING fleet (now over 350 bicycles, trikes, and mountain bikes). We’ve added 12 new 2-wheelers, 2 adult tricycles and Striders of different sizes so all kids learn to ride.

D is for… DINING ROOM renovations creating new dining alcoves for the new Junior Teen and the Pre-teen groups with their new 2-year age span. This means the Seniors will have the South Dining Room all to themselves—and thus, more time and fun for all!

E & F are for… new EXERCISE Equipment for the new FITNESS CENTER, including a Landice Upright Bike, Landice Recumbent Bike, BodyCraft Rower, Matrix Stepper, Bodycraft Flat/Incline/Decline Bench, York Barbell set, Dumbell set, PLUS new TV and Bluetooth Stereo for the refitted FITNESS Center now relocated in the former Arts & Crafts wing of the Field House.

G is for… 2 (!!!) new GREENHOUSES for Claudia to house additional workshops for guests, seating areas & growing more veggies and herbs for Chef Jess and the Kitchen.

H is for… 2 more HOBIE Wave Catamaran sailboats (We now have 10.)

I is for INFANTS & Toddlers— Newly built crib room for our youngest guests in the Playhouse; new Soft Zone climber for tumbling; more single strollers for faster getaways to outdoor exploration and adventure and, as always, more age-appropriate toys.

J and K are for… Chef JESS and KITCHEN Food Service Manager JEFF Towle who have been reworking our menus throughout the year and– lucky us, taste testing them on the winter staff!  The Kitchen’s new equipment and supplies for serving adult and children’s meals are so extensive they deserve an A-Z list all their own:  A/C cooling for hot summer days; a mobile Demo-cart for Chef Jess’s cooking demonstrations; meat and seafood coolers, hot food serving station for the kids’ groups; cookie cutters to pizza pans to literally a new kitchen sink!

L is for… LANDSCAPING across the entire property. New seeds, new flowers, trees and more.

M is for… Junior & Senior MOPPETS – big new castle for the Clubhouse Playground (a wooden play structure with climbing wall, swings and slide); indoor Space Hoppers; fairy houses; books, crafts supplies; new Lego table and equipment; Clubhouse ceiling fans; Playhouse Playground large wagon and tractor play structure, puzzles, books, toys and more toys!

N is for… (less NOISE) in the Bar and Dining Room as we’ve added Sound Panels to improve acoustics.  And NICE Bar touches with new glassware and specials and a brand-new TV.

O is for… Older Kids (Junior Teens and Senior Teens) – making up our 9th and 10th age groups!  Both groups have similar activities but smaller groups allow for more time on Waterfront, Pool and other activities. (Check out U.)

P x P is for… 4 new Stand-up PADDLEBOARDS and 2 Stand-up PEDAL BOATS  (these are Mirage Eclipse Pedal Boards—like an elliptical but on water!)

Q is for… Guest QUESTIONNAIRES—just about everything on this list (with the exception of a few surprises and Maintenance’s projects) comes from your suggestions, for which we thank you greatly!

R is for… the return of Raft-Building so kids and parents can once again channel their inner Huck and enjoy the TP’s natural playground.

S is for… SENIORS (3rd & 4th grades) & Pre-Teens (5th & 6th grades) – this year the Seniors move to their newly remodeled space with loft in the former Fitness Center while Pre-teens (now with only a 2-year age span) will have the former Senior space in the Inn with new equipment, including an air hockey table, Karaoke machine, and new carpeting throughout.

T is for… the 2 completely renovated Inn TENNIS courts.

U is for… ULTIMATE Game Night for the Pre-teens and the Junior Teens; extended water sports and pool toys for different age groups; softball game for the older kids; soccer equipment; Foot Golf for all groups from Seniors up; new hiking activity for the Senior Teens and Young Chefs’ activity back again at the Outdoor Kitchen; new Pool Table, too!

V is for… the new Ford Transit Mini(VAN) for off-premise activities in VERMONT!

W is for… WAKE SURFING using our brand-new Mastercraft Wakesurf Boat X-20!

X (1) is for… all the eXTRAs in accommodations. All cottages and suites are maintained and touched up each year… with 2017 upgrades small and large scattered across the 72 accommodations so some, not all, have new improvements such as: new curtains, A/Cs, new flooring and carpets; furniture, bathroom vanities, etc., etc., and now all accommodations have either a deck and/or porch.

X (2) is for… XTRA eXPENSIVE (but rarely noticed) projects that the Maintenance crew did this year: 6 new roofs, including the entire Playhouse, Maintenance Building and Franklin House; exterior lighting around the Hill Cottages, Ferncroft and Elmwood; new Ferncroft windows.

Y is for… YOU!  Nothing improves the Tyler Place any more than our guests.

Z is for… ZZZZZ’s… a better night’s sleep thanks to our new linens & bedding in all our master bedrooms!

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