New for 2017: Expanding our Gardens!

News from Claudia

The layouts are in place, the materials have arrived, and the snow is melting. We are all set to go to put our plans into action for our new garden/farm area near the pony and goat pasture, meaning there will be 10,625 square feet of additional “Garden to You” space added to our current Children’s Garden, Shiitake Garden, and Vegetable Garden.

This will include a beautiful T-shaped, cathedral design greenhouse for leisure activities and growing. Inside our new greenhouse will be a small garden library for additional resources and learning. We’ll also be installing a second, larger greenhouse, which will be used for garden programs and growing

The Shaker Garden

“If you would have a lovely garden, you should live a lovely life.” —Shaker saying Upon opening weekend and throughout the season, our guests will be able to stroll through the new Shaker Herb Garden at any time, and explore a vast variety of herbs that are as relevant today as they were 250 years ago for the Shakers and their communities. An activity box with instructions and recipes to partake in an independent herbal experience will be available for families to partake in family time.

In addition, the Shaker Herb Garden will also become a segment of my adult gardening classes, in which we will create projects such as raised beds, decorative elements, and recipes for herb-flavored honey, teas, tonics, elixirs, and salads.

The Vineyard

Another new project and addition for us this year is our new vineyard, adding some rustic beauty to our landscape. Select vines will be arriving by the end of April. This vineyard will also become another segment of my gardening classes, in which I will explain the necessary strategies of setting up your own little vineyard. Activities will adapt to the growing season.

Keep in mind, you are always more than welcome to join me while tending to the vines.

Ted’s Potato Field 

Roasting potatoes over an open fire… just the idea evokes the romantic notion of the great outdoors, not to mention enjoying the activity of digging up of these so-called ‘Earth Apples’. We felt it was time to encourage such vintage treats by planting different varieties of potatoes, which our children’s programs will help in tending, harvesting, and of course tasting during their gardening classes. Some will also get the chance to plant potatoes of their own

Asparagus Patch

We all know what a delicious meal asparagus makes, but usually, we have an empty asparagus patch once the harvest season is over. With this year’s new patch, I would like you to see for yourself how asparagus can make an excellent ornament with its vibrant and ferny foliage.


Yes, you are reading that correctly- Saffron! Probably hard to believe, but after intensive studies at the University of Vermont, it has been concluded that Vermont’s climate and soil conditions offer the perfect growing environment for this exotic spice. Come on down to our new farm and garden area to check out our new additions.

I am hoping to see all of our guests visiting our new gardens and projects. Rest assured, if you’re not up to the task of tending, watering, or planting, there are plenty of corners to just relax. Or, pay a visit to the nearby goats and chickens, our longstanding Shiitake Mushroom and Morel farm, or our vegetable garden that supplies the kitchen.

Oh, one more thing, don’t forget to say hi to the gnomes! They are working extremely hard in their Gnome Garden near the Playhouse. An in-ground Tic Tac Toe board game is already awaiting our youngest guests, and as our pre-season progresses, the gnomes will have more surprises awaiting.