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Here you’ll find Tyler Place stories, updates, and memories.

Maple Sugaring with Christopher McBride

Maple Sugaring with Christopher McBride Written by Claudia The 3rd Nor'easter in New England for this month and sugaring season is in full swing. What better way to spend the day than in a steamy hot sugarhouse like the McBride’s in Westford, Vermont, watching the sap boiling down to sweet maple syrup, nature’s delicious gift with all its nutritional benefits? Most of you know Christopher as our brilliant magician, and many of our guests have had a chance to visit his sugaring operation during the summer months. Often it is difficult to imagine what is really going on during the [...]

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What’s New for 2018?

What's New for 2018? We use the off-season to make sure the Tyler Place is in tip-top shape to welcome families & friends for the fun-packed summer months. Here's an A - Z list of updates, new purchases, and improvements we're working on for 2018. A is for Air Conditioning -- We have purchased new air conditioning units for the Dining Room, the Inn Lobby, as well as some of the cottages. B is for Bikes -- 30 new Sun bicycles for adults and teens have been added to the Tyler Place Bike Shed. C is for Cocktails -- Happy [...]

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Shaker Garden & Vineyard

The Shaker Garden Shaker Garden is a compendium of recommended plants focusing on medicinal and culinary herbs, a tradition that dates back to 1774. Drawing upon Native American plant knowledge and keeping extensive medical records, the Shakers became self-sufficient in maintaining good health through the usage of herbs. Simple structures, raised beds, decorative elements, signage that explains usage of each herb from Aloe to Verbena, and an activity box that you can access during Family Time await you. So take a stroll among Nature’s Apothecary, expand your horticulture knowledge, or just relax under the Gingko tree. The Vineyard Welcome to [...]

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Opening 2017 Cocktail from Hector

This is a cocktail we did for our ‘Taste of Vermont’ week at the end of last season.  It has a nice blend of tart, sweet and spicy, and based on the response it got, we figured it would be a great one to add for this summer… Ingredients: 2 oz. Silver Tequila Maple Syrup San Pellegrino Sparkling Grapefruit Grapefruit Lime Spicy Peppers (Claudia grew some surprisingly spicy ones last summer.  Vermont and spicy peppers…who’da thought?)   Puree a spicy pepper with maple syrup and a squeeze of lime juice Fill tall glass with ice.  Add tequila and a tablespoon [...]

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Hey, Parents! New & Favorite Adult Activities

Chad & his entertainment staff have been hard at work organizing all of your favorite activities for this summer. The tried and true favorites will still be there, like tackling the climbing wall, a bonfire under the stars, yoga with Lucie, and the beautiful summit and swim hike. Other favorites such as lawn games, the Duckman Triathalon, aqua aerobics with Patsy, and our canoe and kayaking trips will be available as well. So what will you try that's new this summer? For the evening events in our lounge and bar, you'll want to be sure to visit Hector and the [...]

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Returning Staff for 2017

Returning Staff for 2017 We are excited to announce our returning staff for summer of 2017, from counselors to cooks, housekeepers to lifeguards! We're delighted that our staff, like our guests, often return year after year, and they are a big part of what makes the Tyler Place so special. Equally as exciting are all of the new staff Tasney has hired this summer, hailing from countries like South Africa, Poland, and Australia, and as close to home as Swanton, VT. Any guesses as to how many total staff we employ? And how many names do you recognize?   Patrick [...]

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New for 2017: Expanding our Gardens!

New for 2017: Expanding our Gardens! News from Claudia The layouts are in place, the materials have arrived, and the snow is melting. We are all set to go to put our plans into action for our new garden/farm area near the pony and goat pasture, meaning there will be 10,625 square feet of additional “Garden to You” space added to our current Children’s Garden, Shiitake Garden, and Vegetable Garden. This will include a beautiful T-shaped, cathedral design greenhouse for leisure activities and growing. Inside our new greenhouse will be a small garden library for additional resources and learning. [...]

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New for Kids & Teens for Summer 2017

Be sure to check out some photos of our favorite returning activities here! Our children’s program director, Meredith, has been busy this off-season designing and improving our all-inclusive kid’s programs and activities, from babies to teens. She takes a good look at the recommendations from you on our guest questionnaires, at the talents of our counselors and staff, and at all of the new trends for kids worldwide. This summer, she’s excited to unveil several new activities for all of our kids’ programs. First and foremost, we’re excited to give our Seniors (3rd & 4th grades) their very own new space [...]

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New for 2017!

A is for... the new ARTS & CRAFTS Studio now located in the completely remodeled and renovated former Petting Farm building near the Climbing Wall and abundantly stocked with arts and craft supplies for kids, adults and afternoon family activities. B is for… (lots of) BOATS! Brand new, custom-built 2017 Sylvan Pontoon Boat; refurbished Malibu Ski Boat; new 19-foot Day Sailer (with a mini-motor in the event of lacking wind—or sailing skills—on the ride back!) Also, be sure to check out H, P and W. C is for... additions to our CYCLING fleet (now over 350 bicycles, trikes, and mountain bikes). We’ve [...]

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Holiday Bellinis

Holiday Bellinis by Hector Here’s a tasty holiday cocktail with 3 different routes to similar ends.  If you want the quick and easy version, go with the first.  All it takes is two ingredients and garnish.  The second adds another element but is still quite simple to make.  And for those with some time on their hands over the holiday break, give number 3 a whirl (of course, there’s always the even simpler option 4:  Skip the other ingredients, pop the Prosecco, and raise a toast to a happy and healthy 2017!) 1) Cranberry Bellini 1 bottle Prosecco 1 bottle Cranberry [...]

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